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Explore The Best Nightlife In Melbourne To Know Why It’s The World’s Most Attractive City!

Melbourne has been tagged amongst the world’s most attractive, livable places. And if ‘livable’ to you means going out and having a good time with the best nightlife in Melbourne, then boy have you got it right! The once quiet streets of the city have turned all jazzy and fun with a plethora of bars, pubs, clubs, discotheques, restaurants, cruises, theatres, and other entertainment options, all of which turn ten times more exciting once the sun goes down!

Apart from an amazing nightlife, you’ll be greeted by the most amazing people in the multicultural, progressive city of Melbourne. ‘Melbournians‘ are very friendly in nature, unbelievably easy-going, and strict believers of the notion ‘work hard & party harder!‘ The smiling faces and hospitable nature of the locals contribute to making this city a rocking place to be in! So, the next time you look up some Australia tour packages, make sure you pick one that lets you perfectly experience this glamorous side of Melbourne.

What are the best nightlife spots in Melbourne? Let’s find out…

enjoy the best nightlife in melbourne on your trip

Melbourne nightlife is a jazzy mixture of clubs, bars, diners, entertainment options like movie theaters and karaoke gigs, games such as bowling and pool, and even casinos and jungle safaris. Melbourne has everything from the noisiest of nightclubs with some of the world’s hottest celeb musicians gracing the DJ decks, to the quiet pubs and bars for after-work drinks and hearty conversations with friends, or even strangers!

Apart from the usual party havens and drinking hubs, the best nightlife in Melbourne also incorporates late-night gaming alleys with bowling, golf, indoor bocce, ping pong, and pool where one can play all night long with their gang. Sports lovers can cheer for their favourite teams on the screen at the many extravagant sports bars in town, while music lovers can sing their heart out in karaoke clubs or dance away during live band performances in high-end clubs to turn their evening into a melodious affair.

20. Boilermaker House

have a gala time at boilermaker in melbourne

Boilermaker is the temple of all whisky and beer lovers in Melbourne. Located in the most happening hub of the city, it serves lip-smacking delights like charcuterie plates, ploughman’s platters, maple-glazed banana chips, prosciutto-topped toast, cheese boards, and more which comes saddled with, obviously, whisky and beer! It’s one of the most rocking places to visit in Melbourne at night for drinks and snacks with friends.
Location: Melbourne CBD
Approx. Cost: $80 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Open till: 3 AM

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19. Cumulus Up

have the night of your lives at cumulus up

You’ll first be bowled over by its hip ambience before you get a taste of the most delicious items served on your platter from a remarkably extensive menu crafted by the best of chefs in town. The amazing wine bar at this upmarket cafe is the perfect place to end a tiring day with a glass of fine wine in your hand! If not wine, then you can gorge on delectable snacks like Golden Fields’ double cooked duck buns, Cumulus’ anchovies on toast, Roast Potato, Foie Gras, Waffles, and a mouth watering 800g Rib Eye Steak On The Bone.
Location: Flinders Lane
Approx. Cost: $120 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Open till: 1 AM

18. The Toff In Town

enjoy live performances at toff in town

Craving Thai food in Melbourne? We got you covered! Toff’s commendable selection of sharing snacks like Thai-influenced dishes like curries, broths, relishes, and skewers, are a big hit among the night crawlers of Melbourne. Designed as an old train carriage with private compartments or ‘booths’, the cafe has an upbeat atmosphere that turns all the more fun at sundown. Thanks to its cosy, ‘private carriages’, dining at Toff is among the most romantic things to do in Melbourne at night. Don’t miss out on their famed yellow curry with tofu and mushroom dumplings & their smoked eggplant with tomato and banana chilli salad, all spiced to perfection!
Location: Swanston Street
Approx. Cost: $70 for two people with alcohol
Open till: 3 AM

17. 1806

enjoy the best nightlife in melbourne at 1806

This elegant gem in Exhibition Street take the art of cocktail making very seriously! Setting high standards for cocktail making since 1930 (the year the term ‘cocktail’ was invented), the talented chefs of 1806 work hard to provide you the most delightful of fusions in your glass. If not cocktails, you can revel in their finest selection of wine you may have ever tasted. Another highlight of this bar is their custom brewed specialties created in collaboration with the Cavalier Brewery, other their out-of-the-world whisky selection served with cave-aged English Cheddar and Gouda.
Location: Exhibition Street
Approx. Cost: A$80 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Open till: 1 AM

16. Bar Ampere

drink to your heart's content at bar ampere

Just so you know, drinking fans in Melbourne go gaga over this place, partly because of the hot ambience, and partly for their lavish menu with the best of booze in town. The creative visionary behind Bar Ampere, Vernon Chalker, has designed the place in such a way that it exudes vibes of the bygone era and at the same time introduces you to the future! And judging by the frenzy you’ll come across here every evening, he seems to have pulled it off quite well, so that one can enjoy the best nightlife in Melbourne at this kooky bar.
Location: Russell Place
Approx. Cost: A$60 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Open till: 3 AM

15. Heartbreaker

enjoy the cocktails and mocktails of heartbreaker

Showing off their tag of the Best Party Bar at the 2016 Bar Awards for Melbourne nightlife, Heartbreaker promises its visitors pure excitement, and delivers on it every evening! With their refined cocktail lounge called The Everleigh, a playlist thumping rock’n’roll hits of 1960’s, rooms dipped in a deep ruby glow, and a window selling takeaway liquor till 11 pm, you’ll surely have the time of your life if you’re in Heartbreaker. So don’t miss out on this louche drinks-only CBD retreat when you’re in town.
Location: Russell Street
Approx. Cost: A$60 for two people
Open till: 3 AM

14. La Di Da

enjoy the savoury delights of la di da

If you’re looking for some serious partying avenues, get to La Di Da across King Street. It may be smaller than most other nightclubs in town, but it surely gets the best of the crowds being the most happening hub around for party animals. Come in on a Friday night and their three rooms of banging music along with a sensual burlesque show will make you never want to leave, while their Saturdays will get you going with a host of DJs and drinks that go easy on your pocket, but not on your wits!
Location: Little Bourke Street
Approx. Cost: A$85 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Open till: 5 AM

13. Loop Project Space & Bar

enjoy the cocktails and mocktails of loop project

Being among the ultimate ‘hipster’ nightclubs in Melbourne requires efforts and dedication, which is why Loop Project tops that list. You’ll find more Vj’s than DJ’s engaging the crowd in lively music while you groove to exotic beats and burn the small, yet pumping dance floor with your moves. Other than the music, what makes this place a rage among party goers is the delicious range of cocktails and indoor and outdoor chill out spaces. The club is also famed for hosting documentary screenings early in the evenings as well as on weeknights.
Location: Meyers Place
Approx. Cost: A$60 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Open till: 5 AM

12. Revolver Upstairs

relish the delicious delights of revolver upstairs

Be it an 18-year old college student or an office goer aged 40, you’ll find clubber of all ages and booze preferences at Revolver. This classy all-night party locale offers the best nightlife in Melbourne no matter what day of the week it is. It has an absolutely unbeatable music, ambience, decor, and an extensive fare, the reason why Revolver is among the best places to visit in Melbourne at night and starts overflowing with new as well as returning visitors as soon as the sun has set. On your visit here, don’t forget to try the heavenly Chapel Street’s fast food and brekkie fry-ups.
Location: Prahran
Approx. Cost: A$80 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Open till: 7 AM

