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10 Exquisite Oudtshoorn Restaurants That Offer Lip Smacking South African Food!

Oudtshoorn is a town of South Africa’s Western Cape. The town is known for its huge Ostrich farms and natural beauties. The national parks and wildlife are the best in South Africa and so are they in Oudtshoorn. The mountain ranges are worth watching and you feel you are seeing a sketch when you look at the mountains here. The Hot Air Ballooning is amazingly adventurous and this is what the tourists here are crazy for. Apart from the natural beauties like mountains, parks, and sanctuaries, the town is full of amazing restaurants that serve authentic South African delicacies. Oudtshoorn restaurants are the ones where you can spend some quality time with your partner while relishing exquisite meals and sophisticated drinks!

No matter from which part of the country you come from, the below list of best restaurants in Oudtshoorn will serve you what you love. Take a look!

1. Brian’s Grill And Family Restaurant

Brian's Grill And Family Restaurant

Situated in the Ostrich capital of the world, Brian’s Grill and Family Restaurant is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your friends and family and take away an exceptional dining experience back home. Great food and the selection of wine and malt will make you fall in love with the place instantly and you would want to come back again and again here. There are special breakfast, daily meal specials, happy hour and senior specials which are one of their kind services.

Location: 44 Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn, 6620, Oudtshoorn, 6625, South Africa
Cost for two: NA
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5

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2. Santa Fe Spur Steak Ranch

Santa Fe Spur Steak Ranch

Santa Fe Spur Steak Ranch is a US-style diner chain in the city of Oudtshoorn. It is a family restaurant with a comfortable ambiance and friendly atmosphere. The staff are very courteous and take care of all your needs. You get steaks, burgers, ribs, wings and what not. Over the years, this amazing restaurant has earned a reputation for tasty, value-for-money and healthy meals. They have many local and international outlets in different parts of the world. The portions of meals are large and delicious as well.

Location: 14 Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1600
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

3. Cango Woodfired Pizzas

Cango Woodfired Pizzas

As the name suggests, the Cango Woodfired Pizzas is famous for its varieties of Pizza and it is assured that you won’t get so many varieties of pizzas anywhere else in the city. It is the best Pizza Takeaway in town without a doubt. The owner of the restaurant greets you with a smile and you feel at home instantly. The Pizzas are full of toppings and you can choose your own toppings as well. You order gets ready in less that 10 minutes and that is really quick.

Location: 187 Langenhoven Rd, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 880
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

4. Nostalgie Restaurant

Nostalgie Restaurant

A simple and casual restaurant set up in a comfortable environment and makes you feel at home. The ambiance of the Nostalgie Restaurant is excellent and you can enjoy your meals in a very pleasant atmosphere. The waitresses are very courteous here and serve you everything you need instantly. The menu is quite vast and you get almost everything you want.

Location: Oudtshoorn, 6625, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1200
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

5. Jemima’s Restaurant

Jemima's Restaurant

Jemima’s use the iconic ingredients of South Africa so that they can serve the flavor of Africa served with flair. The wide range of menu includes the likes of duck liver parfait, Klein Karoo caprese salad, Karoo Lamb, duck ostrich fan fillet. Also at the end of your dinner you will get the mouthwatering variety of desserts which will make your day. They take care the needs to every customer and each one is treated with utmost care and responsibility.

Location: 94 Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1369
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

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6. Karoopot Restaurant

Karoopot Restaurant

They will give you a homely feeling at their restaurant as they are very caring and prompt at customer’s service. The exotic collection of wine from a fruity white wine to a dry and spicy red wine they assure to add extra specialness to your evening. The collection of wine is done from the finest and unique sellers in the Western Cape. The wide variety of dishes is available in menu which is very interesting and full of flavor. You will find all in one at this place that is from traditional curry to sophisticated Karoo curry.

Location: 6 Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn, 6625, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 880.2
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

7. La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

They provide you a delicious fusion of Italian and South African flavor which is really tasty. They provide you cheerful atmosphere in Klein Karoo also they promises to give you an enjoyable dining experience to all age group people. The light music of Orchestra will add a special feel in your dinner. Beef, Chicken, Rib burger, Glass of wine, pasta, Basil Pesto with Cream, Chicken delight, Mushroom and cream are some special dishes which you must try at this place if you are in South Africa.

Location: 60 Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1369
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

8. Café Brulé

Café Brulé

Image Courtesy

The best part of this restaurant is the staff members who always wear smile on their face. Once you entered the premises they will welcome you with smile and they believe on the strategy that “comes as a friend but leave as a family” so that you can come again and again for having delicious food. They friendly and cozy environment at this place will make you feel like you are having your dinner at your own place. It is located in the heart of Oudtshoorn and the interior is really worth prazing.

Location: 5 Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 900
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

9. Die Smitswinkel

Die Smitswinkel

You will experience the heartfelt hospitality of Oudtshoorn at the Die Smitswinkel. You can enjoy the scrumptious breakfast, lunch, dinner from the kitchen of Die Smitswinkel while your children’s will play in the playground specially designed for the kids to keep them engaged. Select the piece of cake which you want to eat with a hot tea or coffee and enjoy the meal. Nice place to visit with friends and family for enjoying memorable dinner or lunch.

Location: Langenhoven Rd, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 733
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5

10. Headlines Restaurant

Headlines Restaurant

Headlines restaurant is a gem in category of restaurants in Oudtshoorn. They are so quick in taking orders and delivering food that you will really feel good by getting such a prompt and exceptional quality of service. They give a very warm welcome which will really win your heart. All the recipes are prepared with the fresh vegetable, spices & meat so that you can feel the real taste and aroma of food.

Location: Baron van Rheede Street, Oudtshoorn, 6625, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1270
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

These are some of the best restaurants in Oudtshoorn that you must definitely visit if you are here or are planning to visit in near future. You will surely have a great time here. So, get packed, book your trip to South Africa and leave right away for a blissful vacay!

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Mai Po Nature Reserve: A Guide That Lets You Go On A Perfect Date With Nature In Hong Kong!

The Mai Po Nature Reserve is a 270 hectare protected nature reserve in the territory of Hong Kong in China. Though it’s a bit out of the way for those visiting Hong Kong, the diversity seen here makes it a much visit place, especially for bird watchers. The diversity of birds in the area is just astounding, around 72% of all the bird species found in Hong Kong can be seen in Mai Po. Even some of the most endangered species like Black-Faced spoonbills are found here.

About Mai Po Nature Reserve

After just 3 years of being established in the then British territory of Hong Kong, the WWF in 1984 took up the charge for the conservation of the natural resources in Mai Po. To raise funds, the WWF took many steps like organizing school tours, the first ever big bird race and numerous such events that interested people. In 1988, the WWF started their ambitious project for the establishment of marine parks all across the territory of Hong Kong.

