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South Africa Street Food: Taste These 9 Dishes To Relish The Authentic African Flavours!

Moving ahead from the scenic beauty and marvelous beauty of South Africa, the country also tops the arena of having the most affordable street food. A foodie traveler can find delicious and ready to eat food at every corner of the South African cities which are not only good in taste but also pocket-friendly.

Here are some of the most delicious and popular South Africa street food which you must have, if you’re a foodie by heart.

1. Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow

This is a very popular dish of South Africa and is loved by every local. This is not only a known street snack but is also included in the native foods of South Africa. A combination of bread and curry , this dish originated in the Durban Indian community and has made its way too many parts of South Africa, which is popularly known as bunny and can be found in some Indian restaurants in Cape Town.

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2. Amagwinya


This street food is also known as Vetkoek which is one of the famous street food in South Africa. You can easily spot a Vetkoek stall as it is almost at every street corner. There are many options through which you can choose your favorite Amagwinya.

3. Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie

The name walkie talkie refers to the chicken head and chicken feet which South Africans consider as a very delicious street delicacy. It comes in two forms i.e. boiled or braaied where both of them are fried and seasoned very nicely. The dish may not look that appetizing but once you try it you won’t be able to stop yourself.

4. Johnny’s Roti

Johnny's Roti

Popular as Durban street food snacks, this street snack is loved by the locals and the teenagers. Stuffed with mutton curry and cheese this mouthwatering dish is a local hangover dish. Though there are limited branches of this one place i.e. Johnny’s Roti but it is in popular places like Durban and Mowbray.

5. Smiley


This dish is a sheep’s head but once you eat that juicy meat then you will love this weird looking dish. When the butchers would get the great or prime meat during the apartheid and the residents had to settle for the heads of the animals. This way the residents came up with smiley. The sheep heads are boiled and the fur is removed using metal rods. The meat is really tender and people devour it with bare hands. There are plenty of stalls in South Africa but you won’t find these on western menus.

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6. Boerewors


A popular food in South Africa and was not only originated in South Africa but also in Zimbabwe. To qualify as Boerewors the dish must have at least 90% of meat. It is thicker than a sausage and is known to be derived from a type of sausage made in the south of Ardour River in France. It is made up of beef mince and also has coriander, cloves and nutmeg added to it.

7. Biltong


This is considered to be a staple food in South Africa and was originated in Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. A salty dried piece of beef or kudu but sometimes can be of an ostrich or a rhino. The name is derived from the Dutch language where ‘bil’ means rump and ‘tong’ means tongue. If you eat it then it tastes like coriander, vinegar, black pepper and raw meat. Many stalls also sell soups and stews with biltong.

8. Kota


This dish is like a type of bunny chow or a cousin of bunny. It is a blue collar basic. This staple food of petrol stations is a quarter loaf of bread that has hot chips topped on it. They also have Vienna and polony topped with tomato sauce added to it. This street food is not that familiar but one should have this as it is a part of the street food cuisine.

9. Boerie rolls

Boerie Rolls

This is another great street food which is delicious and stomach filling. It is a kind of hot dog but it only looks like one. This roll is a white bread with sausage, tomato sauce and fried onions topped on it. This staple South African food is enjoyed on a great evening with family or friends.

All the hardcore foodies out there, if a South African holiday is in your mind then don’t miss out these scrumptious street delicacies. While you plan on savouring these dishes, you can also book one of the Africa holiday packages with TravelTriangle!

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10 Exquisite Oudtshoorn Restaurants That Offer Lip Smacking South African Food!

Oudtshoorn is a town of South Africa’s Western Cape. The town is known for its huge Ostrich farms and natural beauties. The national parks and wildlife are the best in South Africa and so are they in Oudtshoorn. The mountain ranges are worth watching and you feel you are seeing a sketch when you look at the mountains here. The Hot Air Ballooning is amazingly adventurous and this is what the tourists here are crazy for. Apart from the natural beauties like mountains, parks, and sanctuaries, the town is full of amazing restaurants that serve authentic South African delicacies. Oudtshoorn restaurants are the ones where you can spend some quality time with your partner while relishing exquisite meals and sophisticated drinks!

No matter from which part of the country you come from, the below list of best restaurants in Oudtshoorn will serve you what you love. Take a look!

1. Brian’s Grill And Family Restaurant

Brian's Grill And Family Restaurant

Situated in the Ostrich capital of the world, Brian’s Grill and Family Restaurant is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your friends and family and take away an exceptional dining experience back home. Great food and the selection of wine and malt will make you fall in love with the place instantly and you would want to come back again and again here. There are special breakfast, daily meal specials, happy hour and senior specials which are one of their kind services.

Location: 44 Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn, 6620, Oudtshoorn, 6625, South Africa
Cost for two: NA
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5

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2. Santa Fe Spur Steak Ranch

Santa Fe Spur Steak Ranch

Santa Fe Spur Steak Ranch is a US-style diner chain in the city of Oudtshoorn. It is a family restaurant with a comfortable ambiance and friendly atmosphere. The staff are very courteous and take care of all your needs. You get steaks, burgers, ribs, wings and what not. Over the years, this amazing restaurant has earned a reputation for tasty, value-for-money and healthy meals. They have many local and international outlets in different parts of the world. The portions of meals are large and delicious as well.

Location: 14 Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1600
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

3. Cango Woodfired Pizzas

Cango Woodfired Pizzas

As the name suggests, the Cango Woodfired Pizzas is famous for its varieties of Pizza and it is assured that you won’t get so many varieties of pizzas anywhere else in the city. It is the best Pizza Takeaway in town without a doubt. The owner of the restaurant greets you with a smile and you feel at home instantly. The Pizzas are full of toppings and you can choose your own toppings as well. You order gets ready in less that 10 minutes and that is really quick.

Location: 187 Langenhoven Rd, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 880
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

4. Nostalgie Restaurant

Nostalgie Restaurant

A simple and casual restaurant set up in a comfortable environment and makes you feel at home. The ambiance of the Nostalgie Restaurant is excellent and you can enjoy your meals in a very pleasant atmosphere. The waitresses are very courteous here and serve you everything you need instantly. The menu is quite vast and you get almost everything you want.

Location: Oudtshoorn, 6625, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1200
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

5. Jemima’s Restaurant

Jemima's Restaurant

Jemima’s use the iconic ingredients of South Africa so that they can serve the flavor of Africa served with flair. The wide range of menu includes the likes of duck liver parfait, Klein Karoo caprese salad, Karoo Lamb, duck ostrich fan fillet. Also at the end of your dinner you will get the mouthwatering variety of desserts which will make your day. They take care the needs to every customer and each one is treated with utmost care and responsibility.