11. Pilgrim

dance the night away at Pilgrim

As established, Melbourne doesn’t disappoint any serious night dweller or party animal, not even the vegetarian ones! And riverside Pilgrim happens to be among the best nightclubs in Melbourne providing sumptuous vegetarian-friendly goodies to its visitors pertaining to all dietary persuasions. Even when most of it is vegetarian, the menu is just as extensive as in other bars and pubs around. Everything from hearty salads, cheese oozing toasties, to a glass or two of the best Australian wine is available here to turn one’s evening surreal.
Location: Melbourne CBD
Approx. Cost: A$80 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Open till: 10 PM (12 Midnight on Fridays & Saturdays)

10. Cabinet Bar

savour delicious food of cabinet bar

Among the plenty vegetarian-friendly places in Melbourne is Cabinet Bar, tucked away in a quiet corner of CBD. The cosy ambience and Swanston Street balcony seating of this place along with an upscale menu attracts a number of couples here for a romantic candlelight dinner date. The vegetarian delights are prepared fresh in the kitchen and include the likes of eggplant chips, pan fried saganaki, fresh fruits, halloumi sliders, and a variety of flatbreads and cheese coupled with some fine wine, to make it downright heavenly!
Location: Rainbow Alley
Approx. Cost: A$100 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Open till: 1 AM (11 PM on Sundays & Mondays)

9. The Boatbuilders Yard

enjoy riverside dining at the boatbuilders yard

All those looking for classic meat-free dining options must visit to The Boatbuilder’s at least once on their Melbourne vacation. The elaborate vegetarian-friendly menu of this place, along with its provision for riverside dining, make it the perfect spot to hang out with friends and family. Watch the the jolly city life go by as you sit, relax, and feast on a variety of delectable fare and wine here. Veg and gluten-free delights like the warm potato salad, harissa-spiced cauliflower popcorn, buckwheat hotcake, sevens creek wagyu burger, and grazing platters filled with delicious cheese are sure to blow your mind!
Location: South Wharf
Approx. Cost: A$60 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Open till: 12 Midnight

8. Show off your singing skills at Charltons Karaoke Bar

sing the night away at charltons karaoke bar

Hidden away in a tiny alleyway, this place is a shrine for all night-owl music lovers in Melbourne. With a fancy karaoke bar up front, an expansive dance floor and plush seats before it, several pool tables at the back, and a friendly staff serving the most delicious of snacks and drinks (both cocktails and mocktails), this posh retreat offers the best nightlife in Melbourne which has everything for everyone. Get to Charltons and unveil your vocal talents with hit numbers like ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘Despacito’.
Location: Coverlid Place
Open till: 3 AM

7. Laugh the night away at The Comic’s Lounge

enjoy a night of stand up comedy at comic's lounge

How about ending a stressful day at work with some hearty comedy? Featuring few of the best stand up acts from around the country and overseas, you shall find yourself laughing at the finest of celebrity comedians like Gabriel Iglesias, Dave Hughes, and Tommy Little. Reasonably priced and highly enjoyable, the Comic’s Lounge is sure to keep tickling your funny bone all night long!
Location: Errol Street
Approx. Cost: INR 800/- per person
Open till: Around midnight

6. Beat your friends in a bowling game at Strike

go bowling at strike

If cocktails don’t tickle your fancy, get down to Strike QV for some unlimited fun and let lose the child in you with one of the best Melbourne night time activities. Beat your friends in a game or two of bowling, show off your singing talents with a round of karaoke, challenge your buddies to a laser tag tournament, or race time in one of the themed escape rooms at this upscale hangout place. Apart from an overload of excitement, Strike also has a fully stocked bar and kitchen for those who seek escapism through booze. Make sure you visit during a Happy Hour for the cheapest of fares for alcohol and entertainment.
Location: La Trobe Street
Approx. Cost: A$70 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Open till: 1 AM

5. Ride a horse-drawn carriage like royalty

go on a delightful horse carriage ride in melbourne

Sit back and relax in an elite horse-drawn carriage as it takes you through the signature sights of Melbourne like Federation Square, Parliament House and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, all lit to sparkle in the city’s skyline at night. Melbourne Horse & Carriage Tours operate 5 days a week and commence from Federation Square opposite Flinders Street Station. Though the activity may seem cheesy to many, it’s a hit among couples and families with kids. Moreover, it’s better to see the city in a vintage carriage than on foot or in shady taxis, right?
Location: Federation Square, CBD
Approx. Cost: INR 6,000/- per carriage (for a ½ an hour tour)
Open till: 10 PM (except Tuesday and Wednesday)

4. Treat your beau to a dinner cruise aboard The Spirit of Melbourne

go on a luxurious cruise journey

Imagine enjoying a luxurious meal on the decks of the grand Spirit of Melbourne cruise with your beloved while the sparkling night-lit views of the city and its skyscrapers whiz past you. Trust us, it’s much more magical than it sounds! The 4-course dinner menu ranges from balsamic glazed smoked lamb, shredded chicken with glass noodle, prawns and scallops for starters, with chargrilled chicken breast, pan fried beef eye fillet, Portuguese lamb shank, and crispy skinned Moroccan salmon for main course. With the perfect combination of luxury, scenic views, food, and romance, a dinner date aboard this cruise is among the most romantic things to do in Melbourne at night and will surely sweep your maiden off her feet!
Location: Southbank Promenade
Approx. Cost: INR 6,500 per person
Open till: 10:30 PM (commences at 7:30 PM)

3. Witness the wild side of Melbourne with an overnight safari

go overnight camping in the jungles of melbourne

The Werribee Open Range Zoo located on the outskirts of the suburbs of Melbourne is a popular destination for adventure seekers, wildlife lovers, and families with kids. Though a daytime safari tour means you can spot a number of animals in this park, it is equally fun at night. Your overnight safari will let you first witness a gorgeous sunset while you sip on fresh drinks and canapés, then you can get up and close to some of the park’s animals like giraffes before proceeding for a lavish dinner. It’s one of the best Melbourne night time activities where you get to camp under the stars with a bonfire, roast marshmallows and nibble on fresh cream scones, and sleep in an open range ‘villa’. Don’t you wish to wake up to mesmerising sights of giraffes and zebras grazing outside your window?
Location: K Road, Werribee South (30 minutes drive from Melbourne)
Approx. Cost: INR 17,000 per person (adult)
Open till: Morning (overnight camping) except Saturdays

2. Get spoilt at Crown Melbourne

get spoilt at crown melbourne

The largest casino in Australia, Crown Melbourne is home to three hotels, numerous world class spas, a bustling casino with almost every game you could think of, shops, nightclubs, a theatre that regularly hosts live performances by renowned celebs, award-winning restaurants serving the best of international cuisines, and the Crown Sports Bar. Essentially, it’s every sort of entertainment you can dream of, all in one place! There is something for everyone at Crown Melbourne and you’ll surely have the time of your lives while you drink, dine, relax, gamble, and laugh the night away at this all-inclusive hotspot of Melbourne nightlife.
Location: 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank

1. Savour the delicious Aussie street-food at Queen Victoria Night Markets

enjoy the street food of queen victoria night markets

For two whole seasons in a year (winters and summers), the famed Queen Victoria Markets come alive at night and offer the best of savoury delights for food lovers across the city. With the most flavoursome street food, vintage and artisan stalls, live music and street performers to keep you entertained, and a delicious aroma hanging in the air, the atmosphere at Therry Streets turns magical come nightfall. Offering endless options for what to eat and where to buy from like wood-fired pizzas, potato spirals, barbecued ribs, and stir fries, these night markets are the best places to visit in Melbourne at night for all foodies.
Location: CNR Queen & Therry Streets
Open till: Around midnight

Packing already? Wait, share this with your globetrotter buddies and let them too know of the best nightlife in Melbourne. And if you know some other happening avenues in Melbourne, pop them in the comments below!