In 1992 the WWF organized the first walk for nature, the then Discover Mai Po to raise funds as well as awareness for the conservation of these precious resources. It’s been over 30 years since the WWF took over and the things on the ground in Mai Po have changed completely. From any nature reserve that needed conservation, it has been converted into one of the world’s most popular and well-preserved nature and biodiversity reserves.

This is a restricted area which comes under the WWF, you have to take prior permissions before entering the reserve.

Check-in 3-4 days prior to the visit

On the day of the visit please bring your passport and WWF membership as it is only legal for members of WWF to enter the reserve.

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1. Visit The Gei Wei

Visit The Gei Wei

The area of Gei Wei is easily accessible with a paved path that crisscrosses with the shrimp ponds. It’s even suitable for those with mobility issues. There is wildlife all along the pathway surrounding the scopes and you can easily spot the wildlife if you are careful enough to spot them. There are mainly 7 hideouts for birds that are accessible even for those on wheelchairs. It just feels a bit awkward sometimes to see the skyline of Shenzhen so near in the backdrop of the reserve.

2. Explore The Mangroves

Explore The Mangroves

If you continue on the paved path, you’ll go further deep into the reserve and see the natural mangrove vegetation of the area. After sustained efforts of conservation, these mangroves have finally become an area with an abundance of biodiversity and ecology around them.

3. See The Mud Flats Of Deep Bay

See The Mud Flats Of Deep Bay

If you walk even further on to floating wooden planks and boardwalks deep inside the nature reserve, you’ll find the muddy flatlands of the deep bay. When you arrive in the muddy flatlands, especially if you come during autumn or winter, you’ll be stunned by the view of hundreds of thousands of birds flocked in the waste wetlands of one of the most urbanized regions in the world.

Flora & Fauna At Mai Po Nature Reserve

There are over 250 species of plants both aquatic and terrestrial in the Mai Po nature reserve. Such an abundance of flora allows for the flourishing of ecosystem which further creates conditions for biodiversity in the area to bloom. The flora in the Mai Po and the greater Hong Kong region is the reason for such abundance of different species of animals in Mai Po.

Over 400 species of birds of which 49 being critically endangered, can be found in the Mai Po nature reserve. Besides birds over 100 species of butterflies, 250 species of moths, 50 species of dragonflies, 40 crab species, 80 species of aquatic invertebrates, 8 amphibian species and over 20 species of mammals can be found at the Mai Po nature reserve and marshes adjacent to it. Such an abundance of this natural treasure is intriguing for any nature lover and even for non-nature lovers.

The best time to visit the Mai Po Nature Reserve is the seasons of autumn and spring where more than 300 species of birds grace the area and are a subject of great interest for nature lovers.

Spring in Hong Kong is from Late February to end of March and autumn lasts from late October to the time around Christmas. The reserve is open all year round; you just need to take permits.

Already packed up? Head to the Mai Po Nature Reserve by choosing the most suitable option among the enlisted ones. Don’t forget to book your tickets on time.

1. By Air

By Air

The Mai Po Nature Reserve is just about 50 km away from the Hong Kong International airport, this makes it really accessible as HKI is one of the biggest air transport hubs in the world. A taxi ride from Hong Kong airport to Mai Po will take from between 50 to 55 minutes.

2. By Train

By Train

The nature reserve is accessible via the MTR network of Hong Kong. Just get down at Sheung Shui station and exit from gate C. Take bus 76k from there to Mai Po station and then walk about 20 minutes to the entrance of the park.

3. By Road

By Road

The nature reserve is just 6 km from Shenzhen, a mere 60 km from Macau and about 1200 km from Shanghai if you want to come by road from these major cities.

You can enjoy a luxury stay near Mai Po Nature Reserve, at the Four Points by Sheraton Shenzhen, the Lvjing Jinjiang Hotel and the Asta Hotel Shenzhen. Budget accommodation can be availed at nominal rates, at the Motel 168 on Shenzhen Guihua Road, Nanguo Chain Hotel Shenzhen Ruichang Hotel and the Gangyi Boutique Hotel.

There are not many things you can do at the Mai Po nature reserve except birdwatching and hiking. But if you come during the time of the season only these two things will consume all your time and believe it or not it’ll one of the best times you would have ever spent in the presence of mother nature on your next trip to Hong Kong.

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7 Reasons Why Shillong Is Called Scotland Of The East

Located in one of the Seven Sisters Of India (seven states), Shillong serves as the capital of Meghalaya state in country’s northeast region. There are indeed many similarities between this place with Scotland, and this is why Shillong is called Scotland of the East. And to prove that the naming is indeed done aptly, here are a few points that justify it.

Although, we believe that each of the mentioned places have their own distinctive charm, but let’s just have some fun wondering about the similarities for some time!

Glen etive in Scottish Highlands

Glen etive in Scottish Highlands

Shillong’s landscape is beautified with rolling and sky soaring hills bestowed with lush greenery. Most times, you can browse through pictures of both Scotland and Shillong, and you will actually get your mind boggled wondering which photograph is of which destination! On a cloudy day the mist-laden pastures look nothing less than a paradise.

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Winding road in Scotland

Winding road in Scotland

Shillong Pass

Shillong Pass

The road to Mawlynnong, Cherrapunji, and the curvaceous route of the Shillong Bypass surely do invite just experienced drivers. You’d anyway rather sit at the backseat, so you can peep out of the window, let your hair flutter with the breeze, as the Himalayas unfold hypnotic panorama before you.

Culture in Scotland

Culture in Scotland

Culture in Shillong

Culture in Shillong

The rich, colorful culture of Shillong makes it stand out. Just like the Scottish people, the tribes feel pride presenting folk performances, and it’s intriguing to sit back and witness. You can also be a part of the act and join them as they are on it, but make sure you’re not spoiling the fun for others too.

If not performances, you’ll be bewitched by handicrafts, tribal attires, and of course traditions. For a culture vulture, the best way to get an insight to locals’ lifestyle is by staying in homestays.

Waterfall in Scotland

Waterfall in Scotland

Waterfall in Shillong

Waterfall in Shillong

When you’re touring through the valleys of Scotland and Shillong, be prepared to stumble upon random glistening waterfalls, specially if you’re visiting in the monsoon season.

Lake in Scotland

Lake in Scotland

Lake in Shillong

Lake in Shillong

Alongside roaring waterfalls, Shillong and Scotland are bejeweled with lakes that are encircled with rolling hills. You can sit by for some time, or embrace this beautiful moment by boating on the lake. Keep aside your camera for a little while and just inhale the enchantment in front of your eyes.

Peaceful Scotland

Peaceful Scotland

Mist in Shillong

Mist in Shillong

Even though Meghalaya in Shillong is a major tourist destination in Northeast India, but you will come across an applaudable balance when it comes to crowded attractions. There are several places in this place where you can pitch in your tent and connect with nature. The natural beauty of such place

Music festival in Scotland

Music festival in Scotland

Music festival in Shillong

Music festival in Shillong

Scotland might be hosting some amazing music festivals, but believe me, Shillong will have your jaws drop! The NH7 Weekender is a music festival which is one of India’s most awaited events. Famous artists like A.R Rahman, Steven Wilson, Farhan Akhtar and Fear Factory have performed in the festival. Here’s a video featuring glimpses of all the fun people had this year.

