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Top Reasons To Visit Australia From India In Summers

Looking for a travel haven outside India for these summer vacations? Well, it might just be down under! Varied landscapes – ranging from white-sand beaches & tropical islets to lush forests & snow-clad ski resorts – and unique wildlife of the country make Australia an interesting holiday destination. And the reasons to visit Australia from India in summers are many.

To strengthen our proposition, we have listed some of the major reasons that will make you want to head for a holiday in Australia from India this summer.

A graph showing the weather in Australia

Australia experiences 4 seasons. While the Australian summer (December to March) is the most preferred time to visit Australia, it also means a lot of tourists and costlier flights & hotels.

Australia experiences Autumn in April and May. June marks the beginning to the Australian winter. Typically, the number of locals touring different cities falls down after Easter (a festival that falls mostly around mid-April). The temperatures are neither too hot, nor too cold. What this means is that you can hit the beaches and as well as go skiing in the mountains, if you choose to head to Australia during the Indian summer vacations.

i. These include spectacularly beautiful beaches…

Whitehaven beach in Australia is one of the most scenic attractions in the continent

Australia boasts of an extremely long coastline and a large number of beaches. These offer watersports, sunset views, sunrise views, and even serenity at some locations. Some of the best beaches in Australia include Bondi Beach, Whitehave Beach, Wineglass Bay, Cable Beach, and Hyams Beach.

ii. …islands, forests, and wildlife zones.

Serene Hopetoun Falls in the Great Otway National Park in Victoria

In addition to the stunning beaches, the land of Kangaroos is replete with picturesque rain forests, blue mountains, red-earthed national parks, and even deserts. And there are also many islands and islets surrounding the main island of Australia that are a part of the nation’s territories.

  • Islands in Australia: Fraser Island, Lord Howe Island, Lizard Island, Hamilton Island, Phillip Island, Lizard Island, Chatham Island, and Whitsunday Island
  • National parks in Australia: Blue Mountains National Park, Kakadu National Park, Port Campbell National Park, Nambung National Park, Kosciuszko National Park, Daintree National Park, and Freycinet National Park
  • Other beautiful sights: Great Ocean Road, Twelve Apostles limestone stacks, pink-colored Lake Hillier, and Uluru or Ayers Rock

iii. And there’s no dearth of manmade attractions either.

A night shot of the Sydney Opera House in Australia

Sightseeing in Australia is not limited to just the natural attractions. There are numerous museums for the lovers of art and history. For cricket lovers, there are famous cricket grounds like Melbourne Cricket Ground and Sydney Cricket Ground.

And then there’s the Sydney Opera House, flanked by the scenic Harbor Bridge and the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens.

iv. Already impressed? We haven’t even mentioned about the Great Barrier Reef yet.

Wonderful and beautiful underwater world with corals and tropical fish at the Great Barrier Reef of Australia

The oldest Australian entry in the UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites, The Great Barrier Reef is a marine park off the coast of Queensland that stretches over 3000 km. It features a brilliant collection of vivid-colored corals (over 4,000 different kinds), coral sponges, mollusks, rays, dolphins, over 1500 species of tropical fish, more than 200 types of birds, and around 20 types of reptiles including sea turtles & giant clams.

The beauty of this underwater coral garden makes it a major crowd puller for snorkeling and scuba diving. Sadly, it was reported that the reef is dying. And so, we suggest you to visit it before it vanishes from the surface of the earth.

Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland in Australia

Wait till you reach the adventure section on the list.

i. Grab a front row seat for the world’s cutest parade – the parade of the smallest penguins!

Tourists watching the penguin parade in Phillip Island of Australia

Over 30,000 Little Penguins live on the Phillip Island, located near Victoria in Australia. Hundreds of these penguins emerge from the surf at night and waddle across the beach. This is worldwide famous as the Penguin Parade.

But penguins are not the only beautiful creatures that you will come across in Australia. You can go on Kangaroo feeding tours, see the Koalas up close, and spot other animals like Emus, Wombats, Dingoes, & Tasmanian Devils.

Note: Australia is also a delightful location for birdwatching. Both land and water birds flock on the large island of Australia.

Tourists ready to feed the Kangaroos at the Grampians Wildlife Park in Australia

ii. Or grab delectable food at a classy restaurant.

Didn’t we say ‘something for everyone’? Well, here you go foodies!

The dining facility at the Quay Restaurant by the Sydney harbor in Australia

Dining, like any other activity, is a wonderful experience to take back from a tour. And the experience enhances all the more should you try the local cuisine; which, in this case, is Modern Australian. Some of the best restaurants serving dishes of Modern Australian/Contemporary cuisine are:

  • Quay: Located in Sydney
  • Attica: Located in Melbourne
  • Wickens at the Royal Mail Hotel: Located in Dunkeld

There are also restaurants serving Indian, French, Japanese, and other cuisines. For those looking to have an Indian meal, there are restaurants such as:

  • Gaylord Indian Restaurant: Located in Melbourne
  • Zaaffran: Located in Sydney
  • Tandoori Oven: Located in Cairns

The dining facility at the Gaylord Indian Restaurant in Australia

iii. Talking of classy, we would love you to attend a performance at the Sydney Opera.

You surely have heard of it. Haven’t you?

A snap of the audience and performers at the Sydney Opera House in Australia

Website | Facebook

iv. The more daring ones can try some extreme adventure sports…

A woman skydiving that is one of the adventurous things to do in Australia

We have already mentioned about scuba-diving & snorkeling opportunities at the Great Barrier Reef. But diving & snorkeling aren’t the only adventurous things to do in Australia. Other activities include:

  • Skydiving: Skydive Australia, Australian Skydive, and Skydive Oz organise skydiving activities for locals & tourists at Wollongong , Rottnest Island, Sydney, York, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Cairns in Australia.
  • Surfing: Tourists can learn or simply try it at Bondi Beach, Cactus Beach, Bells Beach, Gold Coast, and South Cape Bay.
  • Bridge Climbing: BridgeClimb Sydney offers the adventure seekers an option to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • Shark Cage Diving: It is possible in Australia to safely come up close with the Great White Sharks.

v. …or go on nature trails.

Hikers at Tasmania's Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake

Australia is also full of lush jungles; some dating all the way back to pre-Jurassic era. And there are just as many mountains. So, if you’re up for it, you have ample hiking options. We suggest you to go on a hike to the Cradle Mountain to witness the beauty of the Dove Lake.

And, for those of you who are into biking, there’s an organization named Cape York Motorcycle Adventures that arranges biking tours in the wilderness of Cape York.

 Aerial view of Cape York

Worry not about your stay. We’ve got this covered!

champagne and fruits on the table in honeymoon suite

After a tiring day full of activities and sightseeing in Australia, you wouldn’t want your hotel to spoil your experience. Luckily, the nation has plenty of luxurious as well as budget hotels & resorts to provide you comfort and an enriching experience.