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Dandenong Ranges National Park – Where Flowers Blossoms Every Season

One of God’s greatest gift to humanity is the gift of nature that can very well be seen in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. The uniqueness of a country can be best described through the unique nature’s bounty they have – the kind of flora and fauna is what defines the uniqueness of that country. For Australia, as it happens, Dandenong Ranges National Park is one such beauty. it is a haven for backpackers and nature enthusiasts with the rich flora and fauna that is present in this country.

About Dandenong Ranges National Park

It all started with a small reserve near Ferntree Gully in 1882 and now spans across 3500 hectares of different hues of nature. Colorful gardens, cool canopies, divine waterfalls, and great picnic spots make this a favorite among all kinds of travelers. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city life, this place provides a much-needed escape; it is serene and there are so many trails that there are chances you might even lose track of time. Close to Melbourne, the Dandenong Ranges National Park is interspersed with small villages, roads and houses, which makes the trails here even more exciting.

Not just the flora, the national park also is home to a variety of birds, some rare, but all of them as beautiful as the other. Kookaburras, cockatoos, crimson rosellas and even the Superb Lyrebird, which were almost on the verge of extinction, have found themselves a home in this park. It is a paradise for the bird-watchers. The sweet sounds of the birds echoing in the forests, just add an extra touch to the ambiance of the park. A beautiful place with many gardens and some unique spots that you might not find anywhere else in the world, Dandenong Ranges National Park is soon catching up among the tourists, who seek solitude in this huge National Park.

Best Time To Visit

The Dandenong Ranges National Park weather is somewhat balanced almost all through the year. If you want to avoid the crowds, the Fall season of March to May is the best time to visit. The months of June to August are considered to be winter and is one of the most popular seasons to visit the park. Springtime in the park is from September to November, where it either rains or snows quite a lot, so it is better to avoid going in these months. The summer months of December to February are considered the best time to visit the park, as it is neither too hot nor too cold. The warmest time of the year is early to mid-February when it is the best time to visit.

From hiking different wonderful trails to getting amazed at the different hues of the colorful gardens, Dandenong Ranges National Park has so many spots and so many activities that one visit would not be enough.

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1. The Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden

The Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden

This place is a piece of paradise on earth with its colorful hues of flora and fauna. This probably would be the highlight of your trip to the National Park. Home to flowers like rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, daffodils, and cherries, it is a nature lover’s delight. The perfectly-curated garden, which spans across 104 acres, is a sight to the sore eyes. It is a great place to capture some stunning images; the colors and the fragrance will refresh you and it is at its best during the Autumn and Spring seasons.

In fact, people sometimes visit the park just to observe the rare lyrebird species, in its habitat, especially during winter. There are also other birds like king parrots, ducks, and even peacocks, that you will spot in this garden. You would not want to miss this spectacular garden, which is open all through the year, except for Christmas Day. Since it has plenty of picnic spots, you could pack a basket and spend the entire day just here.

2. Dandenong Ranges National Park 1000 Steps


This is exactly what it means a thousand steps to reach the top of the trail. These ferens here were replaced with a combination of wooden and concrete steps. Located within the Dandenong Ranges National Park, the 1000 Steps, also known as a Kokoda Walk, is one of the popular walking trails of the park. The uniqueness of this walk is that it more than that; while climbing up, you will find plaques along the way, that will give you a glimpse into the pain and efforts that the Australian soldiers put in while climbing it during 1942.

If you are up to it and want to test your fitness level, there is no better place than this. Most of the people who come here are for this reason. So, make sure you wear comfortable clothing and footwear, as this is not an easy hike by any means. Also, make sure to carry Dandenong Ranges National Park map with you, so that you stay on the track. Depending on how fit you are, it might take somewhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to complete the trail.

3. Sherbrooke Falls

Sherbrooke Falls

One of the most popular Dandenong Ranges National Park waterfalls, it is also one of the most popular trails in the park. It has very many picnic areas and walking trails, and the Sherbrooke Forest, with all its serene flora and fauna, is a perfect trail for any season. You will also come across the famous mountain ash trees, while on the trail, some of which are as old as 200 years. It is also a forest where you can spot the rare lyrebird species. You will also get a glimpse of the wildlife here with possums occasionally crossing your tracks and also some native birds. You can even have a picnic at the O’Donohue Picnic ground, located very near to the gorgeous falls. While the waterfall is stunning by itself, it is the walk that is more exciting with the beautiful scenery that it has to offer.

4. Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

It is a known fact that the park is interspersed with many small villages and towns and this is just one of them, which is located in the Dandenong Ranges. What it is most famous for is its splendid lake, which offers many activities which includes fishing and paddle boat rides throughout the year. Another attraction at the Emerald Lake is the Puffing Billy steam train, in which you can take an interesting ride along the countryside. Apart from that, it also has an aquatic centre with a seasonal wading pool, among other things. Be it the town hall or the library or the numerous walking trails, Emerald Lake has something for everyone. You could also do some shopping and pick up some gifts while you are there.

5. Blue Hills Berries & Cherries


This farm at the foothills belongs to the Chapman family, who have resided here since 1894. This farm is truly a delight of fresh produce. As the name suggests, this is the farm where you can find a lot of berries and cherries, and the most exciting part of all this is, is that you can pick your own. The people at the farm, who have immense knowledge, will guide you while you go picking. Called the ‘Pick Your Own’ or ‘U-Pick’ berries, you will get to experience the fun and the hard work that goes into picking these berries. But, of course, since these berries are seasonal, you can explore this opportunity at its best during the months of November to April. Also, you could visit their gift shop and buy some delicious treats, made by the locals and also sample some jams which are farm-made!

Where To Stay

As far as accommodation goes, there are plenty of options to choose from. Cottages of every size and amenities are on offer here. But, of course, nothing can beat the Dandenong Ranges National Park camping experience. There are so many options to choose from. There is an exhaustive list of campgrounds to choose from and it will be a difficult choice to make. From the basic campsites to even caravans with all the modern amenities like power, shower, and toilets, you will be spoilt for choice. But, one thing common among all these campgrounds, is the joy of living amongst nature and enjoy the sights and sounds of this stunning park.

