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Safari In Egypt: 7 Safaris For A Wonderful Egyptian Holiday Experience

Safari in Egypt has a bunch of different kinds of packages around amazing and the best sites to explore. You can enjoy Egypt desert tours in Bahariya Oasis, Black Desert, White Desert, Farafra Oasis, Kharga Oasis, Dakhla Oasis, etc. to sleep below the stars, feel the true nature and harmony, touch the desert life, and meet with Egyptian loving people to know their lifestyle. Egypt safari trips are some of the most interesting experiences that you must include when planning your visit to Egypt. It blends adventure, serenity, and the appreciation of nature. The desert safari offers an opportunity to enjoy various desert activities.

Explore the Egypt safari tours to feel the adventure in the desert and to get a delightful and bizarre voyage. During the entire safari trips in Egypt, you get to submerge into the real feel of the desert life while interacting with its locals and living life as they do.

1. Africa Safari Park

Africa Safari Park

Experience the loveliest forest activity surrounded by nature and animals in open woods. A great adventure to update your social media with lively pictures. Situated at the 65km point on the desert road of Cairo-Alexandria, Africa Safari Park offers you the opportunity to encounter a genuine safari journey. There you’ll get to see wild animals in their natural living space and what not. This park is an exceptional spot in Cairo and was the first of its sort to open in Egypt. There is also motel which seems as though it has a place in the tropical woods and the restaurant inside it offers the alternative of having a dinner while you’re enjoying the forest landscape.

It is the first safari park in Egypt providing everybody the opportunity to carry on a striking and daring adventure. The park consists of 22 types of rare reptiles, for example, Cobra, Jarboua, Watawat, falcons, turtles, and different species of animals, which are canvassed by a cave. A few of the activities that can also be performed in the parquet comprise of ice hockey, fishing, table tennis, football, billiards, ping pong and so on. One of the most enjoyable activities here is the ‘Zambezi’ river excursion that takes you out to view crocodiles, monkeys and a lot of birds e-route. The cave features a gathering of reptiles, birds, and some rare species of animals. Nothing to worry about as the most unsafe of them are securely kept in glass cases.

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2. Gara Cave Safari

Gara Cave Safari

Appreciate a natural Gara Cave created by rain in the Eocene limestone – 55 million years before. This Egypt safari tour offers voyage to Gara Cave starting from Cairo. During this safari tour, you will get to see and enjoy the Gara Cave amidst the desert. Ancient people lived in this cave apparently during the late Neolithic period as proved by rock art and artifacts discovered in the cave.

Also, visit the magic spring and Ain Khudra. Especially explore the old and new white desert to experience one of a kind safari trip. It is considered one of the best places to do a white desert safari in Egypt. Also, you can enjoy the overnight camping there. As when you wake up at the early morning you will be left mesmerized with the beautiful sunrise scenes in the White Desert.

3. Quad Bike Pyramids Desert Safari

Quad Bike Pyramids Desert Safari

What a great experience to ride a quad bike in the desert around the Pyramids of Giza – one of a forever cherishing desert experiences from Cairo. You can travel with a private guide for the Giza Plateau who will give you directions on riding your stern 4-wheeler. Just open the throttle and see yourself thundering over the sands.

You will surely enjoy racing over the Giza plain, fly here and there on low dunes of the plateau and feel the surge of the warm desert air. Also, stop en-route to appreciate the dazzling scenes across Cairo and the three pyramids namely – Chephren, Cheops, and Mykerinus – constructed as tombs for old pharaohs of Egypt.

4. Sakkara Safari

Sakkara Safari

First, reach Sakkara, then begin your Egypt safari tours through 4×4 jeep for around 15 minutes to reach deep within the desert. From that point onward, you must stop to appreciate the attention-grabbing perspective of the Step Pyramid in Sakkara. Later you head towards Camel Caravan in the Desert where you can enjoy camel ride journey for around 30 minutes and reach Sakkara Country club to relish lavish lunch after a heyday of adventures.

5. Arabian Nights Safari

Arabian Nights Safari

This safari in Egypt provides a special way to spend the time splendidly with your family or friends enjoying between horseback riding and desert safaris. There’s nothing as happening as horseback riding, and this you can enjoy during your Arabian Nights safari tour. Here you will get to visit the lowest dent in all Egypt, Fayoum oasis which is 48 km from the Cairo-Fayoum desert road. A lot of desert activities are offered at Arabian Nights camp. During the Arabian Nights safari, you can rent camels, horses or beach buggies to enjoy to the fullest in the desert that too at the affordable rates and also on Fridays, there are folkloric shows arranged for visitors.

You likewise get to tour the Ein Elcellein area where you can buy handmade and agricultural products from farmers like dates, nuts, mint, and fruits. The locals are very friendly in this village who will even welcome you in their houses. Further, head to visit Qasr Qaroon which is the oldest lake in the world, and have lunch in front of the lake. The whole Arabian Nights safari tour is like a grand feast and something definitely not to be missed.

6. Luxor Desert Safari Tour

Luxor Desert Safari Tour

This entire safari trip allows you to view a plenty of local attractions and additionally experience the authentic desert lifestyle by opting overnight camping option. Appreciate a safari by driving to Dakhla Oasis to visit Kasr Al Labbakha which is a hot spring. Take a dip in this natural jacuzzi to relax oneself. As you get to do overnight camping in Dakhla Oasis safari tour, you can relish Egyptian meals during your stay at the camp.

Furthermore, visit the old covered city nearby, which has an oil press, courthouse, school, and dwelling chambers. You can also visit Muzzawaka from outside and Deir El-Haggar nearby to the desert. Conclude your Luxor desert safari tour by visiting the Baris oasis, as well as the temple of Dush.

7. Siwa Oasis and Alexandria Safari

Siwa Oasis and Alexandria Safari

Siwa Oasis safari is one of the most beautiful safari tours in the world. To begin this safari, you have to reach Siwa first. From there starts your real safari excursion through 4X4 jeep. You’ll pass the two lakes during your journey towards the desert. On reaching you will enjoy the amazing sunset view and set up your tent for spending a night in the desert area.

Here you get to encounter a nomadic Bedouin while taking delight in the evening around a campfire and relishing a delicious barbecue dinner. In the desert, you can enjoy your safari by driving over the highest sand dunes in the western desert up to the east for about 80 m. Also, dive in Abou-Shrouf – the cleanest and biggest spring – the spring has sulfured water which is considered really good for rheumatism and skin. Moreover, visit the old village of Abou-Shrouf, Zauton to see the Roman olives’ oil press and black Roman tomb as well as the recently discovered Roman tombs that are full of skeletons.

Next day after camping in the desert go further to tour Alexandria which was built by Alexander the great. It also used to be the capital of Egypt under the dominion of Cleopatra. In Alexandria, you get to visit a few tourist sites such as the Catacombs of Kom El Shokafa and the Citadel of Qaitbay at the west part of Alexandria which was built in 1477. The beauty of this castle is breathtaking as it is surrounded by the sea on the three sides. Also, visit the Great Library of Alexandria – the oldest Library in the world – that contains more than 2 million books. This jeep safari in Alexandria Egypt is really a worthwhile choice for every tourist.

Safari in Egypt is something one has to add in their Egypt trip itinerary. Sleep beneath a galaxy of stars in Egypt’s stunning deserts and find an unusual panorama on an action-packed adventure to satisfy your desert safari dream. Additionally, enjoy sightseeing to many famous nearby areas. There’re many options of safari trip available to choose according to your preference. So, plan a trip to Egypt now and experience the vivid desert safaris with your loved ones.

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10 Most Romantic Places In Egypt: The Most Amorous Places To Explore With Your Beloved

The mesmerizing country of Egypt greets you with towering temples, sand covered tombs, and mighty pyramids, bringing out the curious explorer in you. Backed by its rich history, this country showcases mankind’s biggest triumphs and is home to some of the world’s best artifacts and most fascinating ruins. The banks of the river Nile are always overflowing with romantic vibes. The country hosts at least 14 magical islands and offers surreal beach getaways. Sometimes you need something more than just words to express your love. Egypt has a handful of romantic spots that are pretty fantastic and beautiful. Read further to find out the most romantic places in Egypt.