We can come up with many similarities between Scotland and Shillong to justify its naming, but we believe, that the beauty of this beautiful Indian hiill-station is one-of-a-kind, and that it cannot be compared with any other place in the world.

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10 Best Museums In Kathmandu That Will Walk You Through The Historical Past Of Nepal

Whenever you go for any vacation the sole aim is to get to another world with fresher views and perspectives. The place could be anywhere but the aim is to get rejuvenated. When one is on such a trip, if there is a facility of knowing about the city, then it will be a cherry on the top. To a few this may seem boring but it does give you a lot of insights on the city. One can even find some connection with the home city too. Then the trip will become all the more amazing.

While exploring the museums can be one of the best ways to know more about the city, take a look at some of the museums in Kathmandu that one cannot miss at all.

1. Patan Museum

Patan Museum

This is a world heritage site. So one could experience what it takes to be a world heritage site of importance. As the location will tell that this is a royal palace converted into a museum. This is basically an art museum with an attempt to depict the history of the Kathmandu art.

Location: Royal Palace Complex, near the Durbar Marg, Patan, 44700, in Nepal.
Timings: 10:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening

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2. The National Museum

The National Museum

It is one of the best museums of the city if one is interested to see the beautiful buddha museum in it. It is one of those history and art museums as well. It houses the artefacts which showcase the religious and military side of the place. The reviews are also excellent so one can surely visit this museum.

Location: Chhauni area, Kathmandu, 44600

3. Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Narayanhiti Palace Museum

It is yet again one of the palaces of the city which is now made a museum. It is said to have bee built due to the marriage of the king Birendra bir bikram shah. The story behind this palace is very much interesting and one would love to know it through the local guide. The total area is around 74 acres and has a lot of interesting pieces to offer.

Location: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu 44600

4. The Brass And Bronze Museum

The Brass And Bronze Museum

Visiting this place could be a unique experience altogether. Usually the museums are art museums or palaces turned into museums. But one could get a dedicated brass and bronze museum to watch would get him/her a nice experience. This one sports a metal work used by the nobility back in the 20th century. The interesting utensils and objects used by the kings are worth seeing and gets you mesmerised.

Location: Dattatreya square, Kathmandu 44600

5. Woodcarving Museum & Center

Woodcarving Museum & Center

This one is located just opposite the former brass and bronze museum. It adorns the beautiful carved pillars and windows which are a visual treat. It consists of the pujari math which is also the one of the oldest in the city. This museum remains open throughout the week starting from 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening. The only break is during Tuesday.

Location: Jyatha Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

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6. Taragaon Museum

Taragaon Museum

This will give you the required peace and solace amidst the bustling and busy city of Kathmandu. It is basically a history museum of Kathmandu. It is an interesting place to be due to the scenic views that this museum boasts of. One can visit this in around 1-2 hours.

Location: Boudhanath Sadak in Kathmandu

7. The National History Museum

The National History Museum

This museum can add the fun element to the viewing of the museums of the city. It is so as it has the animals and their heads and enlightens one about them. It is one of the oldest museums. It remains open on every day of the week except Saturday and is available from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Location: Manjushree bazar, Kathmandu 44600

8. National Ethnographic Museum

National Ethnographic Museum

It could be said to be synonymous to an education center. It is so as it enlightens people from the city and the tourists about the culture of the people living in the Kathmandu. This gives a sneak peek about the heritage of the city with a lot ethnic groups of the city exhibiting their culture via exhibition. It remains open on all days except on Mondays.

Location: Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu, 4256909
Timings: 10 AM to 4 PM

9. The Tribhuvan, Mahendra, And Birendra Museum

The Tribhuvan, Mahendra, And Birendra Museum

It is also known as the hanuman dhoka palace. It showcases the life of the king Tribhuvan. There is a gallery depicting the pictured and paintings made by the rulers then. It is located on the Kathmandu durbar square and remains open from 10:30 AM to 3 PM. The timings differ for Friday, which are from 10:30 AM to 2 PM. It remains closed on Tuesdays.

10. The City Museum

The City Museum

It is one of the modern museums made to educate people in all the possible ways. It is located on the top floor of multi-storeyed building. This museum has got beautiful artefacts to adorn. One must surely visit this newly built museum and can compare the ideas of museums. The timings for visiting this place is from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening.

Location: Paryatan Marg, Kathmandu 44600

While this guide takes you through some of the best museums in the city and its antiques, make sure you do not miss out on them at all. Include these museums in your itinerary and create uncountable memories on your next trip to Kathmandu with your loved ones!

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Sydney Travel Guide: To Plan Your Oz Vacay Effortlessly

One of Australia’s largest and most populous cities, Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and one of the most bustling and popular metropolitan cities in the entire world. Inhabitants of Sydney are called ‘Sydneysiders’, and a 2011 census estimated that over 250 different languages were spoken by these Sydneysiders, 40 percent of whom speak a different language than English. This melting pot of various cultures is ranked tenth in the world for its standard of living and Sydney is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Traveling to Sydney isn’t cheap, but be rest assured because this Sydney travel guide is quite handy. If you choose to travel to Sydney, you are bound to have a blast as its gorgeous landscape and cultural diversity makes for one hell of a trip, thereby drawing in a vast amount of tourists from various parts of the world. It ranks 15th as the most – visited city in the entire world. It should come as no surprise that its market economy derives a lot of its strength from tourism, along with manufacturing and finance. Keeping in mind that you may someday visit Sydney, if you haven’t already, featured in this article is a brief travel guide to help you make this holiday a memorable one.

Best Time To Visit Sydney

Sydney is a fun place to visit all year round. But the months from December to February are considered ideal, i.e., the summer months when you can experience the beaches in all its pristine glory. As it never really gets too cold the rest of the year, you can visit Sydney anytime you like. But, the summer months are when you can experience the various festivals that light up the city like the New Year’s, Christmas and the Sydney Festival.

Sydney is one of those perfect destinations in Australia for you to explore whether you’re with family or a partner. It’s also a great place to go backpacking and being a metropolitan city it is host to several popular attractions.

1. State Library of New South Wales

State Library of New South Wales

Established in 1826, this is the oldest library in Australia. It is magnificent enough to accommodate the Mitchell Library as well. It’s a rather significant monument and has been listed as a heritage site in the New South Wales State Heritage Register. So if you’re a bookworm this is just the place for you. It also hosts several talks and discussions by various scholars, historians, authors, and more. If you are interested in the early 20th-century style architecture do visit the State Library of New South Wales.