How To Reach Dandenong Ranges National Park

There is more than one way you can reach this national park. depending upon your suitability and time on your hand, you can take any of the transportation modes.

By Train

Since it is very close to Melbourne, the park can be reached by Belgrave line Metro trains from Melbourne in just over an hour. Yet another option is to take the train to Croydon on the Lilydale line and continue by Ventura bus 688 to Mt Dandenong and Olinda.

By Car

Of course, the best option to visit this park is by road, in your own car, in your own time. There are also plenty of taxi services and self-drive vehicles available for rent and is one of the best options, especially on the weekends, when the trains and bus might be crowded.
Dandenong Ranges National Park is not just a park with trails, though no one can complain about that either with the number of trails available. But, it is also about the very many lakes, museums, arts centres and the likes. So, when you plan a trip to Australia, make sure, you have at least a weekend to explore it in its entirety.

Dandenong Ranges National Park is not just a park with trails, though no one can complain about that either with the number of trails available. But, it is also about the very many lakes, museums, arts centres and the likes. So, when you plan a trip to Australia , make sure, you have at least a weekend to explore it in its entirety.

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10 Best Ski Resorts In USA For A Tour Down The Country’s Best Snow Capped Peaks

Traveling through the famous destinations across the globe is something everyone wishes to do. But how about those places that you can enjoy only during a specific season? Skiing is one such activity that you can only experience during winters where snow covers the entire mountains with their magical sparkle. Even if you’re not a ski-enthusiast, the stunning views from the renowned majestic peaks of USA will surely change your mind! Don’t believe us?

Here’s a list of ski resorts in USA that will make you crave for more!
So, check it out and who knows if this is enough to change your view about skiing altogether!

So, is it skiing time for you yet? Check out this list of famous ski resorts in USA that you ought to try for a unique holiday experience in this serene paradise covered with powder white snow on the peaks!

1. Solitude Mountain Resort

Solitude Mountain Resort

With absolutely mesmerizing views of the snow capped peaks as far as the eyes can see, this resort is amongst the best ones in Utah and has glory of its own. A skiable terrain of 1,200 acres and elevation of about 10,035 feet, who would want to miss out on a skiing experience at this place in Utah? It’s strategic location in the giant Cottonwood Canyon enables the entire region to have a fine powdery white snow and this is surely one of those places where you’d want to try the best ski resorts in USA!

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2. Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe

A majestic Mt. Rose covered with beautiful trees and pure white snow will make you wonder why didn’t you try skiing before! That’s right. Beauty in all its true meaning, Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe is that perfect paradise with a flower looking view from the top. Not only are the trails of this ski resort easily available everywhere, it is also located in close proximity to the airport. You can straight away head to this place when you land to have a fun packed experience in Nevada.

3. Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort

Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort

A famous sight like the Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort is surely not to be missed on your next trip to the charming land of USA. Since there are options of beginner and expert level skiing at this place, you don’t have to worry about a family trip. You can tag along your friends too if skiing is what you wish to do the next holiday. With 86 trails on board, who can possibly say ‘no’ to trying a thrilling activity in the charming peaks of Whiteface Mountain?

4. Mt. Baker Ski Area

Mt. Baker Ski Area

Located at an elevation of 3,500 from the base, this ski area is nothing like you can imagine. This place is known to have broken records in terms of snowfall in a single season which was approximately 1,140 inches as per the records of 1998-99. Not only are there plenty of in-bound routes to challenge your ski skills, you also have the option to try several backcountry options available for all enthusiastic skiers around.

5. Killington Ski Area

Killington Ski Area

Situated close to Killington in Vermont, this ski area is the largest one in the eastern region of the US. It is also known as the beast of the east due to a high snowfall rate and the largest vertical drop of about 3,050 feet in the entire New England. This is why many people try their skiing skills before heading to this place. But worry not, as you can always go the beginner way and have a coach alongside! This is surely amongst the top 10 ski resorts in USA that you ought to visit!

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6. Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Mountain View

Despite having an interesting story behind the establishment of this ski resort, the mountain is known to be one of the main places where freeskiing originated from. A greater revolution in the techniques of skiing has been seen due to the introduction of Telemark skiing and freeskiing extremes competition at this place. Called as one of the major adventure ski destinations, this place has many blue and green advanced trails for those edgy competitors.

7. Snowbasin Resort

Snowbasin Resort

A ski resort located in the western region of the US, Snowbasin was opened approximately 80 years ago and is amongst the oldest ski resorts in the states. Adding more to the charm of this place is the fact that it has served as an Olympics venue during the 2002 games. Events like super-G, slalom, downhill, and various other Alpine skiing events. Interestingly, the movie Frozen has been filmed here.

8. Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

Ski Area

Located amid the Rocky Mountains of US, this ski area is famous by the name of ‘The Legend’ as it stays open even during the summer due to a high altitude. This ski area has mainly 3 lodges, a coffee bar, a restaurant and if you’re lucky, you can also spot a food truck serving tacos. The nearest region for lodging is in Keystone region. So, while this place may sound all too good to be true, the best way to explore this place is to visit it yourself! So, when are you visiting?

9. White Pass Ski Resort

White Pass Ski Resort

A majestic 6,500 summit calls for a unique ski experience on your next vacation to US. The White Pass Ski Resort is nothing less than a misty enchantment of pure white snow as far as the eye can see. A vertical drop of literally 2,000 feet is one of the main features of this ski resort and it also has 6 chairlifts available. You can enjoy the magic carpet facility for the skiers who are just beginning to feel the snow under their feet and wish to try again!

10. Brighton Resort

Brighton Resort

Famous for being the only ski area in the whole of Utah where the visitors can take high-speed quads to each trail and therefore is less of a hassle when it comes to standing in queue waiting for your turn. After all, why should having fun be made difficult? This place is also known to be one of the first ski resorts in the US and is the first one in Utah. Claiming to be a no-frills resort, this place aims at providing snowboarders and skiers with high-quality trails for the best experience!

Snow covered peaks are one of the best places to beat the heat this summer and skiing is one of the best excursions that you can enjoy amidst the scenic views of the USA. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to USA for a unique holiday experience with your loved ones like never before!

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George Wildlife: 10 Best Wildlife Parks In The City To Witness Its Wild Side

South Africa is a country of wildlife beauty and the entire country is filled with different types of flora and fauna and various species of nature’s treasures. If you are here as a tourist then you must check out the George wildlife in here and get amazed by the wonders of wildlife.

George wildlife park offers fun-filled activities for everyone and that has been for a long time. You can have guided tours in here and you will get to know about the important facts about the animals there. In this park, you will get to see Bengal tigers, servals, cheetahs, farm animals like bunnies, geese, pony, dwarf goats and so many more. If you are traveling with your kids then they will have the most fun here. Also, try visiting during the afternoon, 2 pm especially, because this is the tiger feeding time. There is also a play area for kids and they can enjoy the fresh air as you can order drinks from the restaurant. You can celebrate your kid’s birthday party here which will include a large outdoor space and so many fun activities for kids. Other than this park there are so many other wildlife places to visit in George which you must check!

Among all the wildlife parks in George, here is a list of the 10 best parks in the city that will give you an adventurous experience!