Here’s a list of some of the finest stay options in the major tourist cities of Australia:

  • Sydney: The Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour, InterContinental Sydney Double Bay, Ibis Budget Sydney East, Sydney Harbour YHA, and Retreat At Wisemans
  • Melbourne: St Jerome’s Rooftop Camping Hotel, Crown Towers, The Langham, and Quest St Kilda Bayside
  • Cairns: Pullman Reef Hotel Casino and Lizard Island Resort Great Barrier Reef
  • Queensland: Canopy Treehouses, Palazzo Versace, and Surfer’s Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa
  • Yulara: Longitude 131 and Sails In The Desert (Ayers Rock)

People flocking at Strawberry Fields Festival

The Aussies are very welcoming and down-to-earth. Their culture is just as fascinating as of any Asian country. Theatre, films, paintings – you name it and you’ll find some Australian master works. And their music? Well, it’s something that you must lend your ears to.

Adventure seekers, history buffs, nature lovers, or foodies – no one has ever been disappointed in the island nation of Australia. There’s something for every traveler type. So, what’s your reason to visit Australia from India this summer?

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10 Best Museums In Czech Republic That Will Take You Back In Time!

The Czech Republic is one of the most important centers of politics and economy in Central Europe. It is known for its giant astronomical clock, Baroque houses, Gothic architecture and rich Czech culture. The narrow medieval streets and imperial castles on the shores of the majestic Vltava river transport one into the historic era of the Bohemian rule. Apart from the rich beer culture of the Czechs, the country is also home to innumerable museums and galleries that celebrate art dating back to its 500 years of history. Here is a list of museums in Czech Republic that are worth a visit on your next trip to Central Europe.

Listed below are the 10 best museums you must visit on your trip to this wonderful country. Scroll down and add the ones that strike you the most to your Czech Republic itinerary.

1. National Museum

National Museum Czech Republic

The National Museum in the Czech Republic always tops the list when it comes to the must-visit places in Prague. It is the oldest and the largest building belonging to the Renaissance Revival to be still standing intact and hosting the most prominent venue in Prague. The museum displays a collection of artifacts related to history, sociology, and natural sciences. The major attraction of the museum is the department of mineralogy and palaeontology.

Apart from the historical artifacts, the museum interiors are tempting enough to take a walk through its premises. The museum also comes with a library, cafe, and a souvenir shop attached to it. Owing to its prime location at the Wenceslas Square, the museum also acts as a venue to many world-class music concerts. The National Museum is undoubtedly one of the best museums in Czech Republic.

Location: Vaclavske Namesti 68, Prague 1, Czech Republic
Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
Entry fee: INR 380

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2. Mendel Museum

Mendel Museum

The Mendel Museum is dedicated to the great mind of Sir Gregor Johann Mendel and his life’s work in the field of genetics. Located in the capital city of Moravia, Brno, the Augustinian Abbey displays Mendel’s life as a geneticist and his works. The museum is situated just 20 minutes away from Prague and consists of five halls that exhibit his experiments on beekeeping, cross-breeding of pea plants and meteorology.

His life as an Abbot can be experienced in the old Abbey Museum and the greenhouse in the abbey is open for visitors to have a look at the very place that gave birth to the law of inheritance. A half day tour into the world of the father of genetics is a must do when visiting the Czech Republic especially when traveling with young children.

Location: Mendlovo Namesti 1a, 60300 Brno, Czech Republic
Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
Entry fee: INR 200

3. Skoda Museum

Skoda Museum

Amongst the culture rich displays of Czech Republic museums, the Skoda museum stands out with its display of the oldest automobile label of the world. Located in Mlada Boleslav, the museum houses a unique collection of antique cars, prototypes and motorbikes from the brand of Skoda dating back to the 1900s. It also displays the history and growth of the factory in Mlada Boleslav linked with interactive sessions with the visitors. An audiovisual session takes one into the world of the evolution of cars.

Location: Vaclava Klementa 294, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic
Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM
Entry fee: INR 220

4. Museum of Medieval Torture

Museum of Medieval Torture

The Museum of Medieval Torture is one of the unique yet gruesome museums of Czech Republic. Keeping up with its reputation of being a medieval town, Prague has come up with a torture museum that displays more than 50 instruments of torture used in the middle ages on prisoners and culprits. Apart from the torture exhibits, the museum also houses wax figurines and historic illustrations and provides a real-life experience to the visitors through audiovisual aid.

The museum is definitely not for the weak hearted and the 45 minutes tour of the dungeons are sure to leave one with a heavy heart. The museum is not very difficult to locate as it sits right in the middle of the Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge.

Location: Krizovnicke Namesti 1/194, Prague 1, Czech Republic
Timings: 10 AM – 8 PM
Entry fee: INR 500

5. Mucha Museum

Mucha Museum

One of the best museums in Czech Republic for art lovers is the Mucha Museum in Prague. The museum is dedicated to the works of the Art Nouveau genius Alphonse Mucha. It is located in the Baroque Konitz Palace and displays the world of his art including sculptures, oil paintings, the famous 3D works and artifacts belonging to his personal life. The interiors of the palace are state of the art and are very welcoming. The Parisian streak his works is very evident in most of the displays here.

Location: Kaunicky Palace, Panska 7, Prague 1, Czech Republic
Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
Entry fee: INR 750

6. Czech Museum of Music

Czech Museum of Music

The Czech Museum of Music is the only museum in the country dedicated to the melody notes of music. An old Baroque Church was turned into a museum to display historical musical instruments centuries ago. The museum exhibits instruments such as lutes, harmonicas, and trumpets along with ancient recordings, manuscripts, and iconography. However, the major attraction in the museum is the grand piano from the 18th century that was once played by Mozart- the master of music. Audio plays in the background related to the particular instrument on display.

Location: Karmelitska 4, lesser town, Prague 1, Czech Republic
Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
Entry fee: INR 350

7. Wallachian Open Air Museum

Wallachian Open Air Museum

To those looking for cultural tourism, the Wallachian Open Air Museum is one of the best museums in Czech Republic to learn about the Wallach culture and heritage. This living museum is one of a kind and the largest museum in Central Europe. The museum consists of timber cottages from the Wallach area and ancient mills that work by the flow of water.

Agricultural instruments from the historic period are used to cultivate lands and animals are bred for the same imitating the renaissance period. All through the year, there are folk music and dance performances along with some ceremonies and craft workshops. In addition to such wonderful experiences, the museum also has a beer spa where one can unwind after an exhaustive day on the farm.

Location: Palackeho 147, Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic
Entry fee: INR 250

8. Glassworks and Microbrewery Museum

Glassworks and Microbrewery Museum

A unique museum is found situated in the Harrachov town of the Northern Czech Republic dedicated to the glassworks. The glasswork factory and museum is combined with a microbrewery that sells extensively superior beer. One can walk around the factory learning about the art of glassblowing and can even get hands-on experience in the workshop. The shop attached to the museum sells delicately created glass products for a nominal price. The museum can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

Location: New World 95, 51246 Harrachov, Czech Republic
Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM

9. Museum of Communism

Museum of Communism

The museum is an ode to those who were the victims of the communist rule in the Czech Republic in the second half of the 20th century. The memorial is housed in an 18th-century palace and exhibits the plight of the victims residing behind the Iron Curtain. From the interference of the ruling party in the curriculum of the education to their ban to the freedom of speech and thinking is clearly described to the visitors. It is heart-wrenching to have a peek into the dark times of the Czechs but worth a visit on an educational basis. However, the museum holds ample space for the display of the gentle revolution that changed the course of history in the Czech Republic.