Below is the list of the top romantic places in Egypt to explore. These are also the perfect honeymoon places in Egypt:

1. Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is an Egyptian resort town located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. It features some of the world’s most amazing underwater experiences. For all those people thinking if Egypt is a good place for a honeymoon, this place being a top honeymoon destination in Egypt answers it well. A wide range of romantic resorts and spas, the crystal clear waters and an incredible variety of exotic fishes darting in and out of the colorful coral reefs have made this place a perfect destination for most honeymoon couples. Don’t forget to plan an underwater diving session with your beloved at Ras Mohammed national park as it is one of the major diving destinations in the world. Couples may enjoy an Egyptian Stella beer at the open bars of the city. Witness a spectacular sunrise at Moses Mountains and enjoy some adventurous activities.

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2. El Gouna

El Gouna

El Gouna pursues an age-old endeavor to offer romantic couples a warm greeting. This is one of the most exotic honeymoon places in Egypt. Couples are going to have a great time cruising through the Red Sea. It is the best place for the couples to relax and spend some romantic moments by the sunbathed beaches. Abu Tig Marina is lined with beautiful restaurants and bars that offer romantic dining for couples. This place seems like a private island made specifically for tranquillity and peace.

3. Siwa


Away from the urbanization, Siwa Oasis is a beautiful honeymoon place in Egypt which lies 50 km east of the Libyan border. Cleopatra’s spring, considered to be one of Siwa’s most popular attractions, is a must-visit for romantic couples. Don’t miss an opportunity to swim here. Experience lounging on an oasis in the middle of the desert while eating Siwa’s famous almond filled dates. Besides the cultural richness, Siwa also stands out for its natural magnificence and is a truly remarkable destination to visit.

4. Hurghada


Hurghada is a bucket list destination for most romantic couples. Lined with beautiful resort hotels, this place sure knows how to treat love birds and this is one reason it is a preferred romantic place in Egypt. Take a romantic stroll with your partner and play with the dolphins at the Dolphin World. Make your trip luxurious by staying in a romantic private pool room in one of the best hotels in the city, the Jaz Makadi Star & Spa Hotel. This place offers a fantastic nightlife for party enthusiasts. Hurghada definitely has it all.

5. Nuweiba


Nuweiba is a coastal town located on the eastern coast of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. The town of Nuweiba is calm, warm and is the perfect destination for a honeymoon or Valentine’s day. Have some of your best moments on a camel ride with your beloved along the beach or go into the mountain’s interior. Don’t forget to visit the castle Zaman that offers breathtaking scenic views of the blue ocean and old architectures.

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6. Cairo


One of the most beautiful destinations in Egypt, Cairo encapsulates the real essence of Egypt by being home to majestic pyramid complexes, ancient museums, and other amazing architectural wonders. Situated on the banks of the Nile river, this city is a perfect romantic destination to relax and spend some memorable time.

With so many things to do here, Cairo leaves you wondering if you need to extend your stay. Take a ride across the River Nile, a dinner on the cruise, horse-drawn carriage in Zamalek, as romance is simply in the air of Cairo. Cairo also has some of the choicest spas and hotels giving world class services. Not to forget the camel safari, a must-do, Cairo makes for the perfect romantic destination.

7. Dahab


A beautiful place for lovebirds, Dahab is situated southeast of Sinai Peninsula. With a number of romantic dining options, Dahad is a perfect spot for romantic getaways. Take a day to Bedouin Fishing Village and try your hand at fishing. Head to the lighthouse reef and explore the ancient city.

Some exciting diving around the beaches is the best way to burn some steam and get rejuvenated. The best of Dahab can be explored via safaris, ranging from camel to jeep safaris and even boat and plane safaris. Couples can also opt for camping at Mount Sinai and experience nature in its purest and most untouched from. A number of luxury hotels make Dahab one of the most romantic cities in Egypt.

8. Alexandria


The most sought-after romantic destination by couples around the globe, Alexandria mesmerizes onlookers with its majestic views of sky, decorated with glowing sun and sparkling water underneath. Alexandria is a city to explore and be astounded by the simplistic beauty of it.

A city of royal gardens, beautifully designed bridges, and majestic churches, Alexandria has some hidden gems worth exploring. Among these, the Royal Palace of Haramlek and the queen’s secret hideout is one of the first things to start with for romantic couples. Take a lazy stroll to the old church of Africa and behold its majestic beauty. With world-class delicacies and some excellent resorts, Alexandria is a must visit for romantic couples for an amazing getaway.

9. Luxor


The Valley of Kings where beauty meets class, Luxor is where history infuses with nature’s beauty. Overlooking the Nile River, Luxor houses magnificent tombs, beautiful temples and the biggest open-air museum in the world. Get in the romantic mode and take an extensive tour of Medinet Habu. With a lot of undiscovered gems, Luxor is a hub of architectural beauty and a wonderful ancient city. The best way to discover Luxor is to take the Nile Cruise and discover the beauty of the city. One of the biggest attractions here is the Light and Sound Show at Karnak Temple, a must-attend show to get in touch with the local culture and ethnicity.

10. Aswan


Aswan, lying on the shores of the Nile river, is Egypt’s most magical city. Blessed with charming scenic views of the Nile river, abundant palm trees, and tropical gardens all around, the city grips the attention of most couples who are looking for a romantic place to renew their souls and vows. With the perfect uplifted surroundings and supremely notable buildings, structures and tombs, Aswan is full of fun things to do and see for romantic couples. A few of the recommended sites are the High Dam of Aswan, the monastery of St Simeon, the tombs of the nobles, and the Nile river of course. Luxor is easily accessible from this place via cruise. Book a 3-night cruise from Aswan to Luxor and spend a great time with your beloved one. Visit a few temples & other popular prehistoric sites to get an insight into its history. Don’t miss out on the winter climate in Aswan! Most Egyptians and international travelers flock to this place from November to March to soak in the sun.

Is Egypt a good place for a honeymoon? Do you still have doubts? Egypt has some of the most romantic destinations for every preference and budget. With utmost tranquillity and peace, every romantic and honeymoon destination in Egypt is a must visit. Book your trip with TravelTriangle and have a great time with your beloved!

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6 Unique Museums In Prague That Will Draw You Towards The Enticing City!

With its ever-rising reputation and popularity around the world, museums in Prague have helped the city reduce the gap between themselves and the traditional stalwarts of European tourism. Often thought of as a perfect party-going place for travelers in their 20s, Prague has a lot to offer besides that.

The museums in Prague are a testament to how dynamic the city is as a whole. The top museums in Prague not only attracts visitors to make up numbers, but the city also raises awareness among travelers how the city evolved from its formative years into this modern hub of culture, art, and tradition. Explore the more complex, introspective, and artistic side of Prague at these amazing museums that complete the story told by Prague.

Get closer to the rich history and culture of the beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic. Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. Museum of Communism

Museum of Communism

The Museum of Communism offers a very essential and telling insight into the history of the mindset of Czechoslovakia after the second World War. What’s unique about sightseeing in this city, is that all the best museums in Prague will tell its visitors a unique story of the city or country in general.

Over here at the museum of communism, travelers can learn about the evolution and application of a way of life that was pretty symbolic, controversial, and essential during these past 6 decades. People can witness the great influence communism had and how the citizens perceived everything and everyone around them in the world with the lenses of a red flag marked with a sickle and a hammer.

Timings: All days- 9 Am to 8 Pm
Entry Fee: INR 900

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2. Apple Museum


Fret not, the city indeed has museums for all ages, groups, and likings. The Apple Museum is a prime example of how the museums in Prague don’t limit themselves to art and history. This edifice is a testament to a brand that changed the modern lives of people on this planet for the past two decades. Apple not only became a reliable name, but a lifestyle.