1. Herold Wine Estate

Herold Wine Estate

Enjoy an hour of wine tasting amidst the Montagu pass and enjoy the beauty of the wine estate and it will surely help you find solace and you will get the peaceful feature of the vast nature in here. Taste the wine and get acknowledged with the tangy taste and have some cheese with it as well. You can get meat and some fresh bread to go with the wine. You can order a platter and you will see how many varied items are there, so enjoy the time with your friends and family here.

Location: Montagu Pass, George, South Africa.
Timings: 10 am to 4 pm
Entry fee: R190 per person.

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2. Redberry Farm

Redberry Farm in George

If you haven’t been to any farm, then you should visit one now in George, South Africa. A visit to here will always be a fun-filled family outing in the wilderness. Enjoy the activities here like, strawberry picking, pony rides, redberry express mini train rides, paddle boats, bubble ball and so much more. The farm has a small stall from where you can buy tea and strawberries. The place also has a cafe inside and from here you can enjoy the red shade coffee and berry bar which are the special offerings as beverages.

Location: Geelhoutboom Road | Blanco, George 6530, South Africa.
Timings: 9 am to 4 pm
Entry fee: There is no entry fee but if you are willing to spend a night here then it will cost you, $104.

3. Victoria Bay

Victoria Bay George

This small beach is in between mountains and a perfect place for picnics. You can pack your lunch and venture to here enjoy a lazy afternoon on the beach. If you want to swim or surf you can do that in here. If you are looking for refreshments then you can have that from here, because a rustic restaurant is here to serve you. Campers can also set up camp in here as well.

Location: George, South Africa
Timings: Anytime
Entry fee: Free

4. Wild Wings Safari

 Elephant Zebra Safari

This place is a little far from George wildlife center, but it’s no less beautiful. If you want a guided tour amidst the savanna and encounter a lion family or two then do visit this place. You will always get the best guide within the jeep safari, and you will get to know about so many important things about animals and their behaviors. Do not forget to bring your cameras and take a lot of photos from this place.

Location: Kruger National Park, South Africa
Timings: 8 am to 5 pm
Entry fee: R186

5. Fancourt Country Club

Fancourt Country Club

Enjoy a day’s activity outside with golfing and so much fun. The Fancourt country club is in between the lush beauty of nature where you can spend an entire day golfing or even having a good time with friends and family. If you love golfing then this is the best place for you, and you must know this is ranked 15th in South Africa. You can have all the amenities here and with practice facilities and modern benefits as well.

Location: 1994 Montagu Street | Blanco, George 6529, South Africa
Timings: 10 am 10 pm
Entry fee: R760 per player

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6. Wilderness Beach

Wilderness Beach view

About 5 kilometers of the beach is available for everyone and you can have a relaxed time here always. You can stay in a nearby hotel here and enjoy the beautiful beach from the windows and balcony too. It’s a great place to swim and have fun with your kids. Enjoy the warm water and the huge space to walk or have a little run is possible in this place.

Location: Wilderness 6560, South Africa
Timings: Anytime
Entry fee: Free

7. Wilderness National Park

Wilderness National Park in George

Enjoy kayaking in the peaceful wilderness and enjoy the national park from afar and you will get to hear the chirping of birds and feel the tranquility of nature here. Get to see the beautiful waterfalls, and you can take a swim there too. You can enjoy paragliding, biking in this place and it will fill your heart with happiness. For more fun, you can get gorge wildlife park directions too.

Location: Wilderness, South Africa
Timings: 7 am to 5:30 pm
Entry fee: Adults R59, Kids R30.

8. Montagu Pass

Montagu Pass

Take a drive through the wilderness which in Montagu passes. This place is amidst the wilderness and a small road at the side of the hills, where you can hire a small car and drive through the end. You can always have a clear drive to the top of the pass, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. This pass is a great place to stretch your legs and take some photos. You will definitely feel relaxed in the gorge wildlife weather as its always pleasant in-season times.

Location: Witfontein Nature Reserve, George 6720, South Africa
Timings: Anytime but daytime is preferred.
Entry fee: Free.

9. Kaaimans Waterfall

Bridge view

Have a kayaking experience or a picnic on the river bank both of the activity will not go without any fun experience. To have a picnic in there, you have to book a spot and then you can have a funfilled day in here. Enjoy the serene beauty of nature and munch on the foods while your kids can play nearby. The stunning waterfalls will take your breath away and you will certainly take so many photos in this place. Enjoy the birds in here as they come here in folks, so you will get to experience nature in here in its true form.

Location: Kaaimans Pass, N2 btw George & Wilderness
Timings: Daytime visit is preferred
Entry fee: Free

10. Outeniqua Pass

Outeniqua Pass

Get the best panoramic view from this pass in George. The roads are open and wide so you can easily take a drive to this place and enjoy an hour or two basking in the beauty of nature. To reach this place you have to cross many scenic bridges, farms, and town but when you will reach the actual place you will certainly be mesmerized. You will get to see the rock formation here and the low clouds are worth giving a visit.

Location: Western Cape, George 6529, South Africa
Timings: Daytime preferred
Entry fee: Free.

Take a note from these above-mentioned points and you will find the perfect places to visit in George. If you are looking for adventure and natural beauty, all can be found in this place in South Africa. So, plan a trip to South Africa and thrill yourself!

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15 Beautiful Auckland Beaches For A Perfect Vacay In The Pacific

Beaches, for some reason, are the ultimate vacation therapy. They embrace the ocean breeze, play around with salty mist, and lure you with swaying palm trees. Waters and beaches in the Pacific are special where black sand, turquoise waters, and jagged rocks create a dreamy setting around. Adding magic to the Pacific Ocean experience are Auckland beaches that make for prime coastal attractions in North Island.

As you travel to these beach destinations in Auckland you would find them nothing short of a dreamy setting with the best of untarnished nature and adventure inducing places. Catch the real excitement because almost all of these beach destinations are a few hours drive from the city center. Get around and experience the best of New Zealand beaches in the city of Auckland!

1. Karekare Beach – The best of Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

The quiet waters at Karekare Beach in Auckland at sunset

A leisure stroll at the Karekare Beach with someone special is all you need in a while. The beautiful rock formations around the beach create a picture of a fantasy world. For a true nature lover, there are plenty of attraction. Windswept lands patrolled by big waves make Karekare one of the most exciting beaches in West Auckland. Also, the beach has some secluded spot ideal for photography, care to find it?

Popular attractions: Karekare Waterfalls, waterfall, and surfing spot

2. Mission Bay – Auckland city’s seaside allure

A view of the Mission Bay by the Auckland city

Considered as one of the safest Auckland Beaches for year round swimming, the Mission Bay has a wonderful Rangitoto Island as the backdrop. Biking track, fitness park, and great lighting at dusk make this beach a crowd puller. There are quite a few eateries around that you must-try.

Popular attractions: Water activities, colorful fountain, and playing area

3. Whatipu Beach – More of wild and wilderness

Aerial view of Whatipu Beach in Auckland

Rightly explaining New Zealand’s fond tag as the adventure capital of the world, Whatipu Beach is an adventurer’s delight. With caves, bushes, and rugged trails along the west coast, the Whatipu Beach is the wonderful beach located in the Waitakere Ranges. The beach area managed by the Auckland Council Regional Parks has the ‘wow’ factor that brings tourists to this one of the popular destinations in the heart of Auckland.