Location: V Celnici 1031/4, Prague 11800, Czech Republic.
Timings: 9 AM – 8 PM
Entry fee: INR 900

10. Franz Kafka Museum

Franz Kafka Museum

As the name suggests, the museum is dedicated to the world-famous writer of ‘Metamorphosis’, Franz Kafka. One of the most celebrated literature artists of the 20th century, Kafka left behind the first editions of his prominent works that are displayed in the museum today. The museum displays two important parts based on his works, imaginary topography and existential space.

Location: Cihelna 2b, Mala Strana 11800 Prague 1, Czech Republic
Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
Entry fee: INR 650

Although a small country, the Czech Republic has lots in its kitty for people to explore. The museums in Czech Republic make for the major part of the tourism economy in the country and the exhibits justify it. The country hosts one of a kind museums that are a must visit for art and history lovers. What are you waiting for? Book your trip to Czech Republic with TravelTriangle today and explore the history of the Czech Republic in these museums!

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Egypt Travel Guide: A Comprehensive Guide To The Egyptian Land

If you are searching for a place to go on a vacation which involves history, adventure, the beauty of the oceans as well as the heritage of one of the oldest cultures in the world, then Egypt is the ideal destination. Home to one of the oldest and most advanced civilizations that ever existed, Egypt is nothing short of a delight to the eyes and mind of a traveler. We hope our Egypt travel guide will help you know more about the land of Pyramids and the sacred Nile.

Temple Of Kom Ombo egypt

The best time to visit Egypt is from October to April due to the pleasant winter weather. However, the most popular season for tourists is in the months of December and January when the weather is really pleasant all throughout the day. But the famous locations such as the Pyramids at Giza and the Abu Simbel temple can get really crowded, so plan your vacation wisely.

How To Reach Egypt

You can reach Egypt by various transports:

By Air: The primary way to reach the country is by air. Take a flight to the Cairo International Airport.
By Water: The other major and popular option is via a cruise ship ride to the port of Alexandria.
By Road: One can also take a road trip from Israel through the Sinai Peninsula to the heart of Egypt.

These are some spectacular places to visit in Egypt. You can visit the beautiful historical sites constructed by the ancient Egyptians or the medieval Ottoman, Roman, and Greek era sites. There are a lot of places to choose from. We’ll highlight the most popular ones in this article.

1. Pyramids of Giza

All Giza Pyramids

The best place to visit in Egypt for the December holidays is the iconic Pyramids of Giza. Not far from the city center of Cairo, the Pyramids of Giza used to be the most visited tourist spot in the world until the Egyptian Revolution. Tourists have started to come in again slowly citing the improved security in the country. The busiest time of the year is during winters due to the pleasant Egyptian December weather during the day.

Location: Al Haram, Nazlet El-Semman, Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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2. Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel Temple

In their time these massive carvings used to mark the borderline between ancient Egypt and Nubia. These impressive and gigantic carvings inspired by the great Pharaohs of Egypt were also used to warn any invaders of the power and strength of the Egyptian civilization and dared them to attack the empire. Lost in sand due to a massive sandstorm sometime after the end of the Egyptian civilization, these sculptures were rediscovered in 1813 by Swiss explorers, and since then have been on an exhibit outside the temple at Abu Simbel inviting glances of awe from the visitors as they make their way to the temple.

Location: Aswan Governorate, Egypt

3. Valley of Kings


There are two reasons why we came to know about the ancient Egyptian civilization in such a detailed manner. First is the dry Egyptian climate and weather which preserved all the wonders of the Egyptian civilization, and second is the well-sealed tombs and mummified remains of the Pharaohs of Egypt. All of these Pharaohs have one thing in common, all the burials of these pharaohs are found in the same valley which is also known as the Valley of Kings for the same reason. This place is a must visit for all those interested in learning about the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Location: Luxor, New Valley Governorate, Egypt

4. Montaza Palace

Montaza Palace

The Montaza Palace is the former residence of the last king of Egypt, King Farouk 1, who was forced to abdicate during the 1950s. Located near Alexandria and also known by its former name, the El Salamlek Palace serves as a resort and casino in the present days. Some part of the palace has been converted to a museum showcasing the treasures and jewels of the royal family while most of it has been converted into a resort and casino. It is highly recommended that you spend your vacation in Egypt in December at this place only.

Location: l Mandarah Bahri, Qism El-Montaza, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

We’ll try and highlight some of the best things that a person can do in Egypt. These will ensure that your trip to Egypt becomes one of the most cherished travel memories. So these are some of the best and the most popular things to do in Egypt.

1. Snorkel and dive in the beautiful Red Sea

Snorkel and dive in the beautiful Red Sea

Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada are the names of just two of the super luxury resorts that are famous as the Red Sea tourist location in Egypt. Aside from that, these resorts always seem cheap when you compare them with the luxury and services they offer. The point is that you need to experience the vibrant marine life of the Red Sea, and it resorts like these which offer detailed guided tours of the breathtaking marine life that lives in depths of the sea near to the shores where these resorts lie.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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2. Trek to the summit of the Sinai Mountain

Trek to the summit of the Sinai Mountain

Known as one of the four sacred mountains mentioned in the Bible, the Sinai Mountains has a church and a monastery dedicated to St Catherine. From this monastery, many religious people and adventure enthusiasts alike start a trek to the summit of this mountain in search of the praising of the Lord himself and also to trace the path of god according to the bible. The best time to be on the summit of the mountain is undoubtedly the time of sunrise and sunset when the sun radiates like it is made up of gold.

3. Learn about the Mummification process

Learn about the Mummification process

Mummification was a funerary technique used by the ancient Egyptian to ease the path to heaven. The process involved taking out all the organs of the body and wrapping it up in a linen cloth. Oddly enough this process allowed the bodies to get perfectly preserved which has given us a chance to know more about these ancient humans in detail. The museum features both human and animal mummies and the tools used in the Mummification process by the ancient Egyptian priests. One can also learn in detail about the step by step mummification process.

Location: Luxor City, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt

4. View Cairo from the sky

View Cairo from the sky

Cairo is not only known for its ancient sites. The Cairo Tower is another major attraction of the capital city of this ancient civilization. Located in the center of Cairo, this tower is made in the pattern of lotus leaves, the sacred plant for ancient Egyptians, and features a viewing platform and two restaurants. Witness the breathtaking views of the Cairo city, the Nile river and the Pyramids of Giza from this observation deck. The best time to visit this place is during the hours of sunrise and sunset when the views are the most breathtaking.

Location: Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Determining where to stay is one of the most important things a traveler should decide. We have decided to take you through a list of the best hotels available in Egypt that will welcome you for a stay.

1. Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh

Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh

Located on the coast of the Red Sea, this 16-acre property offers the best in class luxury which is arguably better than any hotel accommodation available in the resort town of Hurghada. Having a real proximity to Hurghada and bearing the name of the world famous Oberoi hospitality group, helps to the cause of this beautiful property.

Location: Qesm Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt
Price for a night: INR 15000
Contact: +20 65 3461040

2. Four Seasons Hotel Nile Plaza Cairo

Four Seasons Hotel Nile Plaza Cairo

Set inside a high rise in the downtown area of the city of Cairo, this hotel overlooks the auspicious Nile river and gives you some of the best views of the historic Egyptian capital. Located in proximity to the famous Egyptian Museum, the Cairo Tower as well as the Pyramids of Giza, this luxury hotel is a must stay if you have a premium budget.