Address: Macquarie St., Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

  • Monday to Thursday – 9 am to 8 pm
  • Friday – 9 am to 5 pm
  • Weekends – 11 am to 5 pm

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2. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognized modern structures in Sydney, visible on various placards, stamps, and boards advertising a vacation to Sydney. Designed by the Danish architect, Jørn Utzon, it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It hosts multiple venues that organize over 1500 performances every year. The three most popular performances shown at the Sydney Opera House are the Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and Opera Australia. So if you are ever in the mood for some highbrow theatre, ballet or classical music, head over to the Sydney Opera House.

Address: Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000. Australia

3. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Do not forget to pack your best swimming suits and your favorite surfboards, for Bondi Beach is one of the most pristine beaches in the entire world. It draws in a lot of public and surfers as its waves are ideal for riding. It also has the Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life-Saving Club which is considered to be the world’s first surf lifesaving club. It is also home to several other clubs such as the Bondi Icebergs Swimming club and it also has a park for skating called the Bondi Skate Park. There can’t be a better place for having some fun in the sun than Bondi Beach.

Location: 7 km east of Sydney CBD

There’s just so much to do in Sydney that one trip probably won’t be enough. Nonetheless here are the three things that most visitors do not dare to skip.

1. Camden Valley: Fly in a hot air balloon

Camden Valley Fly in a hot air balloon

There can’t be a more romantic getaway than flying miles above the ground in a padded basket offering extravagant views of the beautiful landscapes Sydney has to offer. View the sun bordering the vast skyline on the horizon, in the process of rising. You can also see the Razorback Ranges as well as the church steeples of Camden. It’s a three-hour trip that usually starts at 4 in the morning, charting a course through the various country towns and also offers a delightful breakfast.

Cost: An hour-long ride is somewhere in the range of 300$..

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge : Make it to the top

Sydney Harbour Bridge Make it to the top

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a heritage – listed site that has been nicknamed “The Coathanger”. Several tourists scale the coathanger every year to get a magnificent, panoramic and iconic view of the harbor, Sydney Opera House and the bridge. The express climb is often recommended because it takes you through the insides of the metallic skeleton of the bridge, giving a more detailed tour of the structure.

Cost: Prices start at 163$ for adults and 138$ for children.

3. Manly to Spit : A coastal trek

Manly to Spit A coastal trek

There are two options, a 9 km and an 18 km walk that offers an exploration of the sandy beaches, rocky mountains and the magnificent blue ocean waters. Walking is often considered the best mode of transport to get a more intimate exploration of the landscape of a place. There couldn’t be a better opportunity than this coastal walking tour that gives you access to four secret beaches that cannot be reached by car or any other vehicle, except for boats.

Cost: In the range of 3$ to 8$

Being a metropolitan city, there is a wide range of options for accommodation in Sydney. If you’re a backpacker, there’s a myriad of hostels you can choose from but there are also quite a few luxury hotels that offer some of the best serviceS and rooms you could ever experience.

1. Shangri – La Hotel, Sydney

Shangri – La Hotel, Sydney

One of the best 5 – star hotels in Sydney, Shangri – La will not disappoint you. Some of the best service and hotel rooms in all of Australia; this establishment is worth every penny it charges. It’s high – end hotel offers extravagant room and suites, exquisite spas and a restaurant serving sumptuous food.

Address: 176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Price: INR 13,167

2. Park Hyatt Sydney

Park Hyatt Sydney

A 5 – star hotel located right by the harbor, its rooms offer the most scenic vistas of the glorious waters. It’s a high – end establishment that has a rooftop pool from where you can view the Sydney Opera House. It has also got one of the most extravagant restaurants offering an ambient setting to enjoy your meal.

Address: 7 Hickson Road, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia
Price: INR 58,374

3. Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour

Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour

Situated on the East Circular Quay, Pullman Quay Grand is a refined establishment offering some of the most exquisite hotel rooms for you to experience the most luxurious treatment you possibly could for reasonable rates. The views from the property are amazing and the service impeccable. The staff is hospitable and friendly.

Address: 61 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Price: Rs. 18,000

How To Reach Sydney

By Air: The Sydney Airport is at a distance from 8 km south of the Sydney city center. It is an international airport that receives international flights all year round, direct as well as indirect, from various other parts in the world.
By Road: Australia is an island continent, and it isn’t really accessible by road but if you happen to be in another state, city or town within Australia you can choose to travel by road or take a train. You can check for more details on the internet regarding buses and trains that connect Sydney to the city you’re in.
By Sail: Yes, you can take a cruise to Sydney and travel by sea as the Port Jackson is a natural harbor in Sydney that receives visitors from various countries all year round.

Sydney will surely be one of the best vacations you’ll probably ever have. With the help of this Sydney travel guide, you’ve probably already decided to book your tickets to Australia, if you haven’t already. Its genial vibe and many popular attractions will surely entrance your spirits. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a hassle-free vacay to Australia with TravelTriangle!

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Top 5 Sydney Theme Parks That Will Spell The Right Definition Of ‘Amusement’ For You

Sydney, the oldest Australian city is indeed a mind-boggling city with Sun, shorelines, culture, untamed life, delicious delicacies. Apart from these elements, Sydney is known for the fun activities that the city contains. A significant number of amusing activities are there in this Australian city for you and your family the main source of the amusements are of course the Sydney Theme Parks! Your tour to Sydney will be incomplete without experiencing exhibitions by nearby craftsmen, venture back in time in notable historical centers or make the most of Sydney’s amusement parks, extraordinary attractions, shorelines, natural life, scene, shopping, amusement, and special events. Furthermore, provincial New South Wales where Sydney is located offers an enormous amount of things to see and do.

The state covers a substantial landscape enclosing radiant shorelines, rich rainforests, frigid snow-capped districts and part of the arid outback. While you are vacationing in Sydney and enjoying the astounding Sydney Opera House, or climb the notable Sydney Harbor Bridge do nourish your fun element and enter in the Sydney theme parks wonderland. Helping you to find out about Themes Parks in Sydney we have prepared this article. Scroll it and choose your favorites from these Sydney Theme Parks to make your Sydney tour thrilled and fun filled.

The best thing about vacationing that there is continually something to see, do, to discover without stressing much on the weather. Another brilliant thing about the city is that the city sparkles in any season. However, there’s no time like springtime, running from September to November, to make the most of Sydney’s awesome view and cityscapes in the most ideal climate. Keep in mind; the seasons in Australia are the inverse of the seasons in the northern half of the globe. In spring, which starts in September, the city is starting to stir after a dim winter. The blooms start to tinge and the climate is mellow. This is the best time to visit the Sydney Theme Parks as the climate in Sydney is gentle and agreeable in the spring.

However, that isn’t the prime reason that you should wait to for September to visit this delightful city. Apart from the holiday period of Australia, accommodation facilities are also promptly accessible at a reasonable price in spring. Also since Sydney’s dry season, you’re far less inclined to get captured in the sort of rainstorm that can ruin a vacation. The mellow atmosphere of spring makes the well-known strolling voyages through Sydney significantly more soothing.