Location: 94 Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1369
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

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6. Karoopot Restaurant

Karoopot Restaurant

They will give you a homely feeling at their restaurant as they are very caring and prompt at customer’s service. The exotic collection of wine from a fruity white wine to a dry and spicy red wine they assure to add extra specialness to your evening. The collection of wine is done from the finest and unique sellers in the Western Cape. The wide variety of dishes is available in menu which is very interesting and full of flavor. You will find all in one at this place that is from traditional curry to sophisticated Karoo curry.

Location: 6 Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn, 6625, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 880.2
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

7. La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

They provide you a delicious fusion of Italian and South African flavor which is really tasty. They provide you cheerful atmosphere in Klein Karoo also they promises to give you an enjoyable dining experience to all age group people. The light music of Orchestra will add a special feel in your dinner. Beef, Chicken, Rib burger, Glass of wine, pasta, Basil Pesto with Cream, Chicken delight, Mushroom and cream are some special dishes which you must try at this place if you are in South Africa.

Location: 60 Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1369
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

8. Café Brulé

Café Brulé

Image Courtesy

The best part of this restaurant is the staff members who always wear smile on their face. Once you entered the premises they will welcome you with smile and they believe on the strategy that “comes as a friend but leave as a family” so that you can come again and again for having delicious food. They friendly and cozy environment at this place will make you feel like you are having your dinner at your own place. It is located in the heart of Oudtshoorn and the interior is really worth prazing.

Location: 5 Baron Van Reede St, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 900
TripAdvisor Rating: 4

9. Die Smitswinkel

Die Smitswinkel

You will experience the heartfelt hospitality of Oudtshoorn at the Die Smitswinkel. You can enjoy the scrumptious breakfast, lunch, dinner from the kitchen of Die Smitswinkel while your children’s will play in the playground specially designed for the kids to keep them engaged. Select the piece of cake which you want to eat with a hot tea or coffee and enjoy the meal. Nice place to visit with friends and family for enjoying memorable dinner or lunch.

Location: Langenhoven Rd, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 733
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5

10. Headlines Restaurant

Headlines Restaurant

Headlines restaurant is a gem in category of restaurants in Oudtshoorn. They are so quick in taking orders and delivering food that you will really feel good by getting such a prompt and exceptional quality of service. They give a very warm welcome which will really win your heart. All the recipes are prepared with the fresh vegetable, spices & meat so that you can feel the real taste and aroma of food.

Location: Baron van Rheede Street, Oudtshoorn, 6625, Oudtshoorn, 6620, South Africa
Cost for two: INR 1270
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

These are some of the best restaurants in Oudtshoorn that you must definitely visit if you are here or are planning to visit in near future. You will surely have a great time here. So, get packed, book your trip to South Africa and leave right away for a blissful vacay!

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7 Reasons Why Shillong Is Called Scotland Of The East

Located in one of the Seven Sisters Of India (seven states), Shillong serves as the capital of Meghalaya state in country’s northeast region. There are indeed many similarities between this place with Scotland, and this is why Shillong is called Scotland of the East. And to prove that the naming is indeed done aptly, here are a few points that justify it.

Although, we believe that each of the mentioned places have their own distinctive charm, but let’s just have some fun wondering about the similarities for some time!

Glen etive in Scottish Highlands

Glen etive in Scottish Highlands

Shillong’s landscape is beautified with rolling and sky soaring hills bestowed with lush greenery. Most times, you can browse through pictures of both Scotland and Shillong, and you will actually get your mind boggled wondering which photograph is of which destination! On a cloudy day the mist-laden pastures look nothing less than a paradise.

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Winding road in Scotland

Winding road in Scotland

Shillong Pass

Shillong Pass

The road to Mawlynnong, Cherrapunji, and the curvaceous route of the Shillong Bypass surely do invite just experienced drivers. You’d anyway rather sit at the backseat, so you can peep out of the window, let your hair flutter with the breeze, as the Himalayas unfold hypnotic panorama before you.

Culture in Scotland

Culture in Scotland

Culture in Shillong

Culture in Shillong

The rich, colorful culture of Shillong makes it stand out. Just like the Scottish people, the tribes feel pride presenting folk performances, and it’s intriguing to sit back and witness. You can also be a part of the act and join them as they are on it, but make sure you’re not spoiling the fun for others too.

If not performances, you’ll be bewitched by handicrafts, tribal attires, and of course traditions. For a culture vulture, the best way to get an insight to locals’ lifestyle is by staying in homestays.

Waterfall in Scotland

Waterfall in Scotland

Waterfall in Shillong

Waterfall in Shillong

When you’re touring through the valleys of Scotland and Shillong, be prepared to stumble upon random glistening waterfalls, specially if you’re visiting in the monsoon season.

Lake in Scotland

Lake in Scotland

Lake in Shillong

Lake in Shillong

Alongside roaring waterfalls, Shillong and Scotland are bejeweled with lakes that are encircled with rolling hills. You can sit by for some time, or embrace this beautiful moment by boating on the lake. Keep aside your camera for a little while and just inhale the enchantment in front of your eyes.

Peaceful Scotland

Peaceful Scotland

Mist in Shillong

Mist in Shillong

Even though Meghalaya in Shillong is a major tourist destination in Northeast India, but you will come across an applaudable balance when it comes to crowded attractions. There are several places in this place where you can pitch in your tent and connect with nature. The natural beauty of such place

Music festival in Scotland

Music festival in Scotland

Music festival in Shillong

Music festival in Shillong

Scotland might be hosting some amazing music festivals, but believe me, Shillong will have your jaws drop! The NH7 Weekender is a music festival which is one of India’s most awaited events. Famous artists like A.R Rahman, Steven Wilson, Farhan Akhtar and Fear Factory have performed in the festival. Here’s a video featuring glimpses of all the fun people had this year.

We can come up with many similarities between Scotland and Shillong to justify its naming, but we believe, that the beauty of this beautiful Indian hiill-station is one-of-a-kind, and that it cannot be compared with any other place in the world.

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Istanbul In March: Soak In The Blissful Vibes Of This Charming Land On A Trip In 2019

Istanbul is one of the most impressive cities that has mesmerizing architecture, delicious food, and warm and hospitable people. It’s a city that people from all over the world love to visit over and over again. Laying between two continents – Europe and Asia, it is indeed a unique city that inherited cultures from both the lands. Even though Istanbul is said to be the meeting point of the east and west, people come here to experience the coexistence of the old and the new. Istanbul in March is particularly beautiful, as the weather is pleasing. This is the perfect time to see the true colors of the city.