Location: 1089 Corniche El Nil, EG, 11519, Cairo Governorate
Price for a night: INR 23000
Contact: +20 2 27917000

Egypt is amongst the finest places to visit in the world. This Egypt travel guide doesn’t do half the justice to the beauty and passion we have for Egypt. Only by being there you’ll experience the best of this amazing country. So, book your trip to Egypt with TravelTriangle and have an amazing time exploring the Egyptian land.

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Australia On A Budget: A Guide For Backpackers To Explore The Best Of The Country !

Australia is a beast of a nation, this is one country and continent all rolled up in one and its diversity in terms of its flora, fauna or man-made accomplishments is truly remarkable. Touring this whole place will take months, but not everyone has the money to stay for that long or even has the luxury to enjoy staying in luxury resorts. For those people who are looking for an escape to Australia on a budget, this brief guide will help you plan and live the best days of your life at this land of Kangaroos without spending a big amount.

Best Time To Visit Australia

Australia sees a wide range of climates throughout the year. You can experience a different climate in different regions, and it will be difficult to answer this simple question. However, the majority of tourists prefer visiting Australia in Spring (September to November) and Autumn (March to May).

While you’re in Australia, make sure to take an experience of these best things to do in Australia and satiate your adrenaline rush.

1. Manly Wharf, Sydney

Visit Manly Wharf

Sydney is lighter on the pockets because many of that city’s attractions are free of cost a few dollars at most. You can begin with a walk through The Rock, which is a historical village that sits right underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge. That area also contains a lot of narrow but beautiful cobblestone lanes filled with historic building, amongst which lives Sydney’s oldest pub- The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel. After enjoying sites in the mainland, hop into a ferry over at Circular Quay for a scenic half an hour ride to the Manly Beach. Over the ride, you can witness sights of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

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2. Blue Mountains Train Ride


The Blue Mountains are a World Heritage site and are easy to access from a two-hour ride right from Sydney’s Central Station. Then get off at Katoomba and take the 10-minute walking route to see one of the most photographed places in the nation- The Sandstone Towers knew as the Three Sisters. Then take a 45-minute walk which would offer amazing views over the Jamison Valley or you can also opt for the much more challenging Giant Stairway trail which goes straight down into the valley. Or you can forego so much walking and take a ride in the world’s steepest passenger railway to get a beautiful view of the Scenic Skyway or the Scenic Cableway.

3. Legendary Pacific Coast

Road Trip To Legendary Pacific Coast

If there is any country perfect for road trips, then it is Australia. Just rent a car and head out North of Sydney right on the Pacific Highway. This route is fondly known as the Legendary Pacific Coast. Over the next few days, just relax and enjoy a beautiful scenic drive over the Gold Coast. But there’s more to see first. Head over to the Australia Reptile Park to see some of the most venomous spiders and snakes being milked to get anti-venom. But there’s cuteness too in the form of platypuses, wombats, and kangaroos. Then go to the town of Port Macquarie where you can get a free tour of the world’s first koala hospital.

4. Beaches

Visit The Beaches

There are actually more than 150 super-sized sculptures of mega things all across the country and they range from enormous pineapples to gigantic potatoes. At Coffs Harbour, you will see the sculpture which began this craze in 1964- the Big Banana. The Big Banana fun park is actually a fun place to spend the mornings before heading over to the seaside town of Yamba. But don’t forget to get a treat of chocolate-covered frozen bananas on a stick before leaving. The drive will be long, but once at Yamba, you can quench your hunger and try out the prawns at seafood shops which are straight off the fishing boats. Complete by walking a trail in the nearby located Iluka Nature Reserve.

5. Byron Bay

Relax in Byron Bay

Cape Byron is the easternmost point on the Australian mainland. Get up early and head over to the lighthouse to watch the sunrise. You won’t want to miss this experience for sure. There are many local cafes where you can get breakfast for about AUD $10. Then either relax on the beach, opt to go kayaking with dolphins, or you can also take a surfing lesson. Plan your trip between June and November so as to go on a cruise operated by a local tour guide.

6. Gold Coast

Don't Miss Out On The Gold Coast

Just an hour’s drive from Byron to the Gold Coast, this place is famous for its towering high towers, theme parks, and shopping malls. But the beaches here are what’s so golden about it. Also called the surfer’s paradise, this wave washed a piece of sand is best viewed from Q1’s observation deck. Then go for stand up paddle boarding, surfboarding or kayaking there. Head over the Currumbin Rock Pools to relax or stroll along the Village Markets at Burleigh Heads, which sits on the first and third Sundays every month. Here you will find everything from upcoming fashions to vintage treasures and everything in between. Then head over to the Rainbow Bay SLSC where you can get dinner special for AUD $10 on Monday and Thursday nights.

7. Great Barrier Reef

Have Fun At The Reef

Cairns is where you will have to begin as that is the gateway to the northern parts of the amazing Great Barrier Reef. There are many tour operators there who leave from the shores and go out to the reefs. You can enjoy a day full of snorkeling and diving over at one of the numerous islands and coral cays. If scuba diving is something that you wanted to do, then this is a great place to go for it as many companies offer cheap introductory diving courses.

8. The Cape Tribulation

Experience Rainforest Adventure

You can’t leave Cairns before exploring the oldest rainforest in the world. The Daintree. A UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most diverse ecosystems and it has survived even more than 135 million years on this planet. Use the Captain Cook Highway to get there as the road runs along the coastline and the views are magnificent, to say the least. Over at Daintree, don’t miss out on Mossman Gorge. Take the Dreamtime Walk tour next to know about Aboriginal culture and the traditional uses of various unique plants.


The best way to reach Australia is via airways. There are several airports in the country. You can reach Sydney in the first place as it is one of the most visited and beautiful cities in the country.

Travel Tips To Enjoy Australia

Australia is all about the big attractions, but there are ways to enjoy your travels without feeling like you washed all your money away. Here are some tips and hacks as to how you can enjoy the country without thinking too much about cash.

  • Refill your water bottles at public water fountains rather than buying one for $2.50 per bottle.
  • You can go to food courts of shopping malls around closing time to get dinner and more for a fraction of the original cost.
  • Staying in hostels will get you cheap meals or if you help out with the cooking, then the meal can be even free for you.
  • Always wear sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and adequate clothing while going out.

So if you’re already excited to see the vast options in Australia in a budget, then don’t wait and pack your bags right away to enjoy a memorable vacation in Australia while going on a travel spree keeping this brief guide handy.

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10 South Africa Beaches That Will Let You Bask In The Goodness Of Sun, Sand, And Sea

South Africa is blessed with a coastline that stretches to over 1500 miles, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean lash on this beautiful place. South Africa is known for its natural paradise and is considered to be a travelers’ dream. Beaches in South Africa are the main attraction of this place during the summer time. With cities like Cape Town and Durban this place has abundance to beaches where you can surf, dive, sunbathe and do much more things and have a good time.

And if you are a beach person, then take a look at the beaches that prove why you must choose South Africa as your next summer destination.