From notable tourist spots to common theme parks situated inside the city, you’re ready to welcome it in detail as you enter the city.

1. Luna Park

Luna Park

Luna Park in Sydney was re-established in the 1930s is a chief amusement park of the city.This a place where a family or individual irrespective of age can go together and can have a gala time. Also, what better area that to appreciate a family day out than with amazing perspectives of Sydney Harbor! The entry is free here, so every family can appreciate the rides and amusements, and also the lively air that covers the entire stop. This Sydney theme parks attractions include the rides fluctuate from the exciting thrill rides to the child-friendly roundabouts.

Those adrenaline junkies will love The Wild Mouse, which allows you 61 seconds of heart-halting, beat beating fun as you plunge and flash out over Sydney’s waters! There is likewise the Tumble Bug. Sounds honest, but this ride will hurl you here and there, side to side, around and around, and up and over. ! The quiet and grand Ferris wheel is incredible for the entire family and gives you much progressively marvelous perspectives of the harbor. Rides like the bright Magic Castle and the Whirly Wheel, which is ideal for those little ones.The park consist of it is of its classic sideshow games where visitors can win heaps of prizes. Magnificently re-established ‘Coney Island’ is an old school top choice with the Mirror Maze and Barrels of Fun

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2. Wet’n’Wild Sydney

Wet'n'Wild Sydney

Wet’n’Wild Sydney is a water theme park in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, that opened on 12 December 2013. The Sydney Theme Park encompasses more than 40 slides and this Sydney theme parks attractions includes an entire zone committed to water adventures and adrenaline rush activity on some the tallest and quickest water rides on the planet. Regardless of whether you’re enjoying summer with your companions or your family, there’ll be stacks of energizing attractions for everybody to appreciate at the water amusement park.

Wet’n’Wild Sydney, the place to be seen this mid year! The park is based on a vast wave pool known as The Beach. The Beach was structured by an Australian organization and is able to create non-surfable waves of up to 2.3 meters Wet’n’Wild Sydney offers cut-rate ticket options for groups and corporate outings. Enjoy heart propelling adventures on the World’s Tallest Double Skycoaster and the best beach ever with White Sandy Shores.

3. Cables Aqua Park

Cables Aqua Park

Cables Aqua Park comprises of a group of inflatable slides, runways, bouncing cushions and structures. A 50-minute session of the aqua park starts on the hour from 10 am. The last session begins at 4 pm which is reliant on the climate and demand. It is advised to arrive 30 minutes before the beginning of a session to buy your ticket, have your life coat fitted and tune in to the security brief. And additionally having world class link skiing offices Cables Wake Park likewise offers amusement for the entire family. The park is set in the midst of the scenery of the mesmerizing Blue Mountains.

Amid the water theme parks in Sydney Cables Aqua Park is essentially a significant location for to wakeboard, waterski, and kneeboard. The skier or wakeboarder is towed by an overhead link framework that is controlled by power and circumvents the lake in a circular movement. Regardless of whether you are a master or an amateur, they have sessions to suit everybody. Entrée to the park is free and then you just pay to utilize the Watersports. There is additionally a BBQ on location with a few seats.

4. Tree Top Adventure Park

Treetop Treetop Path Tree Bavarian Forest

At TreeTop Adventure Park there’s an astonishing cluster of adventure in the trees to appreciate. This western Sydney theme park highlighting magnificent flying foxes, payload nets, Tarzan swings, tightropes, trapezes and many more! Experience local Australian natural life and heavenly gum trees, as you ascent, weave and fly through the tree beat on independently directed rope courses. Flexing your bold soul you can test psychical and mental strength with more than 100 hoisted deterrents with rope steps, bridges, tunnels, cargo-nets, and zip lines. TreeTop Adventure Park is in four areas of New South Wales, Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, and Western Sydney.

Each course is structured with various dimensions of obstacles for individuals of different ages. Participants of different levels carry out this dramatic adventure at their own pace. Treetop Adventure Park focus on the insignificant effect on the forest while performing the activities. This park offers enjoyment and fun for individuals from varying backgrounds, different ages and fitness levels. This park is an incredible method to find the Great Australian Outdoors! In addition, Western Sydney Parklands offers grills, pic areas, youngsters’ play areas along with toilets. All are allowed to use previously or after your trip.

5. Dolphin Marine Magic

Dolphin Marine Magic

Dolphin Marine Magic is the sole zoological park in NSW. The park is home to little penguins, bottlenose dolphins, ocean lions and Plugga, the green ocean turtle. One can have close experiences with seals and dolphins. Marine Discovery Presentations of the park includes dolphins and seals in glorious exhibitions together. This Sydney Theme Park also offers the visitors the Ultimate Dolphin Experience, where can go through 20 minutes in the water with a fun-loving dolphin. The prime vision of Dolphin Marine Magic is to draw the attention of people and aware individuals to save marine creatures and their condition for future ages through the ‘edutainment’ process.

Here you get a lifetime experience of a swim with the dolphins at this amusement park also provides a chance to the six-year and above to swim with dolphins. Do not forget to bring your swimmers and towel with you while visiting the park. Marine Mammal Specialist is also there during your adventure with the mammals answering your queries while your moment with the dolphins will be captured by the photographer available in the park.

Sydney is undeniably a lively and family-friendly city. Major territorial urban areas and small towns are of Sydney are covered with history, socio- Cultural attractions, and amusement parks. And during your visit definitely, you should lose yourself in the wonderland of Sydney theme parks in Sydney to get a lifetime experience of a fun-filled, thrilled vacation.

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10 Homestays In Canada Where You’ll Find The Ultimate Comfort

Staying with a Canadian host family is the soundest way for solo travelers or backpackers who want to enjoy the holidays in the country in their own manner.By choosing homestays in Canada to stay you’ll have various chances to learn about Canadian culture by interacting with the friendly Canadian people who always welcome the people of different cultures with the open arms.Your host family will be excited to meet you and to make you acquainted with the Canadian culture. If you are fun-loving, like to make new friends and uniquely explore the world – homestay is perfect for you.

Homestays in Canada are the most common choice if you are on a budget tour as well as want to explore the real culture by sharing the spaces with the Canadians itself.
Here is our list of best spaces available to have a comfortable stay during your vacation in Canada.

1. Pepper’s Home

Pepper's Home

This is an amazing homestay near Crowchild Twin Arena. This homestay allows an incredible view of mountains. There is nice sun terrace for its guests to spend some good private time with some sunshine. Rooms are nicely furnished and spacious enough. Neighbourhood is peaceful and the home is quite serene with positive vibes. The owners are very welcoming and caring. The homestay also offers laundry and breakfast service. You are also allowed to use of the common area and dining area while staying at this homestay. Complimentary WiFi and parking is available for the guests. The superstore for your grocery items is only a kilometer’s away.