Best Time To Visit Istanbul

Istanbul is excellent during the spring or the fall. Istanbul weather in March is quite comfortable. Moreover, during this time, the crowds are thinner, and you can see all the bright colors of the city. Additionally, during late spring, you can even see the International Tulip Festival. Istanbul weather in March 2019 is expected to be like that of the previous years. The average high is around 13 degrees centigrade with a low of 6 degrees. The rainfall is a moderate of 6.83 centimeters.

Want to know what to wear in Istanbul in March? You will need to pack a few warm clothes because it gets a little chilly during this time of the year. Rainfall slowly decreases March onwards, but you will still need a raincoat for the occasional showers. Days are brighter and longer, and you will be all settled for visiting Istanbul in March with a few woolens because all in all the weather in Istanbul in March is a perfect time to explore the city.

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So, if you’re still trying to decide about what all to explore in this scenic land, here are the top places to visit when you are in Istanbul in March 2019 for your next trip!

  • Galata Tower
  • Istanbul Archaeological Museum
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Chora Church
  • Suleymaniye Mosque
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Dolmabahce Palace
  • Topkapi Palace
  • The Blue Mosque
  • Hagia Sophia

1. Galata Tower

Galata Tower

When you travel to Istanbul in March, one of the most prominent buildings that you see in the skyline is the Galata Tower. It offers amazing views of the old city and the places surrounding it. This medieval tower was constructed out of stones and is known as the Tower of Christ. Since 1348, it has been the tallest building in Istanbul. The tower has seen numerous modifications over the centuries, but still maintains its ancient look. Presently, it is used to spot fires. At present, the top of the tower houses a café, a nightclub, and a restaurant. All of them are accessible using an elevator. The view of the entire city from the top of the tower is truly stunning.

2. Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

The Istanbul Archaeological Museum is a collection of three museums – The Ancient Orient Museum, the Tiled Kiosk Museum and obviously, the Archeological museum. This is the most important museum in Istanbul. The three museums have a total of over a million objects from various civilizations all across the world. It was founded back in 1891 and was the first Turkish museum. It is situated at the Topkapi Palace Grounds and is a perfect place to see while visiting Istanbul in March. The Tiled Kiosk Museum is way older and dates back to the year 1472. There are thousands of precious artifacts and includes the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great.

3. Basilica Cistern

Basilica Cistern

This Cistern has been the source of water for Istanbul for many centuries. It was constructed in the sixth century, ordered by the Roman Emperor Justinian I. Places like these talk volumes about how advanced the ancient civilization was and how Roman technology is still relevant in the 21st century. The underground site is quite close to the famous Blue Mosque and was built in the area of a basilica. A basilica is a public building that was used as courts and served various public functions. This place is also known as the Sunken Palace and can hold 2.8 million cubic feet of water. Fans of James Bond movies will be able to recognize this place as back in 1963, parts of the movie ‘From Russia with Love’ was shot in this location.

4. Chora Church

Chora Church

This place may be a little off route for tourists, but the beautiful Byzantine art of this church leave an everlasting impression. The décor and the architecture of the church will be truly worth your time. You can see the stories of Jesus and Mary depicted through magnificent fresco paintings and mosaics in the church. Initially, it was known as the Church of the Holy Savior in Chora. This church is considered to be one of the most beautiful works of the Byzantine era that is still surviving today. Back in its early years, during the times of Constantine, it was a monastery. Later, it became a mosque. In 1948, the Chora church was converted into a museum. If you’re visiting Istanbul in March, make sure to explore this place.

5. Suleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque

The Suleymaniye Mosque is famous for its beauty and peace. It instills a sense of spirituality among those who have visited. Sultan Suleyman ordered the construction of this mosque on top of the Third Hill of Istanbul back in 1550. The mosque is a perfect example of how Islamic architecture and Byzantine architecture together can produce a work of art. The mosque had gone through some tough times, especially during the first World War when a fire broke out in the surrounding gardens. During that time, this place was being used as a weapons depot. At the four corners of the mosque are four minarets, signifying the fact that it was built but a sultan. During the Ottoman empire, this mosque had the highest dome.

6. Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar

Shoppers should definitely not miss going to the Grand Bazaar while visiting Istanbul in March. As the name implies, this bazaar or market is truly grand, with over five thousand shops and a quarter million visitors every day, making it one of the largest indoor marketplaces in the world. This bazaar has a rich selection of antiques, hand-painted ceramics, carpets, traditional jewelry, spices and more. This bazaar has been operating since 1461 and has presently expanded to accommodate two mosques, two steam baths, four fountains, and the Cevahir Bedesten. Cevahir Bedesten is one of the oldest parts of this market that has for sale some of the most precious gems, antique furniture, and weapons from the ancient times.

7. Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace

The Dolmabahce Palace is a luxurious plush palace. It is often compared to the palace of Versailles. It was built back in the 19th century and has décor made from 14 tons of gold leaf. It is one of the most glamorous palaces in Turkey and has been the home to six sultans from 1856 to 1942. Furthermore, it also has the largest Bohemian crystal chandelier that was gifted by Queen Victoria. Built along the Bosphorus coastline, this is truly a stunning palace.

8. Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace

The Topkapi Palace combines rich history and beautiful scenery to become one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul. Filled with rich Ottoman empire history, this place has a radius of five kilometers and 27 towers. The palace is located on a hill that overlooks the Sea of Marmara, the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus. Once, it was the residence of the Ottoman royals, followed by the Sultans and later on, the Turkish government. But now, it is converted to a museum and is the oldest and the largest in the world. Tourists can have a look at the harem’s quarters – the place where the government worked. They can also see the weapons that the Sultans used and the palace kitchen. The treasury is also open to visitors that is filled with a collection of clocks and jewels.

9. The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is one of the most famous mosques of Istanbul. Constructed back in the 17th century, it is still actively used for worship. The mosque is closed at the daily prayer times of Muslims, but at other times, it is open to visitors. All visitors need to remove their shoes and women should have their hair covered. This will be quite worth it when you get to see the 200 stained glass windows and the twenty thousand ceramic tiles with various tulips painted on them. The blue tiles in the upper levels of the mosque give it this name.

10. Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia has been the house of worship for multiple religions over the centuries. Since the time of its establishment in 537, it was the home of Patriarch of Constantinople. During the 12th century, this place was a Roman Catholic church for almost six decades. It 1453, it became a mosque, and till 1931, it remained that way. It was closed that year, and in 1935, it was opened as a museum. At one time, the Hagia Sophia, a cathedral, served as an inspiration of many other mosques, even the Blue Mosque. So, do make sure to witness this place while visiting Istanbul in March.