Popular attractions: Coastal dunes and wetlands

4. Muriwai Beach – Popular for gannet spotting

Cliffs and approaching waves by the Muriwai Beach in Auckland

Muriwai Beach on the west coast of Auckland is a popular beach in Auckland where you should be headed and the reasons are pretty specific. You can’t get enough of the black sand and beach surfing there. A famous recreational spot, Muriwai offers magnificent coastal views adorned by rising waves, large boulders, exciting viewing platforms from where you can catch breathtaking nature views. The beach is an hour drive from the center of Auckland.

Popular attractions: Gannet colony and bird watching

5. Piha Beach – The black sand beauty of the western coast

Magnificent beach view at Piha Beach in Auckland

Picturesque locale and violent waves hitting the cliff would leave you mesmerized as you plan to visit Piha – one of the most popular Auckland beaches. The Lion Rock that splits the beach into two sections makes it a photographer’s muse. If you are up to explore more, find a track that leads to the Kitekite falls. A 25-minute trek will take you to the 3-tiered fall with a 40 m drop. It is located towards the rear of the beach.

Popular attractions: Beach surfing and black sand

6. Point Chevalier Beach – Picnic spot near Waitemata Harbour

A quiet Point Chevalier Beach near Waitemata Harbour in Auckland

Chevalier Beach is another of the favorite Auckland beaches that you might consider visiting. With lesser people visiting it, this one makes a wonderful secluded spot by the beach. Chevalier has its own beach parking facilities. On a rough day, the beach also experiences high tides! Be wary.

Popular attractions: Children’s corner with a lot of activities, paddle board at the Point Chev Yacht Club

7. Anchor Bay – The best of Tawharanui National Park

A view of Anchor Bay and the adjoining Tawharanui National Park in Auckland

Take a leap into the rock pool, or jump from the big rock into the blue waters of Anchor Bay, it is certainly one of the best beaches in Auckland that you must visit. Considered as bird’s paradise, this beach has plenty of attractions for the tourists and usually brims with tourists during the summer month.

For the best experience, you must try camping (contact local authorities for permission) there and catch the breathtaking sunrise view. A range of birds can be spotted on the beach. These birds mostly live in the national park area.

Popular attractions: Tawharanui National Park and bird watching

8. Omana Beach – A perfect picnic spot in Auckland

A view of Omana Beach located in Omana National Park in Auckland

Located by the Omana National Park, the Oaman Beach is a 40-minute drive from Auckland and an ideal place for a family outing. This New Zealand beach thrives on spectacular views and beautiful surroundings. It is indeed a place that you must visit for a perfect outing when you are in Auckland.

Popular attractions: Inner Hauraki Gulf

Park timings: 8 am – 5 pm (winter) & 8 am – 8.30 pm (summer)

9. Bethells Beach – A secluded coastal destination with adorable views

A picturesque cliff by the beach at the Bethells Beach near Auckland

Another of the best beaches in Auckland known for sand dunes, exciting trails, and low tides! The Bethells Beach has the wild surroundings to fetch you ample of room to explore and make the best of your beach holiday in Auckland. Don’t forget to take a leisure walk around the cliff and caves, they are truly stunning.

The cliff top walks from Bethells Beach (Te Henga) further towards the south of Muriwai Beach takes you into a world of amazing vistas off the Auckland’s west coast.

10. Karioitahi Beach – Black sand and windswept cliffs around

The black sand by the Kariotahi Beach in Auckland

If you are in a hot pursuit of the best black sand beach in Auckland then head to the Franklin district. Kariotahi Beach is the place where you catch the contrasting view of white froth on the stark black sand. As fascinating as it looks, the beach is also known for bike hiking trail along.

11. Orewa Beach – Golden sand paradise, an ideal day trip from Auckland

The magnificent beach view at Orewa in Auckland

32 km north of Auckland city, Orewa beach is a great place for paddle-boarding, fishing, and has some exciting water activities for you. The never-ending stretch of golden sand is an allure. The soothing sound of crashing waves would take away all your weariness.

12. Cheltenham Beach – Some calm ocean water therapy by the city

Aerial view of Cheltenham Beach by the city

Located in the close proximity to the North Head Historic Reserve, the Cheltenham Beach is located in Devonport Town Centre and is one of those Auckland Beaches where you can spend leisure moments with family and friends. The views of Hauraki Gulf, Waitemata Harbour, and Auckland City skyline from the North Head Reserve are remarkable and worth a watch.

13. Oneroa Beach – Winery, scenery, and lots of ferries around

A traveler by the Oneroa Beach in Auckland

Wineries, Oneroa club, and moments of solace by the ocean, Oneroa Beach is hot, happening, and is a perfect beach therapy for you. And the beach is even more beautiful than its pictures.

14. Long Bay Regional Park – A camper’s delight by the beach

People by the sea beach Long Bay National Park in Auckland

A popular beach paradise in the north of Auckland, the Long Bay National Park has a wonderful stretch of grassland, picnic spot all decorated in cliffs. Granny Bay, Pohutukawa Bay are the nearby attractions located almost an hour walk downhill further from the beach. You can be assured of some great views in the offering.

15. Waiake Beach – A walk into the serenity

The wonderful evening view of Waiake Beach in Auckland

Amazing views and epic sunsets are the major highlights of this beauty that never fails to fascinate the onlookers. White sand, clean waters, and rough boulder structured in a cool way make it one of the wonderful beaches in Auckland. Pontoon floating in the midst of the ocean and other boats and boat ramps make the Waiake Beach a beach lover’s fancy.

Take a dip into the serenity as these New Zealand beaches make the perfect dose of awesomeness that your wandering soul is looking for. Book a New Zealand tour package now!

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10 Top Sengkang Restaurants Whose’ Asian Food Varieties Redefine The Culinary Art

Located in the north-eastern region of Singapore, the residential town planning area of Sengkang has fast emerged into country’s tourist spots today. Strategic location of closeness and sharing boundaries with places like Seletar, Punggol, Pasir Ris, Paya Lebar, Hougang, Serangoon, Yishun and Ang Mo Kio et al brings it into limelight. Once upon a time, Sengkang used to be the fishing village. This region witnessed fast growth and development in the last couple of decades.

As this place derived its name from the Chinese tradition where Sengkang is an indication of the “prosperous harbour” it symbolically explains the motive of such naming. This place is noticed by the visitors, especially traders and tourists from the worldwide locations today. It is the main reason that today one witnesses the presence of many best Sengkang restaurants which serve wide range of recipes that represent local as well as intercontinental cuisines.

Scroll down the below listicle to find out 10 best eateries in Sengkang that also happens to be the perfect ones in Singapore.

1. Savoury


One of the best restaurants in Sengkang to taste the causal food, deserts, coffee and light food varieties, Savoury brings many yummy dishes for you to taste. It also serves the main meals for special parties and ensures arranging occasion based food specialities. Its special recipes such as Hotplate Marble Beef and the popular Seafood Alfredo Linguine amongst others are much in demand. They are aromatic, mushroom flavoured Asian recipes thus they appeal to all visitors. This restaurant is equally sought after amongst the visitors due to its friendly staffs.