Address: 12 Edgeland Bay Northwest, T3A 2Y7 Calgary, Canada

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2. Pine Trees View Bungalow

Pine Trees View Bungalow

One of best homestay in Ottawa which provides best value for its money. The homestay is fully equipped with all accessories that you will want for a long stay – flat screen TV, WiFi, desk, wardrobes, radio, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker etc. Kitchen is big and equipped with everything. The homestay comes with a nice patio, a picnic area – you can also enjoy dining outside in the greens. There are big balconies and a decent sun terrace. Location of this homestay is such that you will just love it. Markets and superstores are at a walking distance only, including Metro supermarket.Some of the best restaurants and cafes of Ottawa are just at the walking distance from this place. This is a big, spacious, clean homestay – possibly one of the best in Ottawa.

Address: 161 Herzberg Road, K2K 2Y3 Ottawa, Canada

3. Alibaba’s House

Alibaba's House

This homestay is located in an immaculate and quiet residential area, which is also nearby the airport and ferries facility for Vancouver Island. The owner is amiable who provides an easy check-in/out facility. All the rooms are furnished with a TV, electric kettle and have a private bathroom along with free toiletries, slippers, and a hairdryer to make your stay convenient one. You can additionally share the kitchen at home with the family.You can have fun at the on-site pool table, as well as get the free wi-fi and parking access.Many attractions are close to Alibaba’s house such as Richmond City Hall is 2.6 km, Richmond Olympic Oval is 2.9 km away. Vancouver International Airport is also just at a distance of 5 km from the airport.

Address: 5291 Francis Road, V7C 1K2 Richmond, Canada |
Google Reviews: 4.⅖


4. Jessica House ltd.

Jessica House ltd_

The rooms at the guest house are luxuriously designed and include a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, seating area, and a private bathroom along with free toiletries. All rooms also consist of the coffee maker and a work desk.The daily buffet breakfast served here is really delicious which features American or vegetarian choices.The location of this property is considered as one of the best in Richmond by the guests! You won’t find any other homestay as lovely as this home in the Richmond area.
You will get great hospitality from the owners, and everything can be served within the room as per your request.

Address: 3240 Lamond Avenue, V7E 1C4 Richmond, Canada

5. Studio Oasis

Studio Oasis

This property is located at Longbranch area and is especially suitable for females to have a safe stay out while enjoying their vacation in Canada.Visitors will get a clean, private place to linger in the lower level which is furnished with a separate kitchenette, a mini fridge, table, and bathroom. You will also get laundry, free parking and internet amenities at this property. You also get entry to a beautiful backyard to relax in a beautiful garden or enjoy a BBQ party.You can enjoy the best of both worlds by accommodating at this homestay living Lakeside and close to the city. Lakeshore is only 5 min distance from the home with lots of restaurants, cafes, and public transportation close to the lake.The property owners can also arrange airport pick-up and drop-up on additional charges for you.

Address: Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Near Bronte Park
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6. Brother Li Homestay

Brother Li Homestay

A quiet place located 5 km from Crowchild Twin Arena in Calgary, with the best quality room and amenities. The bathroom is fully furnished here.The owner is very welcoming and accommodating. He will even help you in planning the tour activities around the city. You can also rent bicycles to tour around.Guests are free to use the kitchen area and relax at its lovely garden or terrace. Guests will also get parking, laundry and wi-fi services. It is a perfect budget-friendly property for backpackers.
Nearby attractions are Mcmahon Stadium – 10 km away and Kensington – 13 km away from the property.

Address: 182 Hawkstone Drive Northwest, T3G 3R1 Calgary, Canada

7. Journey’s Perch Guesthouse

Journey's Perch Guesthouse

Journey’s Perch Guest House is situated in Revelstoke, around a beautiful location. It is only 3.7 km from Revelstoke Mountain Resort, 3.8 km from Revelstoke Railway Museum, 5 km from Enchanted Forest Revelstoke and 7 km from Skytrek Adventure Park Revelstoke. You can enjoy hiking and skiing nearby to this property.The homestay has great decor, comfy beds, and a cozy lounge. The home includes a sun terrace, a garden, and BBQ facility. You will also get free Wi-Fi access.The rooms at the guest house consist of a wardrobe and have access to a shared bathroom. Guests are also served continental breakfast every morning.The owner is very courteous, and you will feel right at home by staying at this house!

Address: 1502 Mountain View Dr, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S1, Canada | Phone: +1 250-683-8708

8. France’s Homestay

France's Homestay

Set in the Auguston area of Abbotsford you will be living on a mountain by booking a room here. The biggest perk of accommodating at this place is you get an opportunity to try several hiking trails so, if you are an adventure lover this an ideal home for you. The environment around the house as well as during the trekking journey is marvelous rewarding you with amazing views.

Rooms are air-conditioned, you will get laundry service and free breakfast facility at the property. Additionally, you are allowed to use the kitchen, garden, and internet too.The home is just a few minutes away from the grocery stores and coffee shops — a fantastic area to spend your holidays and make them memorable. You also get to make new friends and learn Canadian culture by residing here.

Address: Auguston, Abbotsford, Canada
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9. Glencree House

Glencree House B&B

A nice homestay in Ottawa – this is a perfect place to stay if you travelling as a couple. Location and facilities suited to those travelling in pairs Great for two travellers. Extremely near to the supermarkets and restaurants. There is a common TV area – with TV equipped with cable connection and comes with special children television networks if you are travelling with kids. What’s more – the house also has some interesting board games and puzzles, collection of books, and DVD’s to keep you busy and engaged while you stay here. There is a small garden with outdoor seatings. Views from the balcony and the sun terrace are really nice. You will find sun umbrellas and sun loungers as well on the sun terrace – a perfect way to relax and enjoy the sun bath. If you like playing golf – then this is place you won’t like to miss. A golf course is very nearby – just 3 KMs from this place.

Address: 39 Patterson Avenue, K1S 1X9 Ottawa, Canada

10. K&L’s Fun Family Homestay

K & L's Fun Family Homestay

The homestay is a 7-minute walk to a bus stop that goes to the shops, Skytrain, S.F.U.- Surrey campus, swimming pool, and gym. Additionally, by staying at this home, you will be living close to enough peaceful nature walks to enjoy your visit to Canada.The home has three generous bedrooms along with a bathroom and kitchen. The property likewise has a large yard and deck for organizing a barbecue party.The owners are amiable who like to interact with their guests to teach them about Canadian culture as well as to show around the city sights. You will indeed have a wonderful time residing in this place and spending time with the generous hosts of this property.

Address: East Newton South, Surrey, Canada

A Canadian homestay decision is an approach to traveling like no other, giving real value to the travelers. The hosts will happily welcome you into their home, offer home-cooked meals, individual assistance on the local community, and help you to arrange the sight touring and activities that you can barely dream of.