If you still can’t make up your mind about visiting this beautiful country, well, you don’t have to worry! Just like there are some things that can only be believed when they’re seen from the naked eye, you can experience the best of this country only when you explore it on your own. So, plan your trip to Istanbul for a rejuvenating vacation like never before!

Q. Which is the best month to visit Istanbul?

A. The months from April to May and September to mid of November are the ideal time for visiting Istanbul and its inland regions as the weather is pleasant at this time and the sky is clear.

Q. Is Istanbul cold in December?

A. While Istanbul is not exactly cold in December, is surely is the time when the winter knocks on its door. The temperature is a bit cold and the weather a bit wet. It mostly ranges from 10 degrees to 8 degrees.

Q. Is Istanbul safe for female tourists?

A. Thanks to a lot of surveys and available statistics, a female traveler can easily visit Istanbul on a solo trip. It is now one of the safest cities in Europe. However, it is best to stay in tourist areas at all times, be alert when amidst crowds, and take care of your valuables all the time.

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Summer In Melbourne: 10 Best Experiences For Having The Ultimate Fun In The Sun

Think of jazzy music, white sand beaches, and people chilling & doing things they love the most – sounds like an ideal sunny day in Australia right? Well, this is exactly what summer in Melbourne is like! Just like the temperature, the enthusiasm amongst everyone is on a rise too, and there’s just plenty of things to see & do.

So, if you ever thought that the summer months are not ideal for a trip, you’re mistaken. Because no time is ever a bad time to holiday in Melbourne! But, just to make sure that you have the best holiday experience despite the blazing sun, make sure these 10 things to do are on top of your itinerary!

melbourne skyline during day

In Melbourne, summer time starts from the month of December and ends by the end of February with the temperature ranging from 24ºC to 40ºC. The typical days are usually warm and sunny, while a few days are cool and cloudy. It might feel like it’s burning out there at first, but believe us the Australian summers have their own charm and after a moment or two, you too would fall in love with the sun.

1. Chill at the IceBar Melbourne

icebar melbourne

Located in the mid of the Brunswick Street, the IceBar Melbourne is certainly a unique place to visit in Australia, and by far the best in the city if you wish to chill indoors. From cocktail glasses to the sculptures around, everything is made of ice. And just to make sure that guests do not feel too cold, the bar also provides warn snow capes, gloves, and ugg boots.

Timings: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM from Thursday to Monday
Location: 319 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

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2. Indulge in Melbourne’s famous gelato

gelato in melbourne

A gelato is definitely different from the usual ice creams, and Melbourne’s sweet offerings are quite a testimony to that. With innumerable ice creams like fairy floss clouds, candied bacon, sea salt, unicorns, and more, the city has definitely got a treasure in store to titillate your taste buds and tickle your sweet tooth.

Famous ice creams in Melbourne: Pidapipó Gelateria, Gelato Messina, and more

3. Go out for a refreshing dip

man taking a dip in melbourne's sea

The city is popular for offering innumerable experiences despite its blazing sun. But just when you feel that you need to escape the sun, dive either into Melbourne’s famous sea baths or popular beaches. A swim is definitely the best way to beat the heat with a splash and rejuvenate oneself. But, if you wish to take things up a notch, you can go for water sports and treat the adventurer in you!

Popular places to swim in Melbourne: St. Kilda Sea Baths, The Langham, and WaterMarc Aquatic and Leisure Centre

4. Shop & eat at the Queen Victoria’s Night Market

night market in melbourne

Visiting a new city and not trying its food is as much a sin as is not shopping there. If you find the day a bit hot, the Queen Victoria’s Night Market is just the perfect place for you to hang out and explore the Melbourne culture & lifestyle. There are endless rows of food stalls, festival bars, fashion stalls, and more that are waiting to sweep you off your feet.

Timings: 5:00 PM onwards on every Wednesday
Location: Queen St & Therry St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Another great night market in Melbourne: South Melbourne Night Market

5. Watch a movie at the world’s largest IMAX

Imax Melbourne

Featuring the world’s largest cinema screen, the IMAX in Melbourne is certainly a place worth visiting during your holiday in Australia. Irrespective of whether it’s a 2D movie or a 3D, you’d surely have an experience of a lifetime here. Needless to say, it’s also the perfect thing to do for escaping the heat.

Location: Melbourne Museum Precinct, Rathdowne St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

6. Enjoy cruising on the Yarra River

cruise on the yarra river

A relaxing ride along a surreal river with spellbinding views around is exactly how an ideal summer break should be. Of the many things to do in Melbourne, one such is cruising on the Yarra River for a blissful experience. From booking a dinner cruise to hiring your own boat, there are various choices available to make your evening unique.

Price: The ticket price for cruising will depend on the type of cruise you choose.

7. Witness the city from a hot air balloon

hot air balloon ride in australia

The best way to beat the heat is to get closer to the wind, and what better way can be there to do that than riding in a hot air balloon! Popular as one of the best experiences, a ride over the CBD during sunrise or sunset is undeniably the best way to witness the beauty of the city at its best. Just don’t forget to carry your camera.

Price: The price for one ride usually starts from $325
Location: Yarra Valley Melbourne City

8. Treat the kid within at the Melbourne Zoo

melbourne zoo

The Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens, which is also popularly known as the Melbourne Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Melbourne in summer. Irrespective of whether you’re with your family or just with your loved one, this zoological park is an ultimate hub of fun for reliving your old sweet childhood days. Every day has different, yet intriguing shows running that would only make your experience one-of-its-kind!

Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all the days
Location: Elliott Ave, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia

9. Attend the most classic cultural festivals

cultural festival in melbourne

Melbourne is a city where the show never ends. So, be it summer or fall, the classic or fun cultural festivals are something that can be witnessed throughout the year. But, if you really want to explore the city at its best, don’t just witness, but attend the most popular festivals like St. Kilda or Babylon that take place during January or February.

Best festivals to attend in Melbourne in summer: St. Kilda Festival, Cool Summer Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Sugar Mountain, and more

10. Be a part of the summer sports in Melbourne

austalian open tennis

The list of sports Melbourne indulges in is endless. From tennis to cycling, there are innumerable choices to pick from and for adding a little fun to your Australia holiday. But, if you wish to sit on the other side and watch the players do what they do best, then the Australian Open Tennis and Festival of Sails are a couple of spectator sports that you enjoy.