1. Kelly’s Beach


This beach is at port Alfred in Eastern Cape and is a great family spot. The soft brown sand is perfect for building sand castles and ensures a good family time with the soothing vibe. The Indian Ocean is enormous and swimming is carried out throughout the year in this warm water. While there is a separate swimming area for adults and children, surfers will also have a great time on this beach. You can also hire some the boogie boards that are available near this swimming area and have a little fun.

Location: Port Alfred, Sunshine Coast, Eastern Cape

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2. Gonubie Beach

beaches in South Africa

The sunny sandy beaches in buffalo city and other towns nearby is a perfect place to have a sweet time at a beach. East London is not the first place in Africa that pops into your head when you think about beaches but there are some small and quaint beaches that you will love. The name of this beach is taken from the name of the town itself which is Gonubie. It is almost 10 km away from the city but you won’t notice that as dense vegetation surrounds this place which gives you a sense to detachment from the city.

Location: Buffalo City, Eastern Cape

3. Paternoster Beach

Paternoster Beach

West coast is home to some beaches and is fishing village in this village is a proper example of a quaint place. If you need a break from the stressful city life and its hustle-bustle then you should take some time to visit this beach which is a perfect escape destination. Beer and cool breeze will make you forget about all your problems and you can enjoy a peaceful evening with your friends and family. Travelling from the central cape town to this beach may take around 2 hours but it’s worth the time and effort.

Location: West Coast, Western Cape

4. Robberg Beach

Robberg Beach

This beach is located midst the garden route and if you have researched about South Africa then you should know that garden route is one of the most popular and beautiful tourist destinations in here. As you walk along the long stretch of sandy beach you can see some dolphins as you do so. Winter is considered to be the perfect season to do the dolphin watching activity. This is one of the most spectacular beaches in South Africa and you should visit it on your trip to garden route.

Location: 89 Beachy Head Drive, Plettenberg Bay

5. Llandudno Beach

Llandudno Beach

We all know that Cape Town is known for its famous beaches and Llandudno is one of them. If you visit this place, then you might notice some surfers’ goings through the sea and enjoying the light breeze. As you sunbathe on this coast you should take a look at the great Karbonkelberg Mountain or the little lion’s head. Restaurants near this beach are also delicious and are just a five-minute drive away from Llandudno. The sea foods in these restaurants are pretty good as they are freshly brought from the sea.

Location: Llandudno, Cape Town

6. Coffee Bay Beach

Coffee Bay Beach

Another wild coast beach which is in the heart of this coast. This beach is perfect on relaxing and working on your tan. Horse riding is done here and you can just sit back and enjoy the breeze. The popular attraction of this beach is not the cool vibe but the hole in the wall where you can swim and be alone and have a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean.

Location: Wild Coast, Eastern Cape Province

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7. Langebaan Beach

Langebaan Beach

This beach is located at the Western Cape in South Africa. A perfect place for kite surfers. The sugar white sand is wonderful to look at and the turquoise water is soothing and relaxing. Diving is another popular activity which you can perform here and Capetonians mostly prefer the mild peninsula temperature over here.

Location: western Cape

8. Kariega Beach

Kariega Beach

This beach is nestled between Port Elizabeth and port Alfred. Kenton-on-sea is the seaside resort besides which this beach is located. Giant rock formations and sand dunes on this beach make it a little different from the usual beaches here. It is formed between the Kariega River and the Bushmans River. The bird life is diverse and amazing on this beach due to the great natural reserve around the beach.

Location: Kenton-on-sea

9. Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg Beach

This beach is a long stretch of white sand and is a great family spot. Kids break free through the shore and are best for sunbathing and relaxing. Waves that hit the shore are small and are safe for children. Many different kinds of people can be seen here and this beach is considered to be the best place to learn surfing.

Location: City of Cape Town

10. Nahoon Beach

Nahoon Beach

This is another east London beach and is the most popular beach in this city. Everything you do on this beach is amazing. Swimming in the Indian Ocean or surfing through the wild waves you will love this place any which way. Strolling through this beach is as relaxing as meditating and you can never forget the beautiful sunsets that you will witness in this simple yet stunning beach.

Location: East London, East Coast

These are some of the magnificent beaches that you must visit on your trip to South Africa. While the country has many more spectacular, book one of the personalized South Africa packages with TravelTriangle for an unforgettable experience.

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All Aboard For A Free Visit To Finland In 2019? Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out On The Details

Finland’s fin-tastic vibes are world-famous and now that the country has bagged another title for being the ‘happiest country in the world’, this land in Northern Europe has even more in store for travelers. If a free visit to Finland is what you had wished for this Christmas, then be glad to know Santa has delivered!

Finland is not only proud of the title that is being crowned for the second time in a row, but also wishes to share its happiness by giving free trips to travelers from all across the world. This comes right after the announcement made by United Nations’ Happiness Index Report. The official travel guide of Finland, Visit Finland was more than just ‘happy’ to launch a ‘Rent a Finn’ initiative.

northern lights

All you have to do is apply on their website by uploading a video stating something about yourself, what connects you to nature, and why you want to go to Finland. By filling a simple application form on the website alongside this video, the chosen visitors will be given an opportunity to take the trip of their dreams. That’s right! You get to travel to this land for three days and yes, free! Accompanied by the amazing Finnish guides that you can book via the Visit Finland site, your Finland holiday cannot get any better!

The travel and accommodation expenses are all paid for in advance and the dates will be fixed as per the host. What’s more, you’re free to take a friend or family member along. However, all applicants must submit their entries by 14th April as this overwhelming offer lasts only for a few more days.

Making sure that your trip to Finland has all the things to do and include those scenic Northern Lights that present a mesmerizing view for all travelers. The enchanting land of Finland is all you need this summer! What are you still waiting for?

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10 Best Hostels In Singapore That Are Perfect For A Budget Holiday In The City Of Riches

Backpacking may not seem like the ideal way to travel and explore Singapore as the glamorous (and expensive) city has always appeared to appeal more to luxury travelers. However, it’s more than possible to vacation on a budget in the city as there are numerous hostels in Singapore that offer comfortable living quarters and amenities like Wi-Fi and breakfast.

So, fret not and take a look at the 10 best hostels in the land of the Merlion below!

While there are a lot of places to stay in Singapore, here are the 10 best hostels where you must stay if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly stay.

1. Bunc Hostel

offers a standard double room

Fuss-free and comfy are the words that describe the boutique style Bunc Hostel in Singapore. It’s located in Little India, which is full of life and is a great place to shop. It’s also a top choice if you’re looking to stay in a private room in a Singapore hostel as it offers a standard double room in addition to the dorms.

Location: 15 Upper Weld Road, Singapore 207372
Tariff: INR 1,100 per night onwards

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2. Fisher BnB

affordable price and top location

Fisher BnB is conveniently located just 3 km away from the Orchard Road and 1 km away from Lavender and Farrer Park MRT Station. It’s a good hostel in Singapore for Indian students, international students, and tourists. With its affordable price and top location, you’d get to explore the city without breaking the bank.