The museum dedicates itself to showing the journey of Steve Jobs and his company Apple right from the beginning and what evolution they brought into the field of technology. The revolutionary introductions of iPods and iPhones were so massive that it even changed the way how travelers travel, capture pictures, and even communicate through their work.

Timings: All days- 10 am to 10 pm
Entry Fee: INR 740

3. Franz Kafka Museum

Franz Kafka Museum

A relatively new museum that opened in 2005, this edifice is dedicated to the famous author and writer Franz Kafka. Famous all around the world for his contribution to German and Czech literature, Franz Kafka often strived hard for the pursuit for perfection even in his writing.

Being one of the foremost pioneers of the beginning of the 20th century, Kafka only released a small portion of his writings during his life. What makes the museum interesting is the fact that, his rest of the work which he wanted to be destroyed, didn’t get demolished and ended up here for public critique and viewing.

Timings: All days- 10 am to 6 pm
Entry Fee: INR 620

4. Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum

One of the most visited museums in Prague, Jewish Museum is renowned for its large collection of jewish artefacts that reflect and share the history of their community. Although it opened in 1906, the museum gained importance and got highlighted much more in the past few decades. This prominent rise of this museum many people say, is linked to the rise of the awareness against anti-semitism and a conscious effort by large pockets of the society to make jews feel included in the society.

The museum is a must-visit attraction for people who love to find out more about the second World War, the atrocities carried out back then, and how the Jewish community overcame all the scars and the barriers of such a bloody past.

Timings: Monday-Friday, Sunday- 9 am to 6 pm ; Saturdays- Closed
Entry Fee: INR 1080

5. National Technical Museum

National Technical Museum

A museum for science and technology lovers, the National Technical Museum preserves, safeguards, and documents the evolution of technology in Europe and Czech Republic. The museum celebrates all the different advancements in transportation like the flight, train, cars, and even motorbikes that have been produced in the country.

The century-old museum also opened up a section for the Railroad Museum about a twenty years ago that diversified the travelers that were entering through their doors. Now a regular feature on sightseeing routes of tourists, the Museum operates on the belief of making history in technology every day.

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday- 9 am to 6 pm; Monday- Closed
Entry Fee: INR 1400

6. Karel Zeman Museum

Karel Zeman Museum

The special effects and graphical interface has taken off in the past few decades coinciding with the Hollywood’s rise in prominence around the world. With more and more money spent on futuristic technology like CGI and VFX, the people who follow these advancements have also risen rapidly. Karel Zeman in European circles was also regarded as a big pioneer in introducing special effects and animations to an entire movie industry in Czech Republic.

Timings: All day- 10 am to 7 pm
Entry Fee: INR 1400

Prague is like an intriguing storyteller that keeps you hooked onto its side with subtle new additions every once in a while. In the above museums in Prague, travelers can easily witness this age-old saying come true. Make a move now and book your next trip to Europe via TravelTriangle and avoid the regret of not having made a plan to visit Prague.

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10 Top Tampines Cafes That You Mustn’t Ignore During a Singapore Tour

The eastern region of Singapore is famous for its fast growing Tampines planning area cum residential urban suburbs. Over the period of time, many Tampines cafe and restaurants have opened here. They cater to the food, light refreshments and snacks of locals as well as large chunk of visitors. Being Singapore’s 3rd biggest town area is often rushed by the traders and tourists besides the local inhabitants. That is perhaps the main reason that this area is also recognized for being highly populated at the 3rd number after Bedok and Jurong West areas respectively.

Having been developed into the East Region’s regional center in Singapore, the city of is worth exploring in the context of its strategic location, administrative roles in the country and last but not the least offering ample avenues to taste variety of foods. Popular cafes and restaurants in Tampines always keep it into limelight.

Below mentioned list of 10 popular and selected Tampines Cafes are the ones which you can’t miss out during your Singapore visit. They are great in all respects thus they remain worth visiting for light food or to enjoy taking tea and or to sip coffee.

1. Brothers in Fine Food

Brothers in Fine Food

Popular Muslim owned halal food café, Brothers in Fine Food has become a famous landmark in Tampines, Singapore. Offering ample varieties of breakfast delicacies, especially halal friendly breakfast choices, its warm and cozy atmosphere appeal to the travelers and locals alike. This café is also known for the fusion breakfast choice with eggs, meats and sufficient creams besides side salad additions. Its coffee is what every visitor appreciates for great taste.

Must Try: Moroccan Baked Eggs, The Butcher’s Daughter, Muddy Espresso
Location: #02-07, West Community Club, 5 Tampines Avenue 3, Singapore 529705
Cuisine: Cafes & Coffee, Steak, Breakfast & Brunch, Western, Halal
Cost for Two: ₹ 260/- – ₹ 1050/-
Zomato Rating: 3.9/5

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2. fArt tArtz

fArt tArtz

Considered finest of the cafes in Tampines, Singapore, garden concept café fArt tArtz prepares ample varieties of breakfasts, desserts and bakes. Also facilitating the home delivery service to takeaway options, this café is known for its kid’s friendly atmosphere to offer best of the comfort zone to the families. It doesn’t encourage alcohol consumption, though beer is served here. The café is rushed by the local and traveler families. Open-plan café structure makes fArt Tartz unique.

Must Try: Cakes, Muffins, Lychee-misu, Artisanal Coffee, Freshly Brewed Tea, Juices & Milk, Bottled Beverages, Bottled Beer, Desserts, Bites & Salad, Grilled Flatbread Burgers, Pasta Asciutta, Quartet Sliders, Grilled Sandwiches
Location: 1 Expo Drive, #02-04 Singapore Expo 486150
Cuisine: Café, Desserts
Cost for Two: ₹ 181/- – ₹ 1050/-
Zomato Rating: 3.9/5

3. Three’s a Crowd

Three's a Crowd

Strategic location of Three’s a Crowd Dessert Café in the midst of Tampines city in Singapore looks as if at its heartland always keeps it into limelight. It is visited by the locals as well as large chunk of travellers seeking to enjoy great taste of special Handcrafted Ice Cream besides other stuffs particularly fresh Oven Baked Cakes to name a few. Visitors don’t forget the memorable sip of its finest Coffees and also take tea in the comfort zone of this café. This café also offers several other types of dessert drinks which guests enjoy having there.

Must Try: Handcrafted Ice Cream, Oven Baked Cakes, Desserts
Location: 802 Tampines Ave 4, Singapore 520802
Cuisine: Cafés & Coffee, Desserts
Cost for Two: ₹ 180/- – ₹ 775/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

4 Two Hana

Two Hana

A fine café to sip its great coffee besides trying some of the highly delicious halal light foods from multi-cuisine in Tampines, Singapore, Two Hana brings for you an excellent choice. Its Korean recipes always remain preferred options besides variety of cakes prepared by the experts. All recipes are Halal certified and so is maintained extreme level of hygiene here. It is the primary reason that locals and visitors keep flocking here every now and then.

Must Try: Striploin Bap, Korean Fusion, Fluffy Strawberry Pancakes, Florentine Egg Toast, Scrambled Eggs with Beef Bolognaise, Halal Bibimbap, Kimchi Mac & Cheese Bites
Location: Century Square, #01-21, 2 Tampines Central 5, Singapore 529509
Cuisine: Cafés & Coffee, Desserts, Korean, Cakes, Halal
Cost for Two: ₹ 465/- – ₹ 775/-
Zomato Rating: 3.9/5

5. Commons


As the name Commons suggests, this café is rather a conglomeration of visitors in the heart of Tampines, Singapore to enjoy a cup of coffee, light recipes, breakfast & brunch, sandwiches and much more. Delicious meals and great coffees appeal to all here—each and every common men/women from all walks of life. Visitors of this popular café include both locals and tourists who later cherish their memories of spending good times at this café where they enjoyed great food and sipped coffee.