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Kanchanaburi Forest Reserve: A Guide To Spend Your Next 2018 Trip At This Paradise In Thailand!

Close to the border of Myanmar, Kanchanaburi is Thailand’s third largest province. It lies towards the west of Bangkok. Every year, hundreds of tourists visit this beautiful province which has the best flora and fauna to offer to you. This place is a must visit for nature lovers and adventure seekers. This place has a rich history trailing back to World War II which can be known while visiting the Death Railways, the bridge over river Kwai, and a war museum.


Best time to visit Kanchanaburi would be during July to October when the temperature is cool and the weather can be enjoyed. Other times of the year are mostly either very hot or is raining.

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With seven most exotic and diverse National Parks, Kanchanaburi has to offer a beauty with no bounds. For animal and wildlife lovers, reaching this place should be definitely added to the bucket list.

1. Erawan National Park


Found in 1975, Erawan National Park is the 12th National Park of Thailand, in the western part of the country. It is one of the biggest and the most acknowledged national park in the province of Kanchanaburi. The park got its name from the Hindu mythological creature, a white three-headed elephant. One of the major attraction of the park is the Erawan falls. The park features four caves and a hill named Khao Nom Nang. The forest is filled with deciduous trees and limestone hills.

Flora & Fauna: Macaques, Wild elephants, Indochinese serow, Indian muntjac, gibbons, wild boar, sambar deer, black naped monarch, dark-necked tailorbird, etc.
Timings: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Location: Si Sawat 71250, Thailand

2. Chaloem Rattanakosin National Park


Also known as Tham Than Lot National Park, is another forest reserve in Kanchanaburi which is famous for its mountains, caves and waterfalls. Though it is the smallest national park in Thailand, the diversity of this place will surely leave you in awe. Than Ngoen is a famous waterfall here.

Flora & Fauna: The park’s forest is mostly deciduous with many bamboo trees and some dry evergreen trees too. The animals of this park includes leopards, tigers, gibbons, gaurs, etc. Common birds seen here are hornbills, francolins, Tickell’s blue flycatcher, coppersmith barbet, etc. The best seen creature here is a barking tree frog which is very uncommon in other places.
Timings: 8 am to 4 pm

3. Khao Laem National Park


Located in the northern area of Tenasserim Hills, and 1500 km towards the west from Thailand, this national park is known for the Khao Laem lake which it surrounds.

Flora & Fauna: The flora of this park is mostly mixed deciduous, hill evergreen and dry evergreen forests. There is a sanctuary located right next to this park, called the Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary has a wide range of animals, consisting of large animals like gaurs, tigers, sambar deer, elephants, barking deer and wild boars.

4. Khuean Srinagarindra National Park


This National Park is a part of the Western Forest Complex protected area. This park is located in the Srinagarind reservoir. The park has many caves for tourists to explore. The park’s main attraction is the Huay Mae Khamin waterfall. The caves in this park has ancient paintings depicting stories. Two of the famous caves here is Tham Phra Kho and Tham Nam Mut.

Flora & Fauna: The forests are evergreen and deciduous and wildlife includes animals like civet cat, leopard cat, squirrels, bats, slow loris. Birds like parakeets, osprey, green peafowl, kingfishers, orioles, and barbets are found here.

Timings: 8 am to 5 pm
Location: Si Sawat 71250, Thailand

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5. Lam Khlong Ngu National Park


Located in the Thong Pha Phum district, this park was established in 2009. The main attractions of this park are, the Nang Kruan waterfall, which is a huge limestone waterfall, the Kliti waterfall and the Monolithic Cave which also is the highest monolithic cave in the world.

6. Sai Yok National Park


This beautiful and secluded national park has few of the prettiest waterfalls and mountain ranges of Kanchanaburi. The mountains in this park are a continuation of the Tenasserim Hills. The river Khwae Noi runs to this park. The western part of this park touches the Myanmar boundary and the highest peak here is Khao Khwae. The park has few of the prettiest waterfalls, including the Sai Yok Yai waterfall which joins the Khwae Noi river. Caves like Tham Lawa and Tham Dowding are present here.

Flora & Fauna: This national park mostly consists of teak forests. Animals in this park include, wild pigs, gibbons, elephants, sambar deer, barking deer, tigers, Malayan porcupine, slow loris, serow etc. A wide range of crabs are also found here.

7. Thong Pha Phum National Park


This park is located on the margin of Myanmar. About 175 km northwest of Kanchanaburi town, this park approximately ranges 1236 sq. km in area. The park’s highest peak is Khao Chang Phueak. This park was established in 2009. Chok Kradin is one of the major attraction of this park, being a 30 m tall waterfall. Another large waterfall here is Khao Yai. Bi Deng, Huai Muang and Dip Yai are the other major waterfalls present here. Khao Nai caves have major images of Lord Buddha which adds to its aesthetic beauty.

Flora & Fauna: Trees of this park are mostly deciduous and animals include elephants, tigers, water buffalos, northern red muntjac, civet cats, Bird which are found here include hornbills, bulbuls and coucals.


Kanchanaburi has no airport, but it can be easily reached via a bus or a trains or a cab from Bangkok. Minivans can also be hired from Khaosan Road in Bangkok. One can also reach Kanchanaburi from Pattaya or Ayutthaya via bus itself. All the journeys take approximately 2-3 hours to reach there.

Kanchanaburi is the perfect place for all forest enthusiasts. People exploring the wildest of animals and rarest of plant life should definitely make it a point to visit Kanchanaburi National Parks at some point of their lives. To witness the wildlife sheltered at this beautiful province, book your customized Thailand holiday package with TravelTriangle and see the nature’s beauty at its best!

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6 Best Guest Houses In Sydney For A Soothing Stay Amid The Coat Hanger City

Located on the east coast of Australia, Sydney is considered as the most populous and quite expensive city with its strategic position and magnificent harbor. According to the 2018 ‘Quality of living’ survey, this populous city has been on the tenth position when it comes to being the most livable city across the world. There is a reason why it has been an impressive educational hub for the international students as the University of Sydney is world’s one of the most leading varsities.

It is important for you to make sure that your stay in this spectacular city is convenient and affordable and that is why you should choose the most suitable guest house as per your needs and preferences. So, take a look at these guest houses in Sydney for a comfortable vacation in the scenic city.

In order to have a nice and comfortable experience, you must pick the guest house that offers you an amazing view and great hospitality.

1. Little Albion Guest House

Little Albion Guest House

The Little Albion is situated near the Surry hills and proves to be your perfect option if you want to have an experience of the local guest house with impressively attractive scenery and delicious food. It is a breathtaking fusion of tempting interior delights and some very delightful surprises which will definitely make you feel overwhelmed. This guest house also offers you many benefits as well such as their 24×7 customer service, fast Wi-Fi, laundry service and it is also a pet friendly place. If you are a modern traveler who wishes to stay at a homely place that provides you with incredible hosting, then there is nothing better for you than to book a room in the Little Albion Guest House, which is one of the best guest houses in Sydney.