Location: 127 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207551
Tariff: INR 2,000 per night onwards

3. The Bohemian Chic

stylish hostel in Singapore

If you love the hustle and bustle of Chinatown, The Bohemian Chic is just the right place to stay. Also called Pillows and Toast, this stylish hostel in Singapore offers facilities like airport shuttle, free Wi-Fi, and a games room. It also provides complimentary breakfast.

Location: 40 Mosque St, Singapore 059518
Tariff: INR 1,400 per night onwards

4. Footprints Hostel

very affordable and offers a comfy bed

Footprints Hostel in Singapore is a terrific accommodation choice. It’s very affordable and offers a comfy bed, complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, and coin-operated washers and dryers. It also houses a library and a huge movie collection.

Location: 25A Perak Rd, Singapore 208136
Tariff: INR 900 per night onwards

5. Atlantis Pods @ Bugis

a wonderful place to stay

Tan Quee Lan street is a wonderful place to stay with its pre-colonial shophouses and eateries. If this is your base, consider putting up at Atlantis Pods @ Bugis, a good backpacker hostel in Singapore that’s right near Bugis MRT Station and the Arab Quarter. Amenities include daily breakfast and a self-serviced laundromat.

Location: 2 Tan Quee Lan St, #02-00, Singapore 188091
Tariff: INR 1,900 per night onwards

6. Lodge41

cheap hostel in Singapore

Lodge41 is another cheap hostel in Singapore for students. It provides a shared lounge, televisions and microwaves in the guest rooms, and free Wi-Fi. It’s just a 20-minute walk from City Plaza while Singapore Sports Hub is less than a kilometer away.

Location: 41 Lorong 16 Geylang, Singapore 398877
Tariff: INR 1,300 per night onwards

7. Spacepod@com

unique living quarters

Enhance your hostel experience at Spacepod@com, a hostel in Singapore for tourists looking to amp things up a little. The space-age décor and lighting set it apart from the rest and make for unique living quarters. Its amenities include coffee machines in all units, free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and a laundry service.

Location: 6 Jln Ayer, Singapore 389143
Tariff: INR 1,500 per night onwards

8. Mitraa Hostels Singapore

Ideal student hostel

Mitraa is an ideal student hostel in Singapore that tourists would be eager to stay at. It provides free breakfast, air-conditioned rooms, and ensuite toilets and showers in most dorms. It also offers free Wi-Fi, a library, and arranges airport transfers.

Location: 531 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218163
Tariff: INR 1,300 per night onwards

9. 7 Wonders Hostel

make your stay a comfortable one

Enjoy staying in stylish, modern capsule rooms at 7 Wonders. It’s among the top hostels in Singapore for international students and tourists alike. It provides free Wi-Fi, breakfast and laundry services to make your stay a comfortable one. What makes this one of the best hostels in Singapore is its location as it’s set near the MRT station so you can visit places like Clarke Quay, Gardens by the Bay and other hotspots easily.

Location: 257 Jln Besar, Singapore 208930
Tariff: INR 1,300 per night onwards

10. The Shophouse

offers breakfast, free Wi-Fi Hostel

Completing our list of hostels in Singapore is The Shophouse, which offers breakfast, free Wi-Fi, has an in-house café, a laundry service, and gives discounted tour tickets to some of the city’s best attractions.

Location: 48 Arab Street, Singapore 199745
Tariff: INR 1,300 per night onwards

Excited to stay at these hostels already? Well, don’t wait much and plan your pocket-friendly trip to Singapore with TravelTriangle right away!

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10 Choa Chu Kang Restaurants That Are The Best Places To Dine In West Singapore

Choa Chu Kang or most often known as CCK is just a planning area and residential area like Novena in Singapore. It is in the northwestern part of Singapore. It is one of those areas in Singapore which have rapidly developed. Also, this place is known for a number of parks. It also has two shopping centers and is one of the hotspot areas in West Singapore. So, if you are ever coming here for shopping or simply relaxing in the parks, you must definitely stop by for lunches or dinners around this place. There are some of the best Choa Chu Kang restaurants that offer the most Choa Chu Kang famous food. From their ambience to hospitality, everything is so great that you’d have a memorable time there for sure!

Here’s a list of the 10 best restaurants in Choa Chu Kang where you can dine and witness the charm of Singapore in altogether a different spotlight.

1. Dian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Er

This restaurant is an amazing place if you are with your family and kids. This restaurant tis located in Lot One Shoppers Mall. The restaurant provides good food and service. More importantly, the service is very fast here. You can see an attender every now and then refilling your water if the level in the glass is low. A lot of people feel that their Tofu and Angelica Duck is simply amazing. It is safe to say it is one of the authentic Chinese restaurant in Singapore. Here is some additional information which might be helpful:

Location: 21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #B1-32/33 Lot One, Singapore 689812
Average Price for two: $25
Timings: 11.30 AM- 10PM
Rating: 3.7/5

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2. Hong Kiat Seafood Restaurant

Hong Kiat Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant is specially for seafood lovers. The restaurant is typically good and the service is decent enough. You see that the maximum rush is in the evenings around 8.30 PM but most of the time you get a table. This place also has many tables so there is no problem if you come with your family. The prawn paste chicken, cereal prawns are quite famous here. So if you ever visit this place soon, make sure you order those dishes. Here is some additional information which might be of some help:

Location: 216 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1, Singapore 689477
Average Price for two: $14
Timings: 4PM- 12.15 AM
Rating: 3.8/5

3. MChefz Cuisine

MChefz Cuisine

This place offers some of the best dishes and a great dining experience. The food items were very nice and the must try dishes are the Big Prawn White BeeHoon and Green apple Juice. This restaurant is basically from Indonesia and their flavors are quite resembling to the Halal food or Malay cuisine. Also, their crab dishes are a must try! So if you are a fan of crab or prawns’ dishes, don’t forget to come and check out this restaurant. Here is some more additional information which might be of some help to you:

Location: 2 Choa Chu Kang Loop, #01-05 Keat Hong Community Club, Singapore, Singapore 689687
Average Price for two: $15
Timings: 9 AM-10PM
Rating: 4.0/5

4. MOF- My Izakaya

MOF- My Izakaya

A Japanese restaurant, MOF has some of the loveliest dishes. Also, this restaurant has a special
Japanese menu, Western menu, desserts menu etc. You should definitely order the authentic Japanese
dishes as they are masters in preparing them. They also have these set lunches where you get certain set of dishes for a fixed price. For the must try dishes, you should ask the restaurant people as they know their signature dishes. Here is some additional information which may be helpful:

Location: 21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4, #03-12, Lot 1 Mall, Singapore 689812
Average Price for two: $18
Timings: 11.30 AM-10PM
Rating: 3.2/5

5. West Co’z

West Co'z

This café and restaurant is situated in Sinchong Yew Tee Point. The restaurant has good and friendly staff. The must try dishes are the curry fish, fried chicken wings, tom Yom soup and many more. There is a thing about this restaurant that they always cook fresh food. The service is one time except during the rush hour but otherwise this restaurant is a cool place to eat. Here is some additional information which may be helpful:

Location: 21 Choa Chu Kang North 6, #01-28 Yew Tee Point, Singapore 689578
Average Price for two: $15
Timings: 11.30 AM-9.30PM
Rating: 4/5