Must Try: Salads, Sandwiches, Pastas, Pizzas, Entrees, Quality Grilled Meats Ribeye Steak, Lamb Racks, Rotisserie Chicken
Location: 51 Tampines Ave 4, #01-103 Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 529684
Cuisine: Cafés & Coffee, Desserts, Western, Halal
Cost for Two: ₹ 510/- – ₹ 1050/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

6. Alt-Yard


Alt-Yard is a popular name in Tampines where visitors enjoy sipping coffee and also tasting the finest of cakes and desserts. Its crispy & tasty light recipes are always in demand. Tourists try its yummy cupcakes which are specialties here besides finest quality churros. It is indeed a great place for fun exploration while having some light refreshment.

Must Try: Coffee, Cakes, Desserts, Cupcakes, Churros
Location: 5 Tampines Ave 3, Singapore 529705
Cuisine: Cafés & Coffee, Desserts, Cakes
Cost for Two: ₹ 515/- – ₹ 1300/-
Zomato Rating: 3.7/5

7. Hong Kong Street Jia Kee Coffeehouse

Hong Kong Street Jia Kee Coffeehouse

Offering variety of local and international dishes in true Singaporean spirit, popular Hong Kong Street Jia Kee Coffeehouse is indeed a rendezvous of tourists and locals. It is great place to taste light foods and at the same juncture enjoy special Zi Char. Other famous recipes are seafood varieties, delicious Prawn Paste Chicken to many soup varieties. Its coffee is much in demand. This place is so much sought after that any Tampines visitor can’t ignore arriving here to taste something.

Must Try: Zi Char, Coffee, Fish Head Soup, Fish Head Curry, Coffee, Pork Ribs Recipe, Fish Head Bee Hoon, Mashed Potato
Location: 144 Tampines Street 12 #01-400 Singapore 521144
Cuisine: Cafés & Coffee, Zi Char
Cost for Two: ₹ 650/- – ₹ 1050/-
Zomato Rating: 2.9/5

8. Tipsy Penguin

Tipsy Penguin

Uniqueness of Tipsy Penguin café lies in its exemplary recipe preparation concept. It boasts in the region with its passionate and highly skilled chefs who are not only specialists to prepare variety of recipes but also meticulously plan recipe fusions of various cuisines to bring the typical fine dine experience for its guests. Popular amongst the recipes are fresh handmade pasta, oysters, donburi and mac & cheese etc. This café is also known for being the first with Co-Op Cuisines in Singapore.

Must Try: Fresh Handmade Pasta, Oysters, Donburi, Mac & Cheese, Wild Porcini Soup, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Szechuan Mala Karaage, Emperor Prawn Aglio Olio
Location: 300 Tampines Ave 5, #01-02A, Singapore 529653
Cuisine: Bars, Cafes & Coffee, Late Night Western
Cost for Two: ₹ 520/- – ₹ 1550/-
Zomato Rating: 4.2/5

9. BLVD (Changi City Point)


BLVD Changi City Point café is a popular name in Tampines, Singapore that caters to the catering requirements of the corporate catering solutions, local regulars and tourists amongst others to spend quality time while enjoying fine dine experience. This café chain began its journey with the first outlet’s establishment in 2005 in the famous Red Dot Building. Since then, it has been growing faster in the region. This café is popular today for offering delicious gastronomic varieties. Its friendly and courteous staffs make you feel the best of the comforts while dinning or simply sipping a cup of coffee here.

Must Try: Linguine Pasta, Linguine Americain, Creamy Pancetta Tagliatelle, Hand Stretched Regular Pizzas
Location: 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, 01-72/73, Singapore 486038
Cuisine: Bars, Cafes & Coffee, Western, American
Cost for Two: ₹ 1027/- – ₹ 1550/-
Zomato Rating: 3.9/5

10. Starbucks (Tampines Mall)


The global Cafes & Coffee chain Starbucks has more than 100 outlets in Singapore itself. Tempines Mall outlet welcomes large chunk of visitors willing to sip quality coffee or other beverages in their leisure time. The visitors include locals as well as tourists. Deliciousness of light snacks and made to order stuffs are most preferable choices. Coffee prepared from finest of coffee beans makes it an ultimate beverage to enjoy at this outlet in Singapore. By serving blended beverages, this café has become a popular spot to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors every day.

Must Try: Freshly Brewed Coffee, Teas, Other Beverages, Starbucks Teavana, Espresso Beverages
Location: 4 Tampines Central 5, #01-50, Singapore 529510
Cuisine: Café
Cost for Two: ₹ 550/- – ₹ 1300/-
Zomato Rating: 3.9/5

These cafes in Tampines are the best place to spend some quality and relaxing time with friends or family, over some of the tastiest fast – foods and drinks. So, plan a trip to Singapore and head to one of these cafes in Tampines when you want to catch-up and rest after a long day of city exploration.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge: Witness This Stunning Place For An Exclusive Holiday Experience

The biggest steel curved bridge on the planet, the ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ is a notable milestone traversing one of the best characteristic harbors. Unwrapped in 1932, the bridge is affectionately nicknamed the ‘Coathanger’ by ‘Sydneysiders.’ You can stroll and cycle through the bridge or ascent to the highest point of the bridge to spectacular sights.

The ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ walk is on the eastern side. You’ll discover the stairways up to the bridge walk alongside the pedestrian-crossing close to the ‘Australian Heritage Hotel’, on ‘Cumberland Street’ in the notable Rocks. Along the stroll is the south-eastern ‘Pylon Lookout’, which offers a breathtaking display.
The cycleway is on the western side of the bridge. You can access cycle way close to the Sydney Observatory, a delightful legacy recorded working with telescopes for star-looking. You can rent bikes in the city or join Bonza Bike Tours, Sydney Bike Tours, BlueBananas or Bikebuffs for guided visits. The ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ joins Sydney CBD and the North Shore over the Sydney Harbor. It was planned by the English company ‘Dorman Long and Co Ltd’ of Middlesbrough.

View of bridge at night

Year-round fun and journey are what makes Sydney one in all the foremost enticing destinations for holidaying. Yet, maybe the most effective time to travel to ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ and revel in the approach to life is throughout their summer months December to February. These months are often the best time for cruises within the Harbour city and for picnics, beach visits, and water activities like swimming, surfing, kayaking, and additional the famous ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ climb. March to May which is the fall months in Sydney offers heat days and gentle nights.
These months are a decent time to get pleasure from ferry rides around the harbor while not the summer crowds. June to August is that the winter season in Sydney. Sydney winter months are the least huddled. This is the time after you can get the most cost-effective deals for travel to Sydney. You can get irresistible costs for everything from airfares to hotels. Whereas this is often not the most effective time to get pleasure from water activities however there’s abundant to envision including climb the long-lasting Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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About Sydney Harbour Bridge

The building of the bridge was started in July 1923. Named the first Sydney post, because of its situation as the most astounding watching point in Sydney when the bridge opened, the ‘Sydney Harbor Bridge Pylon Lookout’ remains an intriguing piece of the bridge and Sydney’s antiquity. There are 200 stairs to the ‘Pylon Lookout’, 87 meters above sea level, yet in transit up there are three dimensions of displays where you will find the history and development of the ‘Sydney Harbor Bridge’, the men who fabricated it, and the vision of ‘JJC Bradfield, chief architect.

The Pylon Lookout offers grand perspectives of Botanical Gardens, Sydney Harbor, and the encompassing regions. On a sunny morning, you can see the Blue Mountains. The bridge holds 6,000,000 hand driven screws. When the bridge was first opened it coast sixpence for a car to cross. Before opening the bridge for the public, 96 steam engines were placed in different ways to check the load capacity of the bridge.

To build the bridge 79% of the total steel used was brought in from England and the rest from Australia. To give the bridge its preliminary 3 layers, 272,000 liters of paint was used. It took 8 years and 1400 men worked to build the bridge and 16 individuals lost their lives during the production of the bridge. The summit of the arch ascents and falls approximately 180mm due to the change in temperature. The cost to build the bridge was $4.2 million and it took 55 years to pay the complete bill. Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge is thrilling – and an exceptional affair, as well.