Dates for Australian Open Tennis: 14th to 27th January, 2019
Dates for Festival of Sails: 26th to 28th January, 2018

  • Make sure dresses, shorts, culottes, and loose cotton tees are the best things to pack. Also, don’t forget to carry layers.
  • Sunscreen with SPF 30+, sunglasses, and hat are definitely a must.
  • Keep all your travel documents with you when you’re out in the city.
  • Keep yourself hydrated with either water or the famous slushies.
  • While visiting the attractions in Melbourne is a must-do, don’t skip the beach activities or sports. They are an absolute must-do for having a unique experience.
  • Melbourne is a beautiful city, so remember to take a good camera along.
  • Prefer carrying dollars handy while shopping at the night markets.
  • Learn about the do’s and don’ts in the city and follow them wisely.

Excited about your trip to Australia already? Well, with these experiences in your itinerary, we are sure that you’d have the best summer break ever. So, head out and conquer!

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Experience Sydney Nightlife At Its Best In These 15 Happening Venues

Sydney is a city that’s both classy and funky at the same time. It moves slyly into rock nights in glitzy nightclubs overflowing with good music and amazing cocktails. Diverse and wise, Sydney nightlife reveals the groovy and glittering side of the city that won’t let you down at all! Charming people, buzzing crowd, a fantastic array of music, food and drinks everywhere – it offers this and more!

Given below is a list of some of the best bars in Sydney that will ensure you make the most of Sydney nightlife! Each bar is known for its great ambiance and a wide variety of drinks!

1. Grasshopper

drink to your heart's content at Grasshopper

A lonely pathway leading onto an amazing bar, Grasshopper will blow your mind with its quirky vibe and sensational drinks. Leading the list of the topmost bars in Sydney, Grasshopper has everything you need to make your night ultra special. Get set for a rocking nightlife in Sydney, Australia as you move in here!

Location: 1 Temperance Lane, CBD
Cost for two: INR 2,000 (A$30)

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2. The Basement

The Basement sydney

Live jazz, folk, acoustic, funk, blues – you can find many genres here as well quirky Cabaret style tables and elevated bars. The best nightlife of Australia Sydney can be easily experienced here. Just enjoy the booze kick in along and sway to the music playing in the background.

Location: 7 Macquarie Place, CBD
Cost for two: INR 6,000 (A$90)

3. Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice

Frankie's Pizza by the Slice sydney

It is a classic pizza pub and a must visit when in Sydney at night. This popular rock n roll restaurant offers the best of pizzas, karaoke, live international performances, and old classics blasting off the speakers. They host Karaoke Nights on Tuesdays. Do not forget to visit Mojos Record Bar for perfect records and flavourful food right before you begin your wild night!

Location: 50 Hunter Street, CBD
Cost for two: INR 5,400 (A$80)

4. Cellar Door

Cellar Door sydney

Top local talent and radio jockeys playing great music find their way into our ears here. Cakes and wines at a huge space with a large courtyard can be expected at the cellar door. Take your loved one along and experience how romantic Sydney nightlife can be with the pop of a wine bottle.

Location: 16 Eveleigh Street, Redfern
Cost for two: INR 2,800 (A$40)

These venues will make you want to dance as soon as you’ll enter! One of the ideal ways to enjoy the nightlife of Sydney is by making a visit to these happening places where groovy music is played live!

5. Oxford Art Factory

Oxford Art Factory sydney

This is your stop to listen to international bands and tap your feet to their tunes. Intimate space, local acts in their famous gallery bars, and indie electronic producers and DJs; it is the pride of the clubs in Sydney. Any Sydney nightlife guide is going to lead you to this crazy venue.

Location: 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

6. Homebar

Homebar sydney

It’s a “super-club” with four rooms dedicated to four different music styles- techno, two-step, funk and disco. It has three levels and a number of DJs spinning rosters. It has a VIP lounge and balconies with views for the best nightlife in Sydney. It is one of the most popular ones, promising you a perfect Friday night in Sydney the elite socialite way.

Location: 101/1-5 Wheat Rd, Darling Harbour NSW 2000
Entry cost: INR 2,000 (A$30)

7. Jam Gallery

Jam Gallery sydney

You must add this to your list of places to visit in Sydney at night. Called ‘the youngsters’ hub, it features international rappers. Festivals and after-parties hosted here are mind-blowing and you will surely have a blast. It is a common place for the youngsters to hang out for the most obvious (*wink*) reasons. This is surely one of the best places for nightlife in Sydney.

Location: 195 Oxford St, Sydney NSW 2026

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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A night-out in Sydney will be a waste if you don’t visit these great pubs! Drinks, music, and scrumptious food, these pubs will ensure you have the best night of your life!

8. The Beach Road Hotel

The Beach Road Hotel sydney

Famous for its genre-free live music Wednesday nights, it’ll get you grooving while you are exploring Sydney’s nightlife. You can find all sorts of company from locals, to travelers, to music lovers. It is always packed to the brim with the crowds awaiting the bands from various places.

Location: 71 Beach Road, Bondi Beach
Cost for two: INR 4,400 (A$65)

9. Soda Factory

Soda Factory sydney

There’s something special every night at Soda Factory, that too at cheap prices. Mondays are movie nights, Tuesdays serve one dollar ($1) hot dogs, and Wednesdays exude party feels. Saturday night at Sydney comes alive with fun and festivity here, and even Sundays, because you can get to groove to the ’80s and ’90s music.

Location: 16 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills
Cost for two: INR 5,100 (A$75)

10. The Newtown Hotel

The Newtown Hotel sydney

Hunger pangs? Then this should be the place to be. With Asian delicacies at the restaurant upstairs and a special variety of drinks at the bar downstairs, this place is buzzing with crowds year-round. You can get to listen to hip-hop from the DJs and Indie from the bands. Why not enjoy delicious cuisines and cocktails to tip you over the vibrant Sydney nightlife while the night grows younger!

Location: 174 King Street, Newtown
Cost for two: INR 6,770 (A$100)

Nightclubs in Sydney are the perfect place where you can hangout with your buddies! If you are traveling in group, then exploring the nightclubs together will be an elating experience!

11. The World Bar

The World Bar sydney

It’s the perfect hangout for the varsity kids where they can socialize post college hours. Pumping with music all night, this amazing nightclub will make you never wanna leave! Kings Cross Sydney nightlife just can’t get better than this.

Location: 24 Bayswater Road, Potts Point, Sydney
Cost for two: INR 5,400 (A$80)

12. Ivy Pool Club

Ivy Pool Club sydney

Best club to check out in the heart of summer. It turns into a discotheque during the day with a slow transition into a quieter evening with open-air pools, cabana, and table service. It definitely is the best place to practice your killer dance moves!

Location: Level 4, Ivy, 330 George Street, CBD
Cost for two: INR 5,100 (A$75)

13. Marquee Sydney

listen to celebrity DJs play soulful beats at Marquee

Calvin Harris, Hardwell, Drake, and others including international dancers and famous Australian DJs have been played here. It is considered to host the best EDMs and largest of acts and visuals throughout the weekend. If you are an EDM fanatic, this is definitely the place to be!