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2. Verona Guest House

Verona Guest House

There is a reason why the customers love the idea of staying in the lavish Verona Guest House as this place provides you with helpful staff members and immense comfort during your overall stay. You get to live in a historical district from where you can take a 15-minute walk to reach Glebe Markets and Blackwattle Bay Park. Who doesn’t want a comfortable environment during his stay in a different country? Well, this is the most special and loved feature of Verona Guest House and that is why tourists from all over the world prefer to stay here. You can also enjoy a splendid view from its gardens while having the continental complimentary breakfast that is served on a daily basis till 10 AM. Along with a smoke-free breakfast and bed, this place also provides you with free newspapers and a TV in the common area as well.

3. Hakata Inn Guest House

Hakata Inn Guest House

It is pretty tough to find any cheap guest houses in Sydney, Australia but at Hakata Inn, you can easily make sure to get a luxurious stay without spending a lot of bucks from your pocket. With the availability of a shared kitchen and free Wi-Fi, this place is an older-style and small one that promises you a quality time. It is located in the Sans Souci which is a 10 and 20-minutes drive from the famous beach of Brighton-Le-Sands and Sydney Airport respectively. You can also have the access to a shared TV, lounge and dining area so as to avoid boredom and make yourself feel at home. During the holiday season, the availability of some tremendous discounts is also there so that you do not feel stressed about not having a nice place for the stay. It is a place where you can definitely enjoy a friendly, informal and social stay as the services offered by the guest house is reliable and fantastic.

4. St. Marks Lodge

St. Marks Lodge

It is a wonderful Guest House in Sydney located in Randwick that offers you spacious rooms and you can also enjoy the incredibly breathtaking view of the city. Another major reason why most of the travelers choose to go for this place is that some famous tourist spots such as Coogee Beach, Sydney Harbor and Sydney CBD are at a 10-20 minute distance. With perfect ambiance and amazing hospitality services, this place tops the list of some best budget guest houses in Sydney which is especially loved by the couples. Some other facilities of St. Marks Lodge also include coffee and tea making facilities and a small refrigerator for maintaining the comfort of the visitors.

5. Cremorne Point Manor

Cremorne Point Manor

This guest house is located in Sydney’s bottom north shore and is known for its helpful staff that works round the clock and ensures absolute customer satisfaction. It provides you with wonderful AC rooms and a flat-screen TV so that you stay entertained and do not feel boredom at all. Since it is close to Sydney Airport, it becomes easy for the tourists to reach the guest house by just booking a cab without any hassle. If you are planning your honeymoon or a memorable vacay with your better half in Sydney, then stay assured to have a comfortable stay in Cremorne Point Manor as it has a 9.1 rating for a 2-person trip. It is an 8-minute drive from places like Luna Park and Milson’s Point so that you can spend a great time in the city of water and buildings.

6. The Baxley Bondi

The Baxley Bondi

With spacious and beautiful rooms, the Baxley Bondi provides you with a cozy and pleasant staying experience in the district of Bondi. You can also visit the Sydney Opera House and Capitol Theatre from this guest house as they are not more than at a distance of 9 km. The nearest airport from this place is Kingsford Smith Airport which provides immense convenience to the tourists for better transportation. Bondi is the perfect place for someone who would love to go on a shopping spree or enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery of Sydney in Australia. The Baxley Bondi is one of the most preferred places to have cheap bed and breakfast in Sydney while enjoying your time in the district as well. This guest house also keeps the privacy factor in mind and ensures the fact that you do not go through continuous interruption during your stay.

Staying in a guesthouse that gives you homely vibes is essential for you to enjoy a trip to the fullest. When you enjoy the remarkable services of the ‘Sydneysiders’, your vacation gets a lot better and you take away a lot of cherishable memories with yourself. Are you ready for your next holiday to this gorgeous destination for a thrilling vacation. Book your trip to Sydney and know what awaits you in this scenic city!

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Wildlife In South Africa: Witness The Best Of The Country’s Natural Diversity!

South Africa is known for many things around the world, some may know this place because of the amazing places one can visit here or the amazing food and cultural diversity that can be seen here. The most important and beautiful thing in South Africa is its natural diversity and vegetation. This landscape has a great range of habitat, from dense forests to arid deserts. This place is a home to thousands of animals and many different species.

There are huge number of national parks in South Africa is proof of the huge animal and plant diversity that can be seen here. It is a natural paradise and all the nature lovers should take a look at this wonderful piece of art.

1. African Elephants

African Elephant

South Africa is very popular for its African elephants. These elephants are the largest living land mammal and are beautiful and majestic. These elephants are found in large quantities and are very popular among this area. There are many game reserves and national parks in South Africa where the main attraction is the African elephant. Addo national park is one of them and has a huge number of African elephants. This national park is the third largest national park in South Africa. This park is situated in the Eastern Cape side near the Sunday River. About 550 African elephants consider this national park their home and this is the only park in the world that can claim that they have the ‘big 7’.

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2. Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park

This national park is not only famous because of big 5 but also because there is so much more to this place than that. The Kruger national park has about 1.4 million visitors every year and none of them are disappointed by the beauty of this place. This place will give you one of the best wildlife experiences in the world.

3. The Boulders Beach

Boulder's Beach

If you love beach and penguins then this will be your next favorite beach in the world. This beach has a huge number of penguins that roam around and attract tourists to this beach. These African penguins were known as jackass penguins due to the braying sounds that they used to make. Boulders beach is the only place where you can take this close look at African penguins. Visitors can easily watch them as the pass through the boardwalks that goes through this beach.

4. Whale-watching

hump back whale

Southern right whales are visible from June to November around the wild coast. The most popular place for whale watching in Hermanus and garden route. They have an amazing view and you can easily watch the beautiful whales gliding along the sea. If you want to have a better look at the whales, they you can take a boat and go in the sea. Whale tours are also available here if you are really interested in whale watching. Hermanus has the best land whale watching site in the whole world.

5. Rhinoceros


This is another animal which is included in the big 5 and the big 7 categories. This mammal is large and primitive in nature. These are some of the oldest mammals of this world. There are two subspecies of rhinos: southern and northern. There are two rhinoceros’ species in South Africa: white rhino and black rhino. This is another species in South Africa that is endangered and many steps are being taken to protect this species.

6. Bird Life

Bird Life

This is another reason why south Africa is so popular for its natural diversity. There are about 175 species of birds in this natural paradise. Bird watching is best here and a great range of bird species like blue crane, black oyster-catcher, ground woodpecker, cape vulture and many more. There are hundreds of bird sanctuaries and most of the national parks have a huge place allotted to the birds that reside in this country.

If you’re a nature lover, then now you know where do you have to head in your next vacation. Plan an adventurous holiday amidst the African safari with TravelTriangle and enjoy your vacation time like never before!

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