The scene from the summit of the biggest steel curve bridge on the planet is marvelous. A ‘BridgeClimb Sydney’ visit to the summit is available to any individual who is healthy and eight years old or older. The least tallness necessity is 1.2 meters. ‘BridgeClimb’ is on Cumberland Street in the noteworthy Rocks, a walk around either ‘Circular Quay’ or ‘Wynyard’ train stations. Trips start at normal interims, from promptly toward the beginning of the day through to the night, and all the gear you’ll require is given.

Historical Bridge

Since 1815, there were thoughts to construct the bridge in the Sydney Harbor. In light of various reasons as financial, politic and plan it took somewhere in the range of 100 years for thoughts to show any sort of progress.J.J.C. Bradfield, the then ‘Chief Engineer of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Metropolitan Railway Construction’ since 1912, preferred that a future Sydney Harbour Bridge ought to be cantilever connect and in 1916, NSW Legislative Assembly affirmed such a development however Legislative Council differ in light of the fact that it was of assessment that cash ought to go into war exertion.

As World War I got over, the bridge again resembled a smart thought and Bradfield 1921 went abroad to explore proposals. When he came back, he carried with himself another thought – curved configuration could work as well. He and officers of the ‘NSW Department of Public Works’ put together their general plan with respect to ‘Hell Gate Bridge’ from New York City. On 24 March 1924 contract was granted to English firm ‘Dorman Long and Co Ltd’, of Middlesbrough in light of the fact that they previously had comparative involvement with curve ‘Tyne Bridge’ that they fabricated.

A curved bridge was picked in light of the fact that it was less expensive and sturdier than other proposed arrangements. Working of the bridge started generally in the meantime as the development of the underground railroad framework in Sydney so the scaffold was imagined in a way that it can suit railroad activity as well. The bridge was intended to have six paths for street movement, two for the railroad and one for passerby.
Curve development started on 26 October 1928. Deck was finished in June 1931. Power, water, gas, and phone lines were laid in the meantime. First test steam train bridge the extension without issues on 19 January 1932. Bridge was opened on 19 March 1932. Its aggregate length is 1149 meters, width 49 meters and aggregate weight of steel in the extension is 52.800 tones. Add up to cost of the extension was AU£6.25 million which is an entirety that was not satisfied until 1988.

The Architecture Of The Bridge

The southern end of the ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ is found at Dawes point inside the Rocks region, and furthermore the northern end at Milsons point inside the lower North Shore region. There are six unique paths of street traffic through the principle course, and an additional 2 paths of street traffic on its eastern perspective, utilizing paths that were past cable car tracks.

Adjacent to the street traffic, a track for pedestrian use runs alongside the eastern aspect of the bridge, while a path for cycle use solely runs on the western face; between the most used routes and also the western cycle path is 2 tracks used for railway tracks, servicing the ‘T1 North Shore Line’ for Sydney Trains. The main route across the bridge is known as the Bradfield road and is about 2.4 km long, creating it one in every of the shortest highways in Australia.

The arch consists of two 28-panel arch trusses; their heights vary from eighteen m (59 ft) at the center of the arch to fifty-seven m (187 ft) at the ends next to the pylons. The arch includes a span of 504 m (1,654 ft) and its summit is 134 m (440 ft) higher than mean ocean level; enlargement of the steel structure on hot days will increase the peak of the arch by eighteen cm. The aggregate load of the steelwork of the scaffold, together with the curve and approach ranges, is 52,800 tons with the curve itself gauging thirty-nine thousand tons.

The extension is held together by six million Australian-made hand-driven bolts given by the ‘McPherson’ organization of Melbourne. The bolts were heated red and embedded into the plates; the headless finish was like a shot rounded over with an oversized pneumatic rivet gun. The practice of riveting massive steel structures, instead of welding, was, at the time, a proved and understood construction technique, while structural joining had not at that stage been satisfactorily established to be applied on the bridge.

At every finish of the curve stands a try of eighty-nine m high concrete pillars, faced with granite. Projections at the base of the arches are fundamental to help the hundreds from the curve and hold its range solidly set up, in any case, the towers themselves haven’t any basic reason. They were encased to supply an edge for the curve panels and to display higher visual equalization to the scaffold. The pillars weren’t a piece of the principal style and were exclusively additional to alleviate open concern with respect to the basic trustworthiness of the extension.
Although initially added to the bridge entirely for their aesthetic price, all four pylons have currently been placed to use. The ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ is one in all the notable remarkable achievements of bridge manufacture. At the time of erection and till lately it was the longest single extent steel curve bridge within the world and remains in a general sense the biggest. The bridge, its pylons, and its approaches are all vital components in townscape of areas each close to and distant from it. The flexuous northern approach provides a grand comprehensive entry to the bridge with frequently dynamic sights of the bridge and harbor.

Airport inside view

The Nearest Rail station to ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ is Central Station. From there you can hire a taxi or can take a bus or can walk. To find the place, to begin with, ease, it is best to urge a map from the Sydney Visitor Centre at The Rocks to seek out your access points to the ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ paseo. When you are within the Rocks space, you’ll realize a signal on George St just south of Argyle St which will purpose you towards the long and secure flight of stairs resulting in the bridge’s southern finish.

These stairs are set close to Gloucester St and Cumberland St. The bridge also can be accessed from the south by getting on ‘Cahill Walk’, that runs on the Cahill main road higher than the ‘Circular Quay’ train terminal. Pedestrians will access this paseo from Circular dock by a flight of stairs, or a lift, or from the ‘Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens’.

Fabulous bridge

  • For a remarkable affair, ‘BridgeClimb Sydney’ will take you to the highest point of the summit for 360-degree perspectives of Sydney and afar. ‘BridgeClimb’ is on ‘Cumberland Street’.
  • Another noteworthy method to wonder about the bridge is on a ship. Looking up at the bridge from the water helps you to feel its size and appreciate the achievement it absolutely was to make a bridge like this within the 1920s! Take a ship from ‘Circular Quay’ past the bridge and the ‘Sydney Opera House’ to ‘Taronga Zoo’, ‘Manly or Watsons Bay.’ Or on the other hand float underneath the bridge to goals including Cockatoo Island, Darling Harbor, Barangaroo, and Parramatta.
  • Some things to stay in mind while you visit Sydney Harbor Bridge in summer are carrying light-weight cotton wear, applying sun-block, carrying glasses and drinking ample water throughout. Since this is often the height season, it’s conjointly the foremost big-ticket. Book earlier to urge the most effective deals potential.
  • You can walk across the bridge from either direction, and it takes between 15-30 minutes reckoning on the pace you set. There’s a security fence all the way but you’ll be able to poke your camera through the gaps and capture shots just like the one above.

Shouldn’t something be said about bridge touring with a harbor cruise? You can look over a delectable scope of harbor travels, including lunch, high tea, nightfall mixed drinks or supper travels. There are awesome cruising visits, as well. For a birds-eye see, fly in a seaplane from ‘Rose Bay’ or a helicopter from ‘Mascot.’ Have a visit to this wonder of engineering and learn some more interesting ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ facts. So, pack your bags and plan your trip to Sydney for a thrilling holiday experience like never before!

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Safaris In Melbourne: 5 Amazing Places To Get Closer To Australian Wildlife

Be it a safari to some woods, or to a zoo, or a national park, spending some time in the wild, with the animals in their natural environment is somehow indescribably soothing We believe that safaris in Melbourne will bring you the excitement of such a trip. Moreover, safaris today have become much more enjoyable with enhanced vehicles, advanced technology, and increased security. Earlier, they mostly got over before sundown. But today, safaris have changed the meaning at a large scale.

We have now brought to you some of the best safaris in Melbourne. While there are a number of different kinds of safaris in Melbourne, we have a list of safaris in zoos, in sanctuaries, and even safaris conducted at night.