Location: Level 2, The Star, Harbourside Entry via Pirrama Road, Pyrmont
Cost for two: INR 10,100 (A$150)

14. Chinese Laundry

burn the dance floor at Chinese Laundry

One of the oldest and largest Sydney nightclubs, it has a pumping dance floor inside and a courtyard garden with an outdoor dance floor. The indoors have 3 floors with low ceilings and pounding bass music that never stops! Music genres range from hip-hop, house, RnB to electro. The highlights are the international dance superstars who constantly make an appearance here like Hudson Mohawke and Baauer.

Location: Slip Inn Hotel, 111 Sussex Street, Chinatown, CBD
Cost for two: INR 4,000 (A$60)

15. Arq Nightclub

Arq sydney

One of the best nightclubs in Sydney, it vibrates with complete entertainment. It has the best sound system and lighting. You can expect here an LGBT crowd with zero attitude looking for a carefree night out in Sydney. Why not give a shot to one of the best nightclubs you may have ever been to?

Location: 16 Flinders Street, Darlinghurst
Cost for two: INR 5,400 (A$80)

Sydney nightlife is all this and more! Having read about some of the places to visit in Sydney at night, we are sure you’re tempted to head there for your next holiday. So, what are you waiting for? Add these places to your itinerary for a happening vacay and book your trip to Australia the right away!

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Sydney Travel Guide: To Plan Your Oz Vacay Effortlessly

One of Australia’s largest and most populous cities, Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and one of the most bustling and popular metropolitan cities in the entire world. Inhabitants of Sydney are called ‘Sydneysiders’, and a 2011 census estimated that over 250 different languages were spoken by these Sydneysiders, 40 percent of whom speak a different language than English. This melting pot of various cultures is ranked tenth in the world for its standard of living and Sydney is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Traveling to Sydney isn’t cheap, but be rest assured because this Sydney travel guide is quite handy. If you choose to travel to Sydney, you are bound to have a blast as its gorgeous landscape and cultural diversity makes for one hell of a trip, thereby drawing in a vast amount of tourists from various parts of the world. It ranks 15th as the most – visited city in the entire world. It should come as no surprise that its market economy derives a lot of its strength from tourism, along with manufacturing and finance. Keeping in mind that you may someday visit Sydney, if you haven’t already, featured in this article is a brief travel guide to help you make this holiday a memorable one.

Best Time To Visit Sydney

Sydney is a fun place to visit all year round. But the months from December to February are considered ideal, i.e., the summer months when you can experience the beaches in all its pristine glory. As it never really gets too cold the rest of the year, you can visit Sydney anytime you like. But, the summer months are when you can experience the various festivals that light up the city like the New Year’s, Christmas and the Sydney Festival.

Sydney is one of those perfect destinations in Australia for you to explore whether you’re with family or a partner. It’s also a great place to go backpacking and being a metropolitan city it is host to several popular attractions.

1. State Library of New South Wales

State Library of New South Wales

Established in 1826, this is the oldest library in Australia. It is magnificent enough to accommodate the Mitchell Library as well. It’s a rather significant monument and has been listed as a heritage site in the New South Wales State Heritage Register. So if you’re a bookworm this is just the place for you. It also hosts several talks and discussions by various scholars, historians, authors, and more. If you are interested in the early 20th-century style architecture do visit the State Library of New South Wales.

Address: Macquarie St., Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

  • Monday to Thursday – 9 am to 8 pm
  • Friday – 9 am to 5 pm
  • Weekends – 11 am to 5 pm

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2. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognized modern structures in Sydney, visible on various placards, stamps, and boards advertising a vacation to Sydney. Designed by the Danish architect, Jørn Utzon, it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It hosts multiple venues that organize over 1500 performances every year. The three most popular performances shown at the Sydney Opera House are the Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and Opera Australia. So if you are ever in the mood for some highbrow theatre, ballet or classical music, head over to the Sydney Opera House.

Address: Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000. Australia

3. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Do not forget to pack your best swimming suits and your favorite surfboards, for Bondi Beach is one of the most pristine beaches in the entire world. It draws in a lot of public and surfers as its waves are ideal for riding. It also has the Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life-Saving Club which is considered to be the world’s first surf lifesaving club. It is also home to several other clubs such as the Bondi Icebergs Swimming club and it also has a park for skating called the Bondi Skate Park. There can’t be a better place for having some fun in the sun than Bondi Beach.

Location: 7 km east of Sydney CBD

There’s just so much to do in Sydney that one trip probably won’t be enough. Nonetheless here are the three things that most visitors do not dare to skip.

1. Camden Valley: Fly in a hot air balloon

Camden Valley Fly in a hot air balloon

There can’t be a more romantic getaway than flying miles above the ground in a padded basket offering extravagant views of the beautiful landscapes Sydney has to offer. View the sun bordering the vast skyline on the horizon, in the process of rising. You can also see the Razorback Ranges as well as the church steeples of Camden. It’s a three-hour trip that usually starts at 4 in the morning, charting a course through the various country towns and also offers a delightful breakfast.

Cost: An hour-long ride is somewhere in the range of 300$..

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge : Make it to the top

Sydney Harbour Bridge Make it to the top

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a heritage – listed site that has been nicknamed “The Coathanger”. Several tourists scale the coathanger every year to get a magnificent, panoramic and iconic view of the harbor, Sydney Opera House and the bridge. The express climb is often recommended because it takes you through the insides of the metallic skeleton of the bridge, giving a more detailed tour of the structure.

Cost: Prices start at 163$ for adults and 138$ for children.

3. Manly to Spit : A coastal trek

Manly to Spit A coastal trek

There are two options, a 9 km and an 18 km walk that offers an exploration of the sandy beaches, rocky mountains and the magnificent blue ocean waters. Walking is often considered the best mode of transport to get a more intimate exploration of the landscape of a place. There couldn’t be a better opportunity than this coastal walking tour that gives you access to four secret beaches that cannot be reached by car or any other vehicle, except for boats.

Cost: In the range of 3$ to 8$

Being a metropolitan city, there is a wide range of options for accommodation in Sydney. If you’re a backpacker, there’s a myriad of hostels you can choose from but there are also quite a few luxury hotels that offer some of the best serviceS and rooms you could ever experience.

1. Shangri – La Hotel, Sydney

Shangri – La Hotel, Sydney

One of the best 5 – star hotels in Sydney, Shangri – La will not disappoint you. Some of the best service and hotel rooms in all of Australia; this establishment is worth every penny it charges. It’s high – end hotel offers extravagant room and suites, exquisite spas and a restaurant serving sumptuous food.