6. Lenas


Lenas is a great place if you want to have some quick lunch and leave. You have a wide range to choose from and whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed with the food. The chicken Karrage don is quite good here. You also get good western and Japanese cuisine food here so you can always come visit there when you crave for some. Do visit in the afternoons for minimum rush. Here is some additional information which may be helpful:

Location: 21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 Lot One
Average Price for two: $30
Timings: 11.30 AM-9.30PM
Rating: 3.5/5

7. WOK Master

WOK Master

All those who love WOK, this is the place to go to! The Choa Chu Kang famous food is served here. The restaurant has good ambiance and the service was well. Also, the Crab Bee Hoon and the others are equally good. You can order Chow Fried Rice, Sang Min noodles, Signature Curry chicken etc. Rhe rice here is very good and is highly recommended if you are a fan of Asian and Singaporean food. Here is some additional information which may be helpful:

Location: 3 Gateway Drive Westgate
Average Price for two: $30
Timings: 10 AM-10PM
Rating: 4/5

8. Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi

Another Japanese food restaurant in Shoppers Lot One Mall, this is a great place if you like sushi. The restaurant is quite spacious and the tables are quite accommodative. You have distance between each table. The place is quiet and peaceful even in the times of weekends. Here is some more information for your help:

Location: 21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4, #03-10/11, Lot 1, Singapore 689812
Average Price for two: $20-$30
Timings: 11.30 AM-10PM
Rating: 3.5/5

9. Siam Kitchen

Siam Kitchen

Another one in Shopper Lot One Mall, Siam Kitchen is a well-known Thai restaurant. The best dishes
here are the olive rice, fried rice and the Ice Thai Milk Tea. The tea is simply amazing and the food here is awesome. The restaurant is a nice place to have a quick lunch or dine properly.
You have to reserve your table before itself. Here is some additional information:

Location: 21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4, 02-25, Singapore 689812
Average Price for two: $20
Timings: 11.30 AM-9.30PM
Rating: 3.8/5

10. Tanaka Vegetarian

Tanaka Vegetarian

This place is known for good vegetarian food. This is a great place for someone who have adopted the vegan lifestyle. You have to try this place for good vegetarian stuff. Here is some more additional information.

Location: 253 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1, Singapore 680253
Average Price for two: NA
Timings: 7 AM-9PM
Rating: 3.6/5

Thus, here the best Choa Chu Kang Restaurants in Singapore. Some of the restaurants are really nice and make sure you make a proper table reservation before going to a certain restaurant because you definitely wouldn’t want to wait. So, don’t think and plan your Singapore holiday with TravelTriangle right away!

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Exploring Best Of New Zealand On A Friends And Family Trip

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Known for its breathtaking sceneries, marvelous nature, adventure, and a modern holiday experience – this is a perfect place for a “friends & family” trip, and we were going for it!

But to plan a perfect trip, we needed a perfect New Zealand tour package and this is where TravelTriangle came in. Found on the internet, we liked the fact that they offered customizable tour packages, something which we needed since we wanted to travel our own way.

So after giving in our requirements, we got multiple custom made itineraries and quotes from various travel agents on board TravelTriangle and we soon finalized one from “Travel Troops Global Pvt Ltd”. We were now sorted when it came to our holiday plans and were looking forward to a fantastic vacation.

family trip to new zealand

Our Friends & Family New Zealand Package Details

  • Cost: INR 476187 (2 people)
  • Duration: 12 Days
  • Inclusions: Flights, Hotels, Meals, Cruise, & Transfers
  • Exclusions: Not all meals, other paid activities that are not part of the package, and personal expenses.

So, now that you know what all was included in our trip, it is time you see the real deal. Here’s a glimpse of what we experienced in New Zealand via our mesmerizing clicks! Enjoy.

Day 1: Auckland – The modern holiday experience!

After a hectic 20 odd hour journey from Bangalore to Auckland, we ventured out in the evening to go to the top of Skytower. The 360-degree view of Auckland from here in the night was breathtaking. This particular road, painted in purple, caught everyone’s attention and is supposedly dedicated to cyclists.

night view of Auckland

Another view of Auckland in the night, as seen from Sky Tower. One of the busiest cities in Newzealand, Auckland is home to more than 1.2 million people.

View of auckland from sky tower

Day 2: Waiheke Island – Greener than you can imagine

A bright day to explore and have fun on a day trip to Waiheke Island, which is home to many vineyards. As we took the ferry from Pier-4 in Auckland, we saw this lovely view of Auckland Sky tower from the deck and I couldn’t help capturing the modern marvels that so majestically stood in front of us.

view of the auckland city from the pier

Waiheke Island tour – As we climbed up a small hill in a Vineyard, we saw this magnificent helicopter perched proudly in a background of stunning greenery!

sightseeing in Waiheke island

A view from one of the Vineyards of Waiheke Island.

vineyards of waiheke islands

New Zealand Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Get the best of luxury and beauty on your honeymoon. Witness the magnificent New Zealand landscapes with your beloved or engage in thrilling adventure sports – rafting, bungee jumping, jet boating, and sky diving. Book memorable honeymoon packages offered by TravelTriangle.

Day 3: Rotorua – The pretty little village of Hobbiton! (LOTR, anyone?)

After breakfast, we started our journey towards Rotorua – a small town which is known for its natural hot geyser spring. En route, we visited the sets of the blockbuster movie, “Lord Of The Rings”.

Way from Waiheke to Rotorua

A house of Hobbit – from the sets of “Lord Of The Rings”.

hobbiton tour new zealand

Emerging out of Hobbit’s home in the sets of “Lord Of The Rings”.

Hobbiton in New Zealand

A beautiful view of Hobbiton Village.

Hobbiton village in New Zealand

Yet another mesmerizing view of the Hobbiton Village set.

Hobbiton village set in new zealand

Day 4: Rotorua

A morning in Rotorua – few of the starlings decided to take a morning walk. Frankly, we were not even complaining!

Starlings birds in Rotorua

Treats like these we witnessed almost everywhere.

Natural beauty of Rotorua

Found only in New Zealand, the bird, Tui, was making a loud sound, probably trying to defend its territory.

Birds in New Zealand

Few visitors having a closer look at the natural geyser.

natural geyser in Rotorua

Enjoying the view of the geothermal action in Rotorua.

Rotorua natural geyser

A small pond formed by the water jet ejecting out of a geothermal action in Rotorua.

geo thermal spring in new zealand

We went to a place called Tamaki Maori village near Rotorua in the evening for a cultural show and dinner. It was a very entertaining evening where we got an insight on the Maori way of living.

maori village experience near rotorua

A typical Maori way of welcoming the guests – nose to nose, eye to eye with an exchange of silver fern leaves as a gesture of peace.Truly fascinating!

maori way of greeting people

Day 5: Christchurch

A beautiful botanical garden in Christchurch

Botancial garden in Christchurch

The city was full of graffiti. Priya posing in front of one of those graffiti walls.