1. The Philip Island

Penguins view

Penguins are undoubtedly some of the cutest and innocent little creatures. Watching them walking across will just give you the thrill. While the tiny penguins are the primary attraction of this tour, you will see a number of lesser known, yet adorable and endangered animal species; namely Southern Bettong, Eastern Quolls, and the extremely rare Fluffy Gliders. This is a 12 hours long tour of the Philip Island in Victoria. Starting with the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park, and ending with the penguin parade at Summerland beach, this tour will show you some of the best natural and wildlife stock of Victoria, Australia.

The Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park is home to some very friendly animal species, and the place is highly interactive. After that, we are off to Churchill Island to watch sheep being sheared, and probably get indulged in some action.

And then, finally in Summerland beach, after you have made it through Cape Woolamai surf beach, and Noobies, you get to see the adorable little penguins, as they head home through the beach to retire for the night. The safari fare takes care of your entry fees into all of the three parks, and provides you with tea or coffee and biscuits, and also an exclusive Australian lunch.

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2. Werribee Zoo Night Safari

Giraffe view

We now take you to an awesome safari zoo in Melbourne; the Werribee Open Range Zoo. Trust us, and this will be the most memorable night out of your life. You can opt to spend the night time with these animals and a part of your proceedings go into funds that are presented to international conservation agencies, such as the Rhino Fund Uganda.

You will be accompanied by an expert guide on your past sunset safari. You will come extremely close to some of the most impressive and majestic animals. You will be able to study each move and take a closer look at herds of zebras, and giraffes. And the cherry on top is the complimentary drink at the beginning of the safari.

But the safari does not just end there. After you are done, you will be taken to the Meerkat Bistro. Here you will be served a North Africa inspired dinner, that would include items like tagine, with dips, and bread, and salads. After dinner is done with, you are taken into the world of dance and music, with African drums, inspired songs, and dance.

3. Off-Road At Werribee Zoo

Werribee Zoo

We told you about the night out at the Werribee Open Range Zoo. But we will now take you off-road during the day. The Off Road Safari at Werribee Open Range Zoo is a 75 minutes affair. Although you will meet most of the same animals that you met at night, with antelopes added to the list, the safari will take you through a much-varied terrain. The night safari takes you through the open plains of the zoo, but this one will take you off-road into sights, smells, and sounds of the captivating Savannah in Australia. That too, you will be on a custom designed open vehicle, which will allow a 3600 view of the surroundings at all times.

Moreover, you are guaranteed a pleasurable experience, as you will be touring in smaller groups, with a maximum of 12 people on a single vehicle. In addition to that, each of the vehicle comes with an expert guide, and an extremely knowledgeable driver, who will trail, and find out the animals for you to see, along with providing you with important information on them.

4. Dandenong Ranges – On The Puffing Billy

Dandenong Range

You will be taken back to the 1900s, where you will be witness to the sheer power of steam-powered rail engines. The Puffing Billy, the oldest steam railway in Australia, will take you from Melbourne to the Dandenong Ranges, and back. The body of the train has been modified such that the visitors can sit the traditional way or sideways with feet dangling above the rails. Most of this park is covered by rolling hills, gullies covered in thick rainforests, and steeply withered valleys.

On your return journey towards Melbourne, the train will stop either at Sassafras or at Olinda. These are little crafts villages in the area. Further on into the return journey, you will have the chance to feed the crimson rosella parrots. You will be served hot Devonshire tea, as afternoon nears. Take little sips of the tea as you look down at the beautiful Victorian countryside.

5. Ocean Road Tour

Ocean Road Tour

This is another unique safari you should try out in Melbourne. You will take a part of the tour on a minibus, while you will also walk a great deal. However, walking is only optional, and you would rather stick to the bus. But you will miss a great deal if you do so. Anyhow, the 13 hours long safari will start at the Melbourne city center, with you getting up on a tour minibus that will carry a maximum of 24 passengers. The bus will then drive along the Great Ocean Road. Here, you will be witness to some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. The drivers to these buses are locals, and take extreme pride in the beauty of these parts. They will definitely take you to, and tell you about the beautiful spots along the coastline.

You will get a number of different kinds of safaris today, at different hours of the day; and not just to forests and sanctuaries, but also to zoos, and amusement parks. Choose your safari from this list of safaris in Melbourne, and have your best time. However, make it a point to get them included on your trip to Australia!

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11 Homestays In Melbourne For You To Have A Comfortable Vacation

Being in another country or even a new state is not as difficult if you already know someone in the place. However, some people who like to go out of their comfort zone seek to experience some of the nerve-wracking and thrilling experiences while they are on their amazing and adventurous journey!

Whether you have the former state of mind or latter, getting to stay in homestays in Melbourne will always be an interesting accommodation option for you when traveling in this Australian city. Moreover, when such an option comes at a good price there can be no looking back.

To help you with the long and sometimes non-ending search for the perfect and comfortable place, this list of homestays in Melbourne, Australia has been curated to keep you from getting overwhelmed while planning for your vacation.

1. Bryan Tan’s

Bryan Tan's

The place which is ready to host 5 guests with the two-rooms option, could easily be your home for a number of days! The services are provided with utmost hospitality that stays the same throughout your stay and even on the day of checkout.

You will be able to enjoy the facilities like air conditioner, free Wi-Fi, and the cleaning services. The place is located in the perfect location, which is just 10 minutes tram ride away from the busiest and most sought-after cafes, restaurants, and the cool hubs or pubs.

Location: Travancore, VIC, Australia
Contact: 888-829-7076
Google Rating: 2 on 5

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2. NGV Arts Centre Retreat

NGV Arts Centre Retreat

Being friendly to pet and quite helpful in guiding and assisting their guests, the staff of this place makes sure each guest takes back good memories from this place. The amenities include two rooms and two bathrooms, separately, which can easily be a home for four people.

The Retreat is facilitated with advanced appliances like coffee machine, washing machine, clothes dryer, and HD TV. The location is very central to the market will never let you get bored as you can simply walk down to some really cool and amazing cafes!

Location: NGV Arts Centre Retreat
Contact: 888-829-7076
Google Rating: 4.5 on 5

3. Little Collins

Little Collins

Proximity to some of the amazing cafes or lively markets and provision of pool facilities make this place a better option to plan your stay at! Two bedrooms and a bathroom become quite helpful in making this a homely place to accommodate in especially when you’re traveling with a group.

Pets are allowed and the basic facilities include, TV, Washer, Wi-Fi, toaster, dining seats, dishwasher, dryer, and so much more! Smoking is not allowed on the premises, which makes it an environmentally friendly space! The check-in could be done by 3 pm and the normal timing for the Checkout is 10 pm.

Location: Little Collins, near Chinatown
Contact: 888-829-7076
Google Rating: 5 on 5

4. Honey Apartments

Honey Apartments

This place facilitates by providing two rooms and one bathroom – yet again, one of the most comfortable places that can be a sure pick to comfortably let in four people! It is loaded with basic facilities like queen size bed, dishwasher, clothing dryer, air conditioners, and more – enough to ensure comfort and relaxation after a vigorous day of traveling.

The place is pet-friendly and has a staff with experience of more than 5 years that knows well how to keep the guests happy and satisfied. The ambiance of the place, adorned with beautiful canvas, painting and bright lit up walls, make it a great place for photography!

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Contact: 888-829-7076
Google Rating: 5 on 5

5. CitySide CBD Corporate

CitySide CBD Corporate

With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, this place can easily accommodate 5 people! Whether you are on a short trip or want to make it a long one, this place can serve the need at the moment.

The minimum duration to stay her is 3 days but can be very easily extended as well! The ambiance of the place along with the basic amenities like a dryer, washing machine, and the coffee vendor provided along with the happening vicinity makes it a sure option to go for!

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Contact: 888-829-7076
Google Rating: 5 on 5

6. CBD Penthouse

CBD Penthouse

Ideal for four, this corporate loft can suit seven individuals without any hassle and is incredibly situated amidst the CBD’s bistro, eatery, and shopping area. It is a three- storey loft, from the sixth floor up, inside a work of art, more seasoned, Melbourne CBD working with a security entrance.