Must Try: Salmon Steak, Chocolate Lava Cake with Ferrero Scoop, Hotplate Marble Beef, Seafood Alfredo Linguine, Buffalo Wings
Location: 246 Jalan Kayu, Sengkang, Singapore 799470; Phone: +65 67529288
Cuisine: Cafes & Coffee, Halal Cuisine
Cost for Two: ₹ 950/- – ₹ 1650/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

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2. Citrus Bistro

Citrus Bistro

The location of Citrus Bistro in the Sengkang Swimming Complex makes it an easily accessible popular name amongst the visitors to have fine dining. It is one of the select few reputed Halal-certified restaurants in Sengkang, Singapore which remains a popular name for its bistro options especially an alfresco dining choice in a fully comfort zone at the poolside area. Diners enjoy its delicacies nearby the bustling location where unlimited fun is also guaranteed.

Must Try: Dainty Trio, Curry Chicken with Bread, Smoked Duck
Location: 57 Anchorvale Road, #01-01 Sengkang Sports Centre, Singapore 544964; Phone: +65 69044850
Cuisine: Western, Halal Cuisine
Cost for Two: ₹ 575/- – ₹ 1550/-
Zomato Rating: 3.5/5

3. Chef-in-Box Vendcafé

Delicious pastry

Having been established by the famous JR Group from Singapore in 2001, Chef-in-Box Vendcafe assures for quality meals supply in the carryout options. People seek and find in this eatery a choice to save time and resources while foods are packed in the quickest time. Rest factors that make Chef-in-Box Vendcafe a best and preferred choice is assurance and sticking to use fresh ingredients besides preparing Halal-certified bento meals. Recipes are prepared in multiple flavoured varieties.

This restaurant is also famous for the usage of advanced cooking technologies like cook-chill and cook-freeze solutions. They assure keeping nutrients intact without affecting quality parameters. Such technology uses guarantee for total freshness besides assured great taste.

Must Try: Chicken Lasagna, Roast Beefballs with Pumpkin and Potato, Spaghetti with Chicken Meatballs, Turkey Stew with Chestnuts & Brussel Sprouts, Jia Yen Black Pepper Chicken, Korean Ginseng Chicken, Herbal Chicken, Prawn Paste Fried Rice with Chicken, Kimchi Fried Rice with Chicken, Spicy Seafood with Rice, Thai Fried Rice with Saba Fish, Mutton Rendang with Briyani Rice
Location: 320C Anchorvale Drive, #01-K1, Sengkang, Singapore 543320
Cuisine: Local Delights, Halal Fast Food, Café, Western, Malay, Indian, Japanese
Cost for Two: ₹ 265/- – ₹ 1850/-
Zomato Rating: 3.5/5

4. Tang Tea House Hong Kong Café

Tang Tea House Hong Kong Café

Famous for the delicious like halal Cze Char and Dim Sum recipes, Tang Tea House Hong Kong is sought after eatery in Singapore. It seeks attention of the food lovers seeking different types of Chinese recipes particularly the yummy dumplings. It is preferred by the travellers and locals alike due to its sufficient space and impressive décor. Taste of alfresco dining becomes once-in-a-lifetime experience for the diners at this restaurant, so do they enjoy authentic freshly cooked halal Dim Sum and other dishes like Chicken Pau, Steamed Chicken, Har Kow and Siew Mai et al. Such varieties augur them for a repeat visit.

Must Try: Crispy Bee Hoon, Chicken Rice, Dim Sum, Chicken Pau, Steamed Chicken, Har Kow, Siew Mai
Location: Opposite Simpang Bedok Post Office, Bedok Market, Jalan Kayu, Sengkang, Singapore
Cuisine: Chinese, Café, Dim Sum
Cost for Two: ₹ 315/- – ₹ 1350/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

5. Canton Paradise

Amazing Delicious food

Keeping the value of its name intact, Canton Paradise is truly a paradise for the foodies to enjoy best of the Oriental recipes from the Asian Cuisine. A popular restaurant with exceptional gourmet menu options, it is a must-visit place for locals as well as travellers. What makes it special is that the staffs serving their guests literally make you feel as if you have delved into the Chinese culture and tradition as the restaurant is mainly focused at variety of Chinese recipes. Being a food chain with operations in 9 countries by now, Canton Paradise offers best of culinary delights to visitors to taste its great food options.

Must Try: Roasted Duck Meat Noodle, Liu Sha Bao, Wanton Noodle, Seafood
Location: No. 1 Sengkang Square, #03-14 Compass One 545078, Singapore
Cuisine: Dim Sum, Cantonese, Chinese
Cost for Two: ₹ 1305/- – ₹ 2650/-
Zomato Rating: 3.⅗

6. Legend

Amazingly Delicious food

Offering exclusive breakfast and full bar eatery options in Sengkang, Singapore, Legend remains a notable landmark in this region. Its craft beer is sought after amongst the group diners. This restaurant cum bar is also famous for its vibrant nightlife and services until late in the night. Scintillating music is played to make sure that guests are entertained to the most. It equally remains a good choice for family or group dining purpose.

Must Try: Sirloin Steak, Grilled Pork Chop, Mashed Potato, Carbo-nah-ra
Location: 59 Anchorvale Road, #01-06 Anchorvale Community Club, Sengkang- 544965, Singapore
Cuisine: Bar Food, Western, Craft Beer
Cost for Two: ₹ 1460/- – ₹ 2950/-
Zomato Rating: 3.3/5

7. Next Door Deli

Grilled food

Three notable factors which keep the Next Door Deli into limelight are that this restaurant facilitates the guest with the options for Takeaway; it is a perfect place for the families thus remains an ultimate kid friendly restaurant and last but not the least it offers abundant choice of desserts and bakery stuffs. Such attributes make this restaurant one of the great places to enjoy best delicacies. Furthermore, dishes are of high quality and prepared from fresh ingredients yet they remain affordable and decently priced.

Must Try: Creme Brûlée, Grilled Chicken Steak, Wok Fried Laksa
Location: 1 Sengkang Square, Compass One, #B1-34 560529, Singapore
Cuisine: Café, Bakery, Western
Cost for Two: ₹ 520/- – ₹ 1050/-
Zomato Rating: 3.5/5

8. Chicken Up

Chicken food

Popular food chain in Singapore now, Chicken Up was founded in the year 2010 to cater to the contemporary Korean cuisine requirements. By now, this brand restaurant has achieved remarkable position of being #1 Korean Fried Chicken options in entire Singapore. The restaurant is famous for its unique strategies to prepare chicken recipes through properly marinating to careful deep-fry and or balanced spices use amongst others. Each of its recipes thus offers great flavour. This restaurant is famous in Singapore for being an ultimate family-friendly restaurant whose menu has great chicken recipe choices.