Graffiti art in Christchurch

Playing hide and seek with the sun at the Botanical garden

spending time at the botanical garden in christchurch

One of the best places to relax, we lay down on the grass and spent hours chilling together.

spending time in leisure at the botanical garden

Day 6: Christchurch to Greymouth to Frank Josef

Tranz-Alpine train journey from Christchurch to Greymouth was one of the most scenic experiences ever! We went through the mountains, valleys, along with the streams, and various passes.

trans alpine train journey

The route on the way was too scenic to be true!

scenic route on the wat from christchurch to greymouth

tranz alpine train journey

The bus journey from Greymouth to Franz Josef was as breathtaking as Tranz-Alpine train journey.

bus journey from greymouth to frank josef

Day 7: Frank Josef Valley Walk

We went on the Franz Josef Valley Valley walk. The trek wasn’t as stressful as we were expecting and after going through a forest, crossing a small hill, and a waterfall, we reached the glacier.

frank josef glacier

A beautiful waterfall on the way to the Franz Josef glacier.

waterfall on the way to frank josef

The happiness of seeing the glacier captured perfectly through the camera lens.

At the foot of the frank josef glacier

Day 8: Queenstown

On the way to Queenstown by bus – stopped at numerous places to get glimpses of waterfalls and other scenic spots.

waterfall on the route to queenstown

On the way to Queenstown, we had stopped by a restaurant for snacks. Found these two Silver Eye birds feasting on apple in a garden nearby. Surely, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

birds in new zealand

Wakatipu, a beautiful lake surrounded by hills!

Wakatipu lake in queenstown

We arrived in Queenstown after having traveled more than 9 hours. But once we saw the hill engulfed by clouds, there were absolutely no complaints!

queenstown new zealand

The clock tower of Queensland in the night.

clock tower of queenstown

Day 9: Queenstown, Milford Sound Cruise

On the way to Milford sound cruise from Queenstown, we stopped by a lot of scenic spots. This was one of them – Mirror Lake.

mirror lake on the way to milford sound

The magical clouds were on full display with a part of them touching the ground.

route to milford sound

Yet another place we stopped by on the way to Milford Sound Cruise. A beautiful stream passing through the forest.

scenery in queenstown

The renowned Milford Sound Cruise. Rated as one of the most preferred tourist destination, this tour took us through Tasmania sea, taking us through the waterfalls on the way.

milford sound cruise new zealand

A ship approaching the waterfall in Milford Sound Cruise.

milford sound cruise new zealand

Innumerable waterfalls appeared as it rained consistently. Can you spot a ship taking shower in this photo?

milford sound cruise experience

Going past yet another waterfall.

waterfalls during the milford sound tour

Day 10: Queenstown

A day outing in Queenstown – the adventure capital of the world. You can indulge in bungee jumping or skydiving depending on your adrenaline rush.

family trip new zealand

View of Queenstown, as seen from Skyline Gondola

aerial view of queenstown

The hills, the clouds, the row houses and a landing airplane – Queenstown is more than just an adventure land for sure.

scenery in queenstown

We absolutely loved our New Zealand vacation. Refreshing, rejuvenating, and extremely calming to the senses, there wasn’t a single dull moment in our trip. And from the fantastic pictures that we clicked, I am sure you must have got an idea. So, are you tempted to witness New Zealand now?

Note: 2 days out of our 12 day package went in traveling since the flights were long and there were stopovers.

High Points:

  • The natural geyser in Rotorua
  • Tranz-Alpine Train Ride
  • Franz Josef glacier

Low Points:

  • None. Nada. Zilch!

Tips for travelers:

  • Plan your trip as per your own preference for New Zealand has something for everyone. I recommend TravelTriangle for this.

Vikram, his family, and their friends, had an amazing time exploring New Zealand. Theirs was a hassle free experience and you too can get the same on your holiday. Simply choose a New Zealand Tour Package and let us do the planning for you.

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10 Villas In Kathmandu For Travelers Who Want A Luxury Stay On A Shoestring Budget!

Nepal, the country of mountains, is the favourite destination for all the nature lovers. But it can also cost your budget if you are class and style enthusiastic. If you are planning to travel to the beautiful and amusing city, Kathmandu in these holidays, then you are at the right place.

To give you the best-staying experience, here are some of the most classy yet affordable villas sited in Kathmandu where one can spend a comfortable and relaxing time amidst nature.

1. Subaru Panorama Villa

Subaru Panorama Villa

The villa is situated at Dhapakhel Lalitpur and provides a peaceful accommodation in the lap of Himalayas. Adorned with a beautiful garden where you can soothe yourself with the greenery of the surroundings. Since the villa is located in a village, one can experience the traditional life of Nepal.

Location: Dhapakhel -3 Lalitpur, Kathmandu 5387 KTM, Nepal

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2. Thamel Villa

Thamel Villa

Located in the Thamel district of Kathmandu is one of the best villas in Nepal. A good news is that your pets are also invited to the villa. The staff is available day and night in your service. The important thing is places such as Kathmandu Durbar Square and Swayambhu are quite near to this place.

Location: Chaksibari Marg Thamel, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

3. Lavee Residence

Lavee Residence

This luxurious villa is popular among the tourists coming to Kathmandu every year. The villa is not far from Boudhanath and Pashupatinath Temple, which are the most famous tourist spots. You will be surrounded by the culture and tradition of Nepal and also enjoy a relaxing spa massage amidst the scenic surroundings.

Location: Phulbari Road, Kathmandu 44602, Nepal

4. Nepal Yoga Home

Nepal Yoga Home

Centred in Goldhunga, all the 15 villas of the Nepal Yoga Home offer free Wi-Fi services and airport transportation facilities with a beautiful garden. Other facilities are free continental breakfast and spa services. You can easily drive to Garden of Dreams and Durbar Marg from the villa.

Location: Tarkeshwor-5, Goldhunga, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

5. Resu Villa

Resu Villa

Addressed in Raniban, the villa provides a luxurious stay to its visitors. It also has a small outdoor swimming pool with 6 bedrooms. The villa successfully connects the tourists with nature. The villa also provides a chef, room service and a security guard.

Location: Radha Krishna Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

6. Newar Villa

Newar Villa

Newar Villa is located khadkagaon which is 4.4 miles away from Kathmandu. The villa has an eye-soothing garden where you can enjoy your morning tea while appreciating the surroundings. The closest hang out spots is Sleeping Vishnu and Boudhanath Stupa.

Location: Mandikhatar, Kathmandu, Khadkagaon 44600, Nepal

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7. Tigerland Safari Resort

beautiful place

Situated in Chitwan National Park, the villa has free parking, restaurant, bar, lounge, airport transportation and laundry services. Apart from this one can enjoy the view of animals such as one-horned rhinoceros, Royal Bengal tiger and many more.

Location: Jagatpur, Chitwan National Park 49000, Nepal

8. Brookside Villa

feel like your home

Situated in Kathmandu itself, the villa stands near Boudhanath Stupa. It has a swimming pool and free Wi-Fi with 3 bedrooms along with a bathroom and a kitchen. The villa has ample space with a terrace and exquisite garden. Pashupatinath Temple is also situated near the villa.

Location: Budanilkantha, Thulogaun, Nepal

9. Hotel Country Villa

 see the sunrise and sunsets

The greenery and the mountains are visible clearly here. The villa is situated on the Nagarkot Hills, 7200 m above the sea level. The best part of this villa is that you can see the sunrise and sunsets and enjoy them as much as you want. The villa has all the basic amenities along with the availability of the transport from there.

Location: Naldum Road, 44812, Nepal

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