The housetop deck is on the eighth floor and for the most part looks toward the south ( where places like Flinders St Station and Eureka Tower are located). However, there are sees in numerous ways; including down onto beautiful, notable Flinders Lane.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Contact: 888-829-7076
Google Rating: 3 on 5

7. Nott Café Beach Bay

Nott Café Beach Bay

The spacious apartment is available for your easiness and can help you relax with utmost comfort! The place is surrounded by a lively market that you might need to go to at times. The check-in is done as per the normal time, which is 3 pm and checkout is usually preferred by 10 am.

The basic amenities are technologically advanced to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free stay. Make a try once and get on to experience the great experience of this place.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Contact: 888-829-7076
Google Rating: 3 on 5

8. Heidelberg Haven

Heidelberg Haven

This Californian bungalow-style home is newly constructed and is ideal for up to 10 or more visitors. There are 3 vast engaging territories in addition to the covert Alfresco territory that has a worked in BBQ and sink.

There are 4 huge rooms and a vast report split crosswise over 2 levels. Bed design is 1 ruler bed, 1 splittable lord bed, 1 ruler bed, 2 single beds, and a specially designed, best of the range, Italian ruler estimate couch bed in the formal front parlor.

Location: Heidelberg, Banyule, Greater Melbourne, Victoria
Contact: 888-829-7076
Google Rating: 4 on 5

9. Essendon Escape

Essendon Escape

The modernized amenities like the dryer, washing machine, and the coffee vendor will surely make your stay convenient. Make a try once and undergo a great experience during your stay.

Make sure you check in at around 3 pm and check out by 10 am. The ambiance of place along with the basic amenities as well as the lively neighborhood make it a sure option to go for!

Location: Essendon, Moonee Valley, Greater Melbourne, Victoria
Contact: 888-829-7076
Google Rating: 4 on 5

10. Seaviews


This homestay in Melbourne city provides two rooms and one bathroom, allowing four people and maximum five people to accommodate easily at once. You can even stay back at this place to relish the satisfying facilities and other services in this place!

The check-in could be done by 3 pm and the normal timing for the checkout is 10 am. So get in and try the amazing experience waiting out here for you.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Contact: 888-829-7076
Google Rating: 5 on 5

11. Rosanna Heidelberg Ivanhoe

Rosanna Heidelberg Ivanhoe

Experience a luxurious stay while you are exploring the city of Melbourne. Get every benefit and facility claimed by the apartment owner to make your vacation comfortable as well as sassy on the go. The place is comfortable for 5 guests at max and is a two-room housing option.

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Contact: 888-829-7076
Google Rating: 5 on 5

Finding the right place for accommodation in an unknown city can be quite rigorous a process. The list of homestays in Melbourne mentioned above can prove to be helpful in choosing the ideal place as per your comfort and preferences. When preparing for your trip to Melbourne , don’t forget to go through this list that has been filtered out especially to make the accommodation planning easier for you.

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A Floating Island Near Mumbai Coast Appears Overnight: A Hoax Or A Mystery?

The earth is a funny place, no? Or some might call it really mysterious, while some might go on to call the happenings eerie! What would you say if you found out that a floating island near Mumbai appears overnight? Yes, you read it right, an island-like structure has been spotted off the coast of Mumbai in the Arabian Sea.

2018 left us with a surprise as, in December, a floating island was spotted in the Arabian Sea, close to the coast of Mumbai. This structure was found by a local fisherman who had set sail in the sea like any other day. This fisherman spotted it and even shot a video of the floating island that is now doing rounds on social media. The floating island as it is being called seemed to appear overnight on the map as the locals claim to have not seen any such structure before around there. The authenticity of this mass of land is still in question and it could be a mass of mud land formed by some aquatic phenomenon or it could be a floating island that India just got overnight!

Intrigued? Book your trip to Mumbai and solve the mystery of this floating island for yourself!

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Experience Nightlife In Port Elizabeth In These 12 Relishable Places

Whether you’re a lone wolf or you travel in a herd, it doesn’t make any difference if you are a party animal by heart! Adventure and fun are two fundamental requirements that are supposed to be fulfilled on any trip. Why not let this party animal out in Port Elizabeth!?

In any case, you can definitely let out your wild side in a herd and have as much fun as possible in light of the fact that the night is all yours to conquer and the one life you have should never be squandered. Rather it should be spent experiencing nightlife in Port Elizabeth.

Definitely, parties bring out the wild side in us and having fun is never something we’d say no to! Therefore, there shouldn’t be any reason to not checkout some of the best pubs in Port Elizabeth. The plethora of happening bars and clubs will surely take you by surprise!

1. Aqua Nightclub

Aqua Nightclub

Experimenting with cocktails is the best way to experience the atmosphere of this nightclub! Regardless of whether you’re single, the ecstatic atmosphere shared with other locals will give you a chance to while the night away without you even realizing how time flew by.
Dancing drunk while lost among the trippy lights are sure to make your experience a memorable one. The exteriors of the place give it an overwhelming persona but the interiors are so mellow, it’ll be one of the more remarkable places you will have visited in your entire life!

Location:1 York Rd, Kensington, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa
Rating: 3.9 out of 5
Contact: +27 81 043 6105

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2. Neighbourhood Bar & Grill (Port Elizabeth)

Beer in glass

While most Port Elizabeth bars and pubs are open only at night, pop into the Neighbourhood Bar and Grill anytime you like! This one is among the more popular establishments in Port Elizabeth.

You can come in this lively club with your friends or alone to discover more about the port’s culture through the locals you’ll encounter and gain illuminating insight into the beautiful vistas, this joint offer, of the sun and the beaches through its window. Just walk and soak it all up!

Location: 1 York Rd, Kensington, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa
Rating: 4.3 out of 5

3. Cheers Revue Bar

Cheers for drink

Situated in the heart of Port Elizabeth, it is the zeitgeist of the port’s nightlife, where one is enamored by the thumping musical beats. The dynamism here is known to cleanse one’s mind and body through selfless immersion into the scintillating vibe and enthused music that floods the interiors of this club.

The club often features international artists and bands each week pumping up their audiences with their musical groove. A VIP privilege with some champagne is one of the better ways to get in sync with the rhythm as you spend your time in this city of South Africa.

Location: 10 Harrower Rd, North End, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa
Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Contact: +27 76 932 7999

4. Illusion Sports Bar & Nightclub


A relax bar, this place is a favourite among the locals if they wish to need to not get comfortable and mellow out after some hard partying. The music that occupies its interiors can be called the soul of its joint, as it’s a primary reason for the soothing atmosphere.

It revitalizes your mind and helps you betray lethargy after a hard day’s exploring! The ambient music and the pleasant interior designs add to the joint’s charm.

Location: 5 De Villiers St, North End, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa
Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Contact: +27 78 604 6271

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

5. Captain’s Central

Mike view

As the name recommends, this place is the incredibly popular for its warm and pop atmosphere! Walk into this bar if you’ve got the voice for it. Among the more popular karaoke bars in the port town, you’ll find regulars singing to the tunes of the latest hits all the will enjoying alcoholic beverages. Their food is worth tasting once as well.

All in all, you don’t need to look any further if it’s a musical night you want to be a part of. The place is astounding with its extremely creative as even some of its glasses are sculpted from ice and presented to the visitors. They cater to a varied array of taste in beverages as their primary concern is customer satisfaction.

Location: 31 Clyde St, Central, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa
Rating: 3.9 out of 5
Contact: +27 82 320 4580

6. The Old Central Hotel – Home of The Guv’nor Pub and Funni Girls Night Club

The Old Central Hotel

As there are international vocalists, top class musical artists and groups performing at here most nights of the year, you can visit this place if you are looking for fun things to do in Port Elizabeth at night. Unsurprisingly, it is one of the most bustling joints in the port town.