Address: 176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Price: INR 13,167

2. Park Hyatt Sydney

Park Hyatt Sydney

A 5 – star hotel located right by the harbor, its rooms offer the most scenic vistas of the glorious waters. It’s a high – end establishment that has a rooftop pool from where you can view the Sydney Opera House. It has also got one of the most extravagant restaurants offering an ambient setting to enjoy your meal.

Address: 7 Hickson Road, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia
Price: INR 58,374

3. Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour

Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour

Situated on the East Circular Quay, Pullman Quay Grand is a refined establishment offering some of the most exquisite hotel rooms for you to experience the most luxurious treatment you possibly could for reasonable rates. The views from the property are amazing and the service impeccable. The staff is hospitable and friendly.

Address: 61 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Price: Rs. 18,000

How To Reach Sydney

By Air: The Sydney Airport is at a distance from 8 km south of the Sydney city center. It is an international airport that receives international flights all year round, direct as well as indirect, from various other parts in the world.
By Road: Australia is an island continent, and it isn’t really accessible by road but if you happen to be in another state, city or town within Australia you can choose to travel by road or take a train. You can check for more details on the internet regarding buses and trains that connect Sydney to the city you’re in.
By Sail: Yes, you can take a cruise to Sydney and travel by sea as the Port Jackson is a natural harbor in Sydney that receives visitors from various countries all year round.

Sydney will surely be one of the best vacations you’ll probably ever have. With the help of this Sydney travel guide, you’ve probably already decided to book your tickets to Australia, if you haven’t already. Its genial vibe and many popular attractions will surely entrance your spirits. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a hassle-free vacay to Australia with TravelTriangle!

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6 Best Hostels In Gold Coast For Staying In The City Like A Pro!

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is a great place to cool off your hot summers. It is popularly known as a family vacation spot. Also, it is known for its relaxing beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and exotic water worlds. There are a lot of other attractions and resorts too. But if you are a solo traveler or you are with a bunch of friends aiming for a budget stay, then the best option for a night stay is the backpacker hostels. Just like any other tourism area in Australia, Gold Coast has many hostels which provide on par features and amenities like hotels do and make sure their guests have a comfortable stay. Here, we compiled some hostels where you can arrange your stay. These hostels have been previously reviewed by the tourists and out of their feedback, we put together a few of the best hostels in Gold Coast, Queensland. Thus, without any further delay let’s check out the list.

Here is a list of the 10 best hostels in Gold Coast that offer hotel-like facilities and will give you a heartwarming stay experience. Take a look!

1. Aquarius Gold Coast

Aquarius Gold Coast

This has free Wi-Fi and offers dorm rooms style accommodation. You have a fully equipped kitchen and the guests can nicely relax in the swimming and the spa pool. You get basic amenities like free linen, blankets. You can also hire hair dryers and hair straighteners when you need them. You also have laundry facilities and games room which has a TV, books, pool tables and a lot more. This place is close to the beach as you have to just walk for 10 minutes to reach the nearest beach. Also, this hostel is quite close to the popular attractions and you can either walk or take a vehicle for rent. Here is some additional information in which you might be interested in:

Location: 44 Queen Street, Southport, 4215 Gold Coast, Australia
Starting Price: 6,479 INR for two including taxes
TripAdvisor rating: Excellent

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2. Bunk Surfers Paradise

Bunk Surfers Paradise

This is an amazing hostel according to most of the travelers along the east coast. The dorm rooms are amazing and the whole layout is designed in a way where you can have fun and also privacy. There is great staff and facilities are simply amazing. They provide whatever they have mentioned in the website. You also have a pool area, common room, fully equipped kitchen, laundry and great bathroom and rooms. Breakfast is also included when you pay for your stay. You have high speed internet of course and it is 19.5 kiss away from the Gold Coast Airport.
Here are some additional details which might be of some use to you.

Location: 6 Beach Rd, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland 4217
Starting Price: INR 3697 including the taxes
TripAdvisor rating: Very Good

3. Down Under Hostels Surfers Paradise

Down Under Hostels Surfers Paradise view

The Down Under Hostels is in the heart of Surfers Paradise. You have 2 to 14 bed mixed dorms here. They are air conditioned, and also have a common room. You have double and single beds, free pool table, computers to use, high speed Wi-Fi and also free laundry. You also have a fully licensed bar and you can store your luggage too. The only thing with this hostel is it doesn’t allow its guests to smoke in the rooms and there is no parking available. Also, you need to pay for the breakfast in the morning. Here is some additional information which might be of some use to you:

Location: Solacs House, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.
Starting Price: INR 3697 including the taxes
TripAdvisor rating: Very Good (4.0)

4. Backpackers In Paradise

Backpackers In Paradise

Backpackers in Paradise is located in the famous place Surfers paradise. It is very close to the transit center and the beach. You even have access to the clubs, the restaurants and other tourist attractions. This place also has a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool and hammocks to relax. It is truly Backpackers in Paradise. There is a sundeck, luggage storing facilities, billiard tables, laundry which is self-service, surf board hire, and a communal kitchen. Free Wi-Fi is provided and also courtesy bus pickup is also there. There is a café too with barista coffee. You have free linen and free towels. The best part is continental breakfast is included with the stay. You can stay in a 14 bed dormitory room or you can rent your own apartment. You also have female only dorms which can be accessed if you are a solo traveler. Anyway, here is some quick information which might be of help to you:

Location: 40 Peninsular Drive, Surfers’ Paradise, 4217 Gold Coast, Australia
Starting Price: INR 1,400 including the taxes
TripAdvisor rating: Very Good (4.0)

5. Sleeping Inn Backpackers

Hotel view

This is another hostel to stay in while you are in Gold Coast. You can either opt for an apartment or a dormitory bed for your stay. They also have this offer which applies when you stay for 3 days and the fourth day is on them. There is free internet, pool, free parking, microwave and laundry service. Sleeping Inn is just five minutes away from the Central Surfers. You also have cinema room, games room etc. Here is some quick information about this backpackers’ hostel which might be of help to you:

Location: 26 Peninsular Dr, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
Starting Price: INR 1,319 including the taxes
TripAdvisor rating: Very Good (3.5)

6. Gold Coast Backpackers Hostel

Hotel outside view

This backpackers hostel is within the steps of Surfers Paradise Beach. Also, you have ceiling fans, in room balconies etc. This hostel is also close to the Skypoint Observation Deck. You have a terrace, barbeque grills and also self-parking, you can make your own dishes as you have a kitchen available for you. The rooms are also quite clean and tidy. This hostel is the best option for solo travelers. It is exactly in the city center and anywhere you want to go, you can go very easily. Also, they have a really cool bar. Here is some additional information about this hostel.