Must Try: Supper, Korean Fried Chicken, Korean Desserts, Popcorn Chicken, Savory Bornless Chicken, Mama Ginseng Chicken Soup, Kimchi Fried Rice
Location: 277C Compassvale Link, #01-13 Unit Number 2A, Sengkang, Singapore-543277
Cuisine: Café, Korean
Cost for Two: ₹ 1050/- – ₹ 2100/-
Zomato Rating: 3.4/5

9. Boat Noodle Express

Noodle soup view

Popular name for intercontinental and especially Thai cuisines, Boat Noodle Express brings ample varieties before the diners. The recipes prepared here are thoroughly monitored by the expert chefs who crosscheck if brewed for hours for a few to adding the best quality fresh ingredients to the other. Most of the Thai recipes prepared here are yummiest ones with the additions of various types of herbs as well as original local spices. Taste buds truly enjoy great food at this restaurant that serves once-in-a-lifetime flavoured hygienic recipes to taste.

Must Try: Pork Tom Yam Noodles, Beef Kway Teow Soup, Spicy Tom Yum Noodles
Location: 118 Rivervale Drive, #K1-26/27 Rivervale Plaza, Sengkang, Singapore 540118
Cuisine: Thai, Chinese, Singaporean
Cost for Two: ₹ 550/- – ₹ 1250/-
Zomato Rating: 3.6/5

10. Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh

Tasty dish

Popular restaurant chain in Singapore that serves ultimate Bak Kut delicacies, Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh is always rushed by the tourists as well as locals. It has several finest of the Chinese cuisine recipes for the guests to enjoy great food. Its great ambiance, friendly staffs and delicious food augurs the diners to taste variety of recipes prepared by the expert chefs.

Must Try: Dried Bak Kut Teh, Sesame Chicken, Tao Kee, Pig Trotter, Braised Pig’s Intestines
Location: 257 Jalan Kayu, Sengkang, Singapore 799485
Cuisine: Chinese, Singaporean, Hawker Food
Cost for Two: ₹ 550/- – ₹ 1250/-
Zomato Rating: 3.5/5

Sengkang based finest intercontinental restaurants are great options to try variety of recipes. Each of them remains popular for diversified yet best quality recipes to taste in Singapore and cherish such fine dine experience in future too. So, keep a visit to these restaurants in your bucket list while planning a trip to Singapore.

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Mosques In Istanbul: Experience Calmness & Divinity At Their Best In This Scenic Land Of Turkey!

Turkey is a country in western Asia that is located at the crossroads between east and west. Turkey has a large population which is predominantly Muslim. Turkey, however, is a secular state with people of all ethnicities and religion living in this country. In Turkey, the largest city is Istanbul with a population of over 15 million people. Istanbul represents the culture of the Turkish people in the art, landmarks, cuisine, and people of the city. Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city that is both located in Europe and Asia. Part of the city is located in Europe and the rest of the city is in Asia. The city is divided between Europe and Asia by the Bosphorus Straits.

 play a key role in the history of the city

Istanbul is the cultural hub of Turkey. This city is thousands of years old with a rich Christian and Islamic history. In the modern era, this city has great Turkish restaurants, film festivals, shopping centers, traditional bazaars, nightlife, beautiful taverns, and a sophisticated tourism infrastructure. The Turkish cuisine plays an important role in the culture of the city and seafood restaurants and delicacies like kebabs are enjoyed by locals and tourists in Istanbul. The Mosques in Istanbul play a key role in the history of the city and have become places of worship as well as tourist sites in the city today. The following are some of the famous mosques in Istanbul:

1. Hagia Sophia

 Ottoman Imperial Mosque

Hagia Sophia was a former church that became an Ottoman Imperial Mosque in the 15th Century. When Constantinople fell to the Ottoman forces, this historical structure was converted into a Mosque in the Ottoman Empire. There have been many efforts to restore this mosque which remained a mosque till the 20th Century when it was officially converted into a museum.

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2. Suleymaniye Mosque

 known for its sublime architecture

Suleymaniye Mosque is an Ottoman Imperial Mosque located at the Third Hill Region of Istanbul. This mosque was built by Sultan Suleymaniye in 1557 and is known for its sublime architecture. This mosque is the second largest one in Istanbul and is a part of the tourist trail in the city.

3. New Mosque

made of stone, granite, and marble

New Mosque or Valide Sultan Mosque was constructed in 1665 and is made of stone, granite, and marble. This mosque has many domes and minarets and a courtyard. Inside the mosque you can observe have pillars, calligraphic plates, and the mosque is dotted with blue, green and white Iznik tiles. It is situated close to Galata Bridge and the Spice Bazaar and stone blocks from the island of Rhodes was used in the construction of this mosque.

4. Ortakoy Mosque

 neo-baroque style

Ortakoy Mosque was built in the 19th Century and was ordered by Sultan Abdulmecid on the ruins of Cantemir Palace. This mosque is designed in the neo-baroque style and includes calligraphy by Abdulmecid the 1st himself. This mosque is located in Besiktas area along the waterside in Istanbul. The architect of this mosque was Armenian and this mosque is smaller than some of the other mosques in Istanbul.

5. Sehzade Mosque

 known as the prince's mosque.

In the Fatih district on the Third Hill in Istanbul lies the Sehzade mosque. This mosque was commissioned by Suleymaniye the Magnificent in the memory of his young son Sehzade Mehmed and is also known as the prince’s mosque. This mosque has minarets, a dome and is made of stone, granite, and marble. This is famous architect Mimars first major Ottoman Imperial structure and has elegant interior in pink, red and white color combination.

6. Rustem Pasha Mosque

famous architect Mimar Sinan

Rustem Pasha Mosque is located in the Fatih district in Istanbul, Turkey and was built in the1560 by a famous architect Mimar Sinan. Rustem Pasha was the Grand Vizier of Suleymaniye the Magnificent and the mosque now has become a religious school in the city. It has a beautiful portico; it is decorated with Iznik tiles inside and outside and has a main dome and a minaret in its design.

7. Arap Mosque

medieval gothic architecture

Arap Mosque is located in the Karakoy district of Istanbul. This mosque was built in 1325 and was originally a Roman Catholic Church that was built by the Friars of the Dominican order and was dedicated to St. Paul. This mosque has medieval gothic architecture and was converted into a mosque after the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire. This building has been subsequently renovated and restored. This is one of the biggest mosques on the Galata side of the Golden Horn. The Arap mosque has a Gothic style Christian Bell Tower which is now functioning as a mosque minaret.

8. Blue Mosque

 beautiful courtyard and many minarets

The Blue Mosque which is also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque was built in 1616 by the then ruler Ahmed I. This is a large mosque with a beautiful courtyard and many minarets making it an important tourist destination in Istanbul. The architectural style of this mosque is Islamic and late classical Ottoman in its style. This mosque has stain glass windows, chandeliers, ceramic tiles, paintings and sculptures making it a splendid tourist landmark in the city.
As mentioned above, there are many fabulous mosques with magnificent Architecture and design that make up the Islamic landmarks of Istanbul. Istanbul receives millions of tourists every year. Generally, many of the above-mentioned mosques are a part of the itinerary for the tourist to visit key landmarks in the city.

Many of these mosques are very grand and look impressive on the skyline of the historical neighborhood of this city of Istanbul. So, plan your Istanbul trip with TravelTriangleand witness these splendid sites with your loved ones.

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