The ticket costs are 500 South African Rands for the headlining acts on the significant show days, otherwise they typically start at 300 to 250 Rands on the ordinary and regular days. The western aesthetic of the venue as well as the music make it a popular attraction not just for the locals but also tourists who wish to take a peek into the Western world.

Location: 193 Caledon St, Uitenhage, 6229, Central, Uitenhage, 6229, South Africa
Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Contact: +27 41 992 4034

7. Finnezz

DJ playing music

The best place to hang out at, on the off chance that you truly got some great dance moves and all you want to do is simply sweat it out. Keeping the music boisterous and bringing a combination of various genres into the mix, will make you groove even after you’re tired.

The locals are rather friendly and the staff is extremely hospitable. The place provides a unique experience, especially to the ones travelling solo. You can recommend songs if you like, and then grab any beverage to your liking that will enable you to get into the groove!

Location: Shop 1, Humerail Shopping Centre, South End, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa
Rating: 4.1 out of 5
Contact: +27 41 586 3233

8. Barney’s Tavern

Tasty food

Drink all you want and dance all you can, for FREE, on all 7 evenings of the week. Just a short distance from the airplane terminal, it is at a walking distance from cheap yet quality inns and gambling clubs, making Barney’s Tavern necessity must-visit when visiting Port Elizabeth.

The Barney’s Tavern formula for “Good Food, Good Fun, and Great Value” has made it the ‘place to be’ .

Location: Shop 6, The Beachfront Boardwalk, Marine Dr, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa
Rating: 4.1 out of 5
Contact: +27 41 583 4500

9. White Tiger Bar+Café

Beer view

Its lo-fi yet warm and pleasant décor, coupled with the amiable and caring staffed makes it an ideal spot for you to spend time with a friend or a significant other. If you like you could spend the night here. It’s centrally located so is easily accessible.

Their own home-brewed beer is popular among locals and the cocktails are worth a try as well. So, if you are searching for cocktail bars in Port Elizabeth, then do check this place out when you’ve got time on your hands or even if you just want to do nothing but relax!

Location: 49 Beach Rd, Humewood, Port Elizabeth, 6013, South Africa
Rating: 4.1 out of 5
Contact: +27 71 891 9196

10. BeerShack


As their tagline says, the bar provides you with “Craft beer without the pretentiousness”. You can walk in an enjoy a cold one any time you like, by either sitting in their deck as you marvel at the ambient vistas of the ocean or you can sit in their comfy beach bar lounge and enjoy some live music if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

Location: Dolphin’s Leap, 1 Marine Dr, Humewood, Port Elizabeth, 6000, South Africa
Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Contact:+27 41 582 2354

11. Candys Revue Bar

Candys Revue Bar

This bar endeavors to bring the various distinctive styles of music all under one roof, for the general population who have just gone through a hectic working week and just wish to blow some steam off.

It has been labeled “the premier nightlife venue” at Port Elizabeth. Jazz Duo, Atiff/Beliman are few of the shows which are extremely popular and are featured often.

Location: 113 Heugh Rd, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 6075, South Africa
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Contact:+27 41 581 3953

12. Liquid Lounge

Lounge view

The average ticket to be admitted entry into this lounge starts off at 50 Rands and can go up to 200 Rands during special occasions in case there’s a popular artist, singer, or band playing that night or week.

The hot espresso or the savoring drinks tastes are worth the cost and should be tried if you get the opportunity.

Location: 52 Parliament St, Port Elizabeth Central, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa
Rating: 3.8 out of 5
Contact:+27 41 581 2354

We hope that the article proves to be a helpful guide as you explore the nightlife in Port Elizabeth and will hopefully return with some memories you’ll cherish for an eternity. Make sure you visit most of these places as you plan your trip to South Africa!

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10 Brazilian Rivers Which Every Traveler Should Explore While At This Roaring Cascade!

Brazil is a country adorned with pristine white beaches, lush-green and dense rainforests, and rhythmic metropolises. Considered as one of the captivating places on the earth, this country is a beautiful amalgamation of exotic colonial towns and otherworldly red canyons which paint the land red.

Apart from this, Brazil is also the land of magnificent rivers which flows within its boundaries. For the people who love a vacation amidst the rustic surroundings of nature, this country can take you on an adventurous ride to explore these exotic rivers.

Brazil has hundreds of rivers flowing through it, most of them create beautiful basins that support life. Here, we’ll be looking at the 10 major rivers flowing through Brazil which can be your perfect escape while on a Brazilian vacation.

1. Amazon River

Amazon river

No other river in Brazil can ever match the status of this river. Amazon is the second longest river in the world and the largest by volume of water discharged. Amazon river supports most of the ecosystem and rich biodiversity within its basin and provides water to the population of the basin and beyond.

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2. Parana River

Parana River

The second largest river in South America after the Amazon, Parana is another major important river that flows through Brazil. The huge basin of this river with its numerous tributaries supports life in the region. Besides this, the river also has many of the world’s biggest dams constructed on it like the Itaipu Dam which are the major source of renewable energy and capital generation for the region.

3. Sao Francisco River

Sao Francisco River

Not to be confused with San Francisco in the USA, the Sao Francisco River is the largest river that runs entirely within the territory of Brazil. This river originates in Canastra Mountains and is also known as the national integration river of Brazil because it flows through all the diverse climates and regions of the country.

4. Araguaia River

Araguaia River

The Araguaia River is a major river of the Eastern Amazon region of Brazil. Together with the Tocantins, this river flows through some of the most biologically rich and important regions of Brazil. Many parts of the basin of the Araguaia River are protected forest regions of Brazil with rich biodiversity. The Araguaia River also forms Ilha do Bananal, the biggest River Island in the world.

5. Tocantins River

Tocantins River

The Tocantins River is also known as the central fluvial artery of Brazil because it flows almost through the middle of the country and is really important for the river transportation of the country. The Tocantins is the one of clear water river in South America and its basin is supported many natural and biological reserves of Brazil. The Tocantins River is 2450 km long and is a major transportation as well as a biological resource for the country.

6. Paraguay River

Paraguay River

Paraguay River is another major South American River that flows through Brazil. The river originates south of Diamantino in the province of Mato Grosso in Brazil and is a part of one of the major commercial shipping routes network between Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. The Paraguay River is the second largest undammed river in South America after the Amazon and is a river of major importance for the same reason.

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7. Rio Negro

Rio Negro

The Rio Negro is the largest left Tributary of the Amazon River as it accounts for 14% of the total water of the Amazon River. The Rio Negro is the largest Blackwater River in the world and its name literally translates to the Black River. The Rio Negro very rich in species of fauna. Over 700 species of fishes are found in the river and is expected to have 100-200 more yet to be discovered. This abundance of fish is the reason for a thriving fishing industry in the basin of the river.

8. Uruguay River

Uruguay River

The Uruguay River takes its name from the country of Uruguay and is one of the most important rivers in the region of Southern Brazil. One of the most unusual things about the river is that there is canyon submerged beneath the river. Another interesting thing about the river is that it has a parallel waterfall in its basin which is generally not visible. The river is of high commercial importance due to the hydropower projects on it.

9. Iguazu River

Iguazu River

The Iguazu River is a major Brazilian River that originates in Serra Do Mar coastal mountains of Parana province of Brazil. The Iguazu river runs through the Iguazu national park and is home to many different types of species of fishes, including one-third of all the introduced species in South America. Iguazu river also makes the Iguazu falls and is of high biological importance because of the presence of biodiversity in its basin.

10. Xingu River

Xingu River

The Xingu River is one of the biggest Clearwater Rivers in South America spread across till 1640 km long as is a southwestern tributary of the Amazon River. The Xingu River basin is home to the first ever Indigenous Park in Brazil which to this remains the oldest one till date. Currently, more than fourteen indigenous tribes live in the basin of the river surviving off natural resources assisted by the Xingu River for almost everything they need for survival.

Apart from the Samba and Football, visit Brazil this time to witness these magnificent rivers. If you’re a hardcore nature buff, then book your customized Brazil holiday package with TravelTriangle and experience a relaxing holiday discovering these nature treasures!

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