Location: 28 Hamilton Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
Starting Price: INR 3,119 including the taxes
TripAdvisor rating: Very Good (4.0)

Thus, these are some of the best backpackers’ hostels in the Gold Coast Area. Most of them are situated in the city center. They are close to public transit and other popular destinations and attractions to visit. Some of the hostels are nearby to the beach. You can ask your hostel management to rent you some surfboards. Also, most of these hostels provide 2 star or 3-star service. There are private pools and public relaxation areas. These hostels are no less than the luxury hotels and they are surely going to keep your stay comfortable. Ensure you have your passport if you are an International Traveler and these hostels only accommodate people above 18 years of age. So, now, don’t think too much and plan a trip to Australia and stay like a boss!

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Kanchanaburi Forest Reserve: A Guide To Spend Your Next 2018 Trip At This Paradise In Thailand!

Close to the border of Myanmar, Kanchanaburi is Thailand’s third largest province. It lies towards the west of Bangkok. Every year, hundreds of tourists visit this beautiful province which has the best flora and fauna to offer to you. This place is a must visit for nature lovers and adventure seekers. This place has a rich history trailing back to World War II which can be known while visiting the Death Railways, the bridge over river Kwai, and a war museum.


Best time to visit Kanchanaburi would be during July to October when the temperature is cool and the weather can be enjoyed. Other times of the year are mostly either very hot or is raining.

Thailand Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

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With seven most exotic and diverse National Parks, Kanchanaburi has to offer a beauty with no bounds. For animal and wildlife lovers, reaching this place should be definitely added to the bucket list.

1. Erawan National Park


Found in 1975, Erawan National Park is the 12th National Park of Thailand, in the western part of the country. It is one of the biggest and the most acknowledged national park in the province of Kanchanaburi. The park got its name from the Hindu mythological creature, a white three-headed elephant. One of the major attraction of the park is the Erawan falls. The park features four caves and a hill named Khao Nom Nang. The forest is filled with deciduous trees and limestone hills.

Flora & Fauna: Macaques, Wild elephants, Indochinese serow, Indian muntjac, gibbons, wild boar, sambar deer, black naped monarch, dark-necked tailorbird, etc.
Timings: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Location: Si Sawat 71250, Thailand

2. Chaloem Rattanakosin National Park


Also known as Tham Than Lot National Park, is another forest reserve in Kanchanaburi which is famous for its mountains, caves and waterfalls. Though it is the smallest national park in Thailand, the diversity of this place will surely leave you in awe. Than Ngoen is a famous waterfall here.

Flora & Fauna: The park’s forest is mostly deciduous with many bamboo trees and some dry evergreen trees too. The animals of this park includes leopards, tigers, gibbons, gaurs, etc. Common birds seen here are hornbills, francolins, Tickell’s blue flycatcher, coppersmith barbet, etc. The best seen creature here is a barking tree frog which is very uncommon in other places.
Timings: 8 am to 4 pm

3. Khao Laem National Park


Located in the northern area of Tenasserim Hills, and 1500 km towards the west from Thailand, this national park is known for the Khao Laem lake which it surrounds.

Flora & Fauna: The flora of this park is mostly mixed deciduous, hill evergreen and dry evergreen forests. There is a sanctuary located right next to this park, called the Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary has a wide range of animals, consisting of large animals like gaurs, tigers, sambar deer, elephants, barking deer and wild boars.

4. Khuean Srinagarindra National Park


This National Park is a part of the Western Forest Complex protected area. This park is located in the Srinagarind reservoir. The park has many caves for tourists to explore. The park’s main attraction is the Huay Mae Khamin waterfall. The caves in this park has ancient paintings depicting stories. Two of the famous caves here is Tham Phra Kho and Tham Nam Mut.

Flora & Fauna: The forests are evergreen and deciduous and wildlife includes animals like civet cat, leopard cat, squirrels, bats, slow loris. Birds like parakeets, osprey, green peafowl, kingfishers, orioles, and barbets are found here.

Timings: 8 am to 5 pm
Location: Si Sawat 71250, Thailand

Planning your holiday in Thailand but confused about what to do? These Thailand travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

5. Lam Khlong Ngu National Park


Located in the Thong Pha Phum district, this park was established in 2009. The main attractions of this park are, the Nang Kruan waterfall, which is a huge limestone waterfall, the Kliti waterfall and the Monolithic Cave which also is the highest monolithic cave in the world.

6. Sai Yok National Park


This beautiful and secluded national park has few of the prettiest waterfalls and mountain ranges of Kanchanaburi. The mountains in this park are a continuation of the Tenasserim Hills. The river Khwae Noi runs to this park. The western part of this park touches the Myanmar boundary and the highest peak here is Khao Khwae. The park has few of the prettiest waterfalls, including the Sai Yok Yai waterfall which joins the Khwae Noi river. Caves like Tham Lawa and Tham Dowding are present here.

Flora & Fauna: This national park mostly consists of teak forests. Animals in this park include, wild pigs, gibbons, elephants, sambar deer, barking deer, tigers, Malayan porcupine, slow loris, serow etc. A wide range of crabs are also found here.

7. Thong Pha Phum National Park


This park is located on the margin of Myanmar. About 175 km northwest of Kanchanaburi town, this park approximately ranges 1236 sq. km in area. The park’s highest peak is Khao Chang Phueak. This park was established in 2009. Chok Kradin is one of the major attraction of this park, being a 30 m tall waterfall. Another large waterfall here is Khao Yai. Bi Deng, Huai Muang and Dip Yai are the other major waterfalls present here. Khao Nai caves have major images of Lord Buddha which adds to its aesthetic beauty.

Flora & Fauna: Trees of this park are mostly deciduous and animals include elephants, tigers, water buffalos, northern red muntjac, civet cats, Bird which are found here include hornbills, bulbuls and coucals.


Kanchanaburi has no airport, but it can be easily reached via a bus or a trains or a cab from Bangkok. Minivans can also be hired from Khaosan Road in Bangkok. One can also reach Kanchanaburi from Pattaya or Ayutthaya via bus itself. All the journeys take approximately 2-3 hours to reach there.

Kanchanaburi is the perfect place for all forest enthusiasts. People exploring the wildest of animals and rarest of plant life should definitely make it a point to visit Kanchanaburi National Parks at some point of their lives. To witness the wildlife sheltered at this beautiful province, book your customized Thailand holiday package with TravelTriangle and see the nature’s beauty at its